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Senior Candidate Research

  1. 1. Senior Candidate Research June 2009
  2. 2. Internal Survey Result -Job Hunting Behavior Key Take Away: is the biggest resource for senior talents to explore opportunities proactively. 17.5% of the Number of emails sent: 51 Last email distributed on: 4/8/2009 respondents have registered account Total number of responses: 40 in the site which implies there are a First response received: 4/8/2009 Last response received: 4/22/2009 large pool of quality resumes in E-Rec. How to convert those page viewer into account owner and source Q1: Which channels did you use to explore career Q2: Have Hires by Channel candidates out from E-Rec is our next opportunities in Microsoft? Account? (According to step to follow up. Staffing Report) Q1:Overall % Q2: Overall % Overall % -Senior talents prefer Headhunting agency (57.5%) while there are Microsoft Career Website ( 30% 17.5% 4% approximately the same percentage of 5% 20% people have accounts in LinkedIn (55%) 5% 25% and Facebook (47.5%), which shows 2.50% 17.5% the growing importance of SNS 5% 17.5% websites in passive pipeline building. Headhunting Agency 57.50% 49% -ER plays an important role in Microsoft Recruiter’s Direct Contact 25% 14% attracting senior talent and can help Microsoft Hiring Manager’s Direct Contact 12.50% 14% more in leveraging with SNS websites. Microsoft Employee’s Referral 37.50% 19% Social 12.50% 55% -Traditional job portals are not Social 5% 47.5% effective in generating senior candidates. Although there are around Social 0% 7.5% 20% of the respondents have resumes Social Networking-Others 0% in the database of major job portals, Microsoft Business Event 2.50% the tendency shows high possibilities Others 7.50% that their resumes are not updated.
  3. 3. Internal Survey Result -Career Motivation & Satisfier Q1: Top 3 attributes to attract you before joining MS. Market Research Overall Key Findings – U.S. Q2: Top 3 attributes to satisfy you after joining MS. MS Performance vs. Top Attributes: (Quote from CVP Overview, U.S. Core Tech Candidates, 2007) Overall % Overall % (Q1: Motivation) (Q2:Satisfaction) MS Strength MS Weakness Work with Smart/Quality Compensation Compensation 32.50% 10% People Benefits 7.50% 5% Make an Impact Work / Life Balance MS Neutral Career opportunity 45% 25% Career Opportunity & Growth Work challenge 32.50% 37.50% Leading Edge Technologies (a strength per MS Employees) Business impact 37.50% 12.50% Skills Development & Education Training & coaching 7.50% 20% Company/product brand 47.50% 25% Working environment 12.50% 27.50% Internal opportunities 7.50% 2.50% International exposure 12.50% 10% Manager quality 7.50% 15% Coworker quality 15% 25% Leadership team quality 7.50% 12.50% Role impact 2.50% 10% Work life balance 12.50% 7.50%
  4. 4. Targeted Candidate Messaging Framework R&D L62+ Top Attributes to attract Global CVP Supporting Targeted Candidate Candidates and satisfy Messages Supporting Messages Attributes Mature Career Opportunity  Continue to grow your Continue to grow your tech Experienced professional skills and business skills with an Developed  Grow your tech and business industry leader. Want to have bigger skills with an industry leader impact  Experience career growth Face choice between and opportunity with an technology & business industry leader Try to balance between work & life Work Challenge Choose from an array of Choose from an array of interesting and exciting interesting and exciting experiences experiences Working Environment + Work with high-caliber people in Work with high-caliber People Quality a productive environment people in a productive Enjoy and open, respectful and environment and open, team oriented work place respectful and team oriented work place. Come work with talented People doing really amazing things
  5. 5. R&D L62+ Candidate Messaging China Mainland Employment Join a unique community of smart and passionate people who truly enjoy tackling technology’s Promise (Alternate) biggest challenges and driving the innovations that impact how the world lives, works and plays. Core Value Proposition Come work with talented People doing really amazing things (Preferred) Supporting Continue to grow your tech and Choose from an array of Work with high-caliber people in a Messages business skills with an industry interesting and exciting productive environment. (Preferred) leader. experiences “The job is flexible and challenging.” “I can learn a lot of software “I am learning a lot from the people development experience, such as around me and the job itself. “ “It’s a chance to realize my dream to formal process, coding skill, best create great popular software.” practice, new technology on Windows “I like working with the people here.” development, etc.” “A challenge to compete with strong “We have flexible environment and competitors.” “Rich resources for people respect individual culture.” development is what I am most “I am satisfied with diversity of our satisfied after joining Microsoft. There “My boss is open to ideas, and willing product lines.” are rich training sessions, online to give me directions. “ courses, forums and mentorship “I am very interested in our program in Microsoft Shanghai. It is “I work with a group of smart innovation projects.” quite impressive given it is a relative engineers.” In the candidates new site.” own words “I have large space to develop the “I enjoy working with open-minded software and these software meet and smart people.” internal or external customer’s needs.” “I like the nature and scope of my job. It uses my skill set well and I am making impact. “ “There are many technologies and fields I can work on. There are tremendous market opportunities that I can explore. “
