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  1. 1. Walden University<br />EDUC-6715I-5 New and Emerging Technologies <br />Instructor: Jacqueline Derby<br />Spotlight on Emerging Technology: Online Learning in K-12 Schools<br />By: Rod Schuch<br />5-30-2010<br />
  2. 2. What are web-based Course Management Systems (CMS) also know as Learning Management Systems (LMS)<br />Learning Management Systems <br />Learning Management Systems are software that enables the management and delivery of learning content and resources to students. They provide an opportunity to maintain interaction between the instructor and students and to evaluate the students by providing immediate feedback on online assessments. <br />Most LMS are web-based to facilitate "anytime, anywhere" access to learning content and administration. Course Learning Management Systems in education fall under two broad categories: <br /><ul><li> Commercial systems such as: Blackboard TM, WebCTTM, eCollegeTM, Desire2LearnTM etc.
  3. 3. Open source products such as: Moodle, Sakai, Segue, Coursework etc. </li></li></ul><li>Why use a course management system<br />CMS or LMS may offer features <br />Course information and reading lists <br />Access to electronic readings <br />Discussion boards <br />Online quizzes <br />Multimedia content including video <br />Assessment collections <br />advantages for both students and staff:<br />Access at any time, from anywhere <br />Resources are always available: an online reading is never 'out on loan' like textbooks.<br />Improved quality of the 21st century student learning experience through the integration of technology based learning.<br />An availability for all course-related documents, communication and activities. <br />Provides information on student activity and performance.<br />Funding and training are available to get teachers started.<br />
  4. 4. Implementation of a Course Management System<br />Using E-Learning tool such as: <br />Moodle, teachers can create online lessons that can be used by students who are absent for a single day , truant or are homebound for an extended period of time. These lessons can also prove to be useful when using substitute teachers. It is a great tool for teachers who teach the same lessons more than once per day. These teachers may find this online presentation to be helpful as a structural framework for presenting the same lesson multiple times. Teachers can also post homework assignments, guidelines for projects, rubrics, and other helpful items within the forums that are available via the site. Using email and blogging, teachers may even be able to provide homework help for their students in real time. A system like Moodlecan also be very useful in the classroom as well, grading assignments, lessons and quizzes, providing immediate feedback to the teacher and the students. plus, It also allows for easy communication with parents.<br />
  5. 5. Applying a Course Management System<br /> Lapeer Community Schools, Lapeer, Michigan is in the process of creating a 21stCentury Classroom in each of the schools in our district. I feel these types of systems would be a great asset for those teachers who will be teaching subjects in 21st century classrooms. A (CMS) will provide teachers a way to break out of the everyday mold and give their students a true 21st century experience that they can use both at home and in the classroom. The specific guidelines for teacher training (PD) should make the process go smoothly, and the teachers should also welcome the opportunity to earn PLU credits. In addition, I could predict that most of the teachers in our core curriculum courses would benefit by using these (CMS/ LMS) to set themselves apart from other schools in the area. One other asset of (CMS/LMS)is that it could also be a useful tool for creating other professional development courses for teachers.<br />
  6. 6. Lapeer Community schools Learning Technologies <br />
  7. 7. Lapeer Community schools Learning Technologies <br />Power Teacher<br />All Lapeer administrators, teachers and parents are using Power Teacher in a variety of aspect in the office, classroom and home.<br />Power teacher used for taking attendance and lunch count<br />Setting Up Power Teacher grade book<br />Setting up categories, final grade weighting,<br />student groups, and preferences<br />Power teacher allows working with assignments, recording scores, viewing reports, and adding teacher comments.<br />
  8. 8. Lapeer Community schools Learning Technologies <br />CPS e-Instruction<br /><ul><li>CPS (Classroom Performance System), and Exam View Assessment Suite are tools which separately or together can be used to produce and/or administer formative and summative assessments, exams, and common assessments for individuals or the entire class.
  9. 9. CPS lessons can take a variety of forms. questions can be prepared in the CPS program itself, be associated with pictures or PowerPoint slides or imported from the Exam View Assessment Suite. Once the class has been created and students entered, lessons can be associated with the class and administered at any time.</li></ul>CPS e-Instruction cont…<br />The item analysis report gives the teacher a view of the distribution of answers from the entire class indicating the correct answer for each and displaying, if selected, the standards reflected in the question.<br />Another option available for review lessons are the “team activities.” Questions from any lesson can adapted for a “Jeopardy”- like quiz game.<br />
  10. 10. Lapeer Community schools Learning Technologies <br />Education 2020<br />Education2020 was implemented this year in Lapeer Community school. E 2020 provides core and elective instruction in a virtual school setting for students in grades 6-12. E 2020 courseware is aligned to state and national standards and is helping Lapeer students recover and accrue credits for graduation and prepare for state, end-of-course, and key standardized tests.<br />E 2020 is a web-based model, teacher-led video delivery, and proven instructional approach, E 2020 offers to our students some of the most engaging and individualized instruction of any virtual school solution available. It combines best-practice pedagogy with next-gen technology that enables our school to customize content and settings and it provides an opportunity for Lapeer students to learn at their own pace and make meaningful academic gains.<br />Education 2020 cont…<br />In the Lapeer At-Risk High School, dropping out of school is never an easy decision, but some of our students lose hope, get bored or feel as if they can’t be successful in the traditional classroom. E 2020 has allowed us the rare opportunity to catch them before they leave. E 2020 has offered our students an opportunity to be successful today so that school success and graduation is a foreseeable goal for them.<br />
  11. 11. Recap<br /> The Lapeer Community School district has made some improvements to create a 21st century learning environment but, it has only touched the surface. Our district is very rural with a low socioeconomic standing plus, with the state of Michigan’s poor economy our schools systems have taken a serious hit. In most of the districts class rooms, technology is very limited and is not used as often because we just do not have the resources yet. There are small few who are benefitting from what technology we have available but, for the most part, teacher are still instructing in the 1990’s. I also believe because of the high seniority teaching staff that our district has it is difficult to teach these old dogs some new tricks. These teachers were successful at one time teaching from textbooks, writing notes on a white board (Chalk Board), and assessing by testing only. The world has changed at a very rapid pace over the past decade and that pace has opened new doors in education with the advanced learning resources and modules. By taking on-line classes my eyes have been opened to what is out there in the cyber world of education my only hope is that one day I will be able to implement within my curriculum and lessons. I do enjoy learning about technology and even though I am a bit older, I am not yet one of those old dogs yet. I am excited by our districts improvements in technology but frustrated at the same time. I would love to adopt a CMS/LMS with my students but the availability of computers in my school are limited. Those students who are using the E 2020 program have seen some success and it does allow them a different perspective outside the normal class room setting. But it does allow teachers the opportunity to implement it in their rooms I would like to use a CMS for lessons, reviewing and homework. The problem with that is that ¾ of our students do not have access to an on-line experience at home. The only time most of our students can get on the internet is at school. It makes any kind of technological assignment using lets say Moodle a very difficult task. <br />