Lenovo ThinkPad 'Never Before Used Media (Show)
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Lenovo ThinkPad 'Never Before Used Media (Show)



A presentation at the Emvie Awards in category of Never Before Used Media category. The piece won the silver.

A presentation at the Emvie Awards in category of Never Before Used Media category. The piece won the silver.



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Lenovo ThinkPad 'Never Before Used Media (Show) Lenovo ThinkPad 'Never Before Used Media (Show) Presentation Transcript

  • EMvies presentation 15 th June 2006 Lenovo ThinkPad ‘Never before used media’ category
  • O nce upon a time not so long ago…
  • … there lived a papa floor tile and a mama floor tile.
  • Theirs was a story of humble beginnings. And a life of hard work and drudgery.
  • They both worked in the verandah of a farmer in the village. It was a hard life.
  • Every day they had to enDure muddy feet and hooves. along with the grind of bullock cart wheels. And not to forget, the stench.
  • And every day After a hard day’s work, papa tile and mama tile would talk about their only child – beta-tile.
  • They had sent him to the very best boarding school – so that he could find a decent job in the city.
  • Beta-tile wanted to make his parents proud. He studied very hard and even topped his class.
  • Not surprisingly at the campus interview, he was hand-picked to work at a mall in the city.
  • Beta-tile wrote to his parents from the city. He loved the job. It was all fancy footwear and delicate feet.
  • (And from where he worked, the view was great too. Obviously, he didn’t mention that to his parents.)
  • He was saving all the money he earned so that they could move to the city with him, he added.
  • Papa tile and mama tile were overjoyed. Their hard days were coming to an end. But unknown to them, fate had other plans…
  • One gloomy day in the mall, a careless man dropped his thinkpad notebook. It fell not on any of the thousand other tiles in the mall, but on beta-tile.
  • Nothing happened to the thinkpad. The man just picked it up and walked away. But it left a horrible crack across beta-tile’s face.
  • He was told that the unbreakable titanium casing of the thinkpad had caused it.
  • Beta-tile was heart-broken. A promising career had been cruelly cut-short. In time, There was even talk of a layoff. life in the city could be heartless and unforgiving.
  • Papa tile and mama tile tried very hard to conceal their despair and to keep their son’s spirits up.
  • secretly, Mama tile would pray to god imploring him to come to their rescue. And god heard her prayers.
  • One day a passerby upon seeing beta-tile, rushed away as if possessed. Beta-tile later confessed that he was worried that this was the layoff man.
  • But beta-tile had nothing to fear. The man worked at an agency and had just got an idea in which beta-tile would play a leading role.
  • The man returned a few days later with other people. he stuck a sticker on beta-tile, framing the crack. It simply said ‘the thinkpad was here’
  • Life changed from that day onwards. Everyone started looking at him as if he was a wonder – they even smiled at him. He had become famous.
  • and beta-tile had made all other broken tiles famous as well. People, upon finding a broken tile, began to wonder if a thinkpad had been the cause.
  • Last week, beta-tile wrote to his parents with some amazing news. It seems he had achieved what no other floor tile had done before.
  • he had just been nominated at the emvies in the ‘never before used media’ category.
  • Now, He’s eagerly awaiting the final results.
  • Beta-tile picture gallery :
  • Beta-tile has been single-handedly responsible for :
  • 1. Perplexed call centre executives wondering what the broken tile feature in the thinkpad notebook is.
  • 2. An increase in the uneasy moments that result when customers ask dealers to ‘demonstrate’ the feature.
  • 3. And a noticeable aversion in shoppers to picking up the ThinkPad demo piece.
  • So will papa tile, mama tile and beta-tile get to live happily ever after? We are hoping they will.
  • Thank you