  6. 6. F2F Interview Result - Common Voices Background: 9 L62+ external hired (FY08-FY09) employees interviewed including 6 L64+. • Microsoft vs. Other Employers in Recruiting Pros - Capable recruiting and hiring team Cons - Different titling/leveling system which might mislead external candidates - Tiring interview process • Microsoft Recruiter vs. Headhunter Pros - Better knowledge about product and team - Direct & effective communication Cons - Legally sensitive - Time consuming and less efficient • Best Way to Find Senior Candidate - Personal Network through employee, recruiter and headhunter…
  7. 7. General Microsoft Messaging Guidelines & Employer Messaging Guidelines Effective messaging Ineffective messaging Make the candidate/customer the hero Boastful tone or trash talking the competition Be specific and give examples Being vague vs. citing specific examples Think globally, act (and message) locally Bringing up the “bad news” When pushed, say "we’re working on it" Claims of exclusivity or absolute claims Be optimistic and inspirational Relying too much on company reputation Highlight our key brands effectively Being too focused on Windows, Office or the US and HQ in Redmond Do this… Don’t do this… Do talk about the cool new products and services we are creating and taking to market. Don’t explicitly compare the Microsoft “deal” with competitive deals. All deals to all candidates are unique in scope, purpose and application. Do focus on the wide breadth of opportunities that exist at Microsoft unlike most other Don’t over-promise the opportunities, compensation or lifestyle. Keep companies. Emphasize choice and maneuverability between roles, technology, products, things honest since candidates have internal networks to reality check customer segments and geographic locations. against “recruiting spin”. Do emphasize the opportunity the candidate has to choose to work in both small, intimate Don’t proactively bring up common negatives such as long working hours, start-up teams, as well as large, established segment leader teams. stock price, etc. React to these questions in a positive yet real way. Do follow the lead of your audience. Be prepared to refocus the message to address the Don’t reuse the same story with every candidate. Have a breadth of specific needs of your candidate. For example, they may be more interested in making a examples and stories to tell. The candidates talk to each other and big impact than in a variety of experiences. compare notes. Do include our competitive compensation into your discussion, but do not make it the Don’t hide from competition. Recognize who we’re competing with and primary focus. We need to show confidence in the “deal” and how it is competitive and to show them we are in the game, we know who we’re up against and we’re put it on the table as something they need to know. here to win. Do emphasize the worldwide coverage of the business and track record of successful careers in offices around the globe. Do emphasize the strong track record of employees taking their Microsoft experience and leveraging it to grow their career outside the company someday. This is the goal of many strong candidates and we cannot ignore it.
  8. 8. Guidelines for sourcing, interviewing, & messaging R&D L62+ Candidates Do this… Don’t do this… Do spend time researching candidate’s background before reaching Don’t mass emailing job opportunities with the same out and introducing your plate of opportunities. Address in the Email Email template. or call that you’ve made some research of their background and present them the most suitable opportunities. Do give a clear explanation on the difference between Microsoft leveling and titling system with other company’s. For example, group manager may not exist in other companies while in Microsoft it’s a role managing multi-disciplines. Do give a detailed introduction of the hiring team and group, as well as a bigger picture of what Microsoft is doing in China. Help to set up the communication channel for candidate and the hiring team. Do set the expectation with candidate how much time the interview Don’t let your candidate wait without responses and process is going to take and follow up closely and promptly with follow-ups. candidates. Communicate in a way that the many rounds of interviews is also a chance for them to get familiar with the future manager, coworkers and stakeholders. Do leverage Microsoft employee network to research, source and close candidate through ER program, your supporting team, your hiring manager as well as SNS sites (LinkedIn, Facebook…). Do confirm with candidates in your initial Email or call that it’s legal and appropriate to contact directly with a Microsoft in-house recruiter to explore job opportunities.