Mica Keynote Speech 6-17-2013 by Blaine Millet - WOM10


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Keynote Speech at MICA National Conference in Naples, FL June 2013. Presented how Social Media is changing the world and we are in the midst of a Revolution. The revolution is ALL ABOUT ME and is the integration of how the Customer Experience is now a key driver for the success of social media. Social media is very favorable for B2B and is all about building deeper relationships and building advocates.

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  • This may be exactly how some of you feel right now about social media – don’t know much about it and not sure you need to or even care about it. Well hopefully after I share with you some insights in our two sessions together you will feel much more comfortable with it and freely pull your head out and enjoy this new and exciting revolution we are in the midst of right now. To get started, let me tell you a story about how I landed in this world of being a social media business strategist…
  • We already talked about me, so now let’s talk about the “other ME” – the Customer.
  • We call the Social Medial Revolution a Tsunami because it came upon us fast and it keeps gaining more and more momentum every day. But it has also hit shore – it did several years ago and unfortunately for those in the low lying lands of business, it wiped them out because the weren’t ready for it. Others are on higher ground for a while and it might not have reached them yet – but be assured, it will hit everyone sometime and some day. After the turn of the century in the early 1900’s we saw the single biggest thing to hit the US and world economy…the Industrial Revolution. And it was so successful that it lasted for basically the rest of the century...until this thing called Social Media came upon us.
  • The industrial revolution used traditional marketing to get the message across to us about what to buy. They made thousands of the same thing and then marketed it to us in a variety of forms, over and over and over again until we ended up buying whatever it was being marketed. And marketers were very good with it and convinced us through both good and consistent advertising. This was the beginning of Mad Men and the advertising agency.
  • We call this Interruption Marketing because it kept coming at us from a variety of sources over and over again until we bought it. No matter what it was or whether or not we needed, they convinced us we did and it didn’t matter about the quality because it was all about just telling us how great it was but we never really knew. We didn’t have any other way to interact so we just went along with it and listened and bought.
  • Then about 7 -9 years ago, something happened. The system wasn’t working. The results were dropping faster than a rock in the grand canyon and all of a sudden, our beloved traditional media wasn’t working like it used to and no one really knew why. It was hitting everything – not just one media. Some were getting hit really hard where others were just declining.
  • Then things like Craigslist and other media came on the scene and the newspapers said they would never make it so not to worry. Do you think they are worried today? Want to buy some stock in a newspaper company today?
  • And while all this was going on companies were surfacing and playing a bigger and bigger role in how we were communicating…like Google. Today it has eclipsed the entire print industry in terms of revenue. And this is happening in in all areas of marketing today and with a whole host of tools and systems.
  • And a good example of this transition is captured here – you may remember about 7 – 10 years ago when the big discussion was about MySpace and how there were all these predators out there coming up with fictitious IDs and sites to do bad things. While those people are still out there, with the advances in social media, it is much harder to stay private and behind the curtains – too many people can track you and call you out – Forget 6 degrees of separation, we maybe have 3 today.
  • My mom is not a believer in the internet. In fact she says things like, “oh that internet. Lots of bad people hang out there.” And so I tell her, “yeah, thank god they don’t use telephones. Or Freeways.”Many boomers like me also question the value of all these social tools. Here’s why.
  • Now that we have seen the change happen, what does this mean to you both personally and for your business? Why should we even care about it? You’re not tweeting, posting, friending, connecting, or a host of other things going on out there that you could be doing if you were involved in social media. Let’s explore this a bit further to see if we can answer this question for you…HOW MANY OF YOU USE SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY IN SOME REGARD – BE IT FACEBOOK OR TWITTER OR LINKEDIN OR BLOG OR EVEN PINTEREST? Can do the stand up and then sit down until the ones standing are the most active users among them – then say, these are the crazy people like me – give the a hand for being on the forefront of the REVOLUTION…
  • That’s a lot of information available for us to find just about anything and everything we need. The web has matured and exploded. So personally, this is awesome, you can find and get anything you want at a price you want. But if you are in business, this might not be such a great thing for you. With all these pages how can you be found or even more , how can you be relevant to your audience or potential audience.
  • Good for you as a consumer, bad for you as a business if you sell a product or service that someone will be shopping for on price – today they can find it cheaper somewhere in the WORLD. But there is an answer to all this...
  • We already talked about me, so now let’s talk about the “other ME” – the Customer.
  • Key message – we are not asking you to change anything about the way you think – it is still all about getting someone’s attention, it is still about creating massive word of mouth and it is still all about creating stronger and deeper relationships to build trust and loyalty – the only difference is that social media allows you to do it for a fraction of the cost and at unbelievable speed – I just happened to see this a few years ago and went holy crap – we need to tell the owners and business leaders about this because those that get it can dominate
  • I’m concerned that we are leaping into the blog pitch without adequate positioning. For example, I think we should be saying: Get your message out in an hour for little or no cost. You still speak in paragraphs – just fewer of them. It engages your readers by inviting feedback “comments” The art of Social Media speak is making points through engagement – interaction – dialog. Much different than web site speak – which is traditional communications re-purposed to the internet as a display/information vehicle.
  • Mica Keynote Speech 6-17-2013 by Blaine Millet - WOM10

    1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA… It’s IMPACT on our Daily Lives
    3. 3. The TSUNAMI
    4. 4.  Direct Mail  TV  Newspaper  Radio  Newsletters  Yellow Pages  PR Firms  Ad Agencies  Billboards  Banner ads, etc.
    5. 5. All TRADITIONAL marketing was designed too… INTERRUPT YOU
    6. 6. 44% DIRECT MAIL is never opened 86% of people SKIP TV ADS Most major NEWSPAPERS will be gone in 3 years
    7. 7. GOOGLE’S advertising revenue Is BIGGER than the ENTIRE US PRINT industry
    8. 8. • 90%+ Social Media • 87% E-mail • 61% SEO (Search Engine Optimization) • 59% Event Marketing (speaking, etc.) • 55% Press Releases • 39% Direct Mail • 38% Online ads (Google Adwords, etc.) • 34% Print ads • 25% Sponsorships • 18% Mobile Marketing • 18% Webinars • 16% Radio Ads • 11.5% Television Ads
    10. 10. The world is changing… has changed…
    11. 11. A new way to COMMUNICATE
    12. 12. connect, engage, tell stories be more helpful to your audience build stronger relationships create more advocates who share proactively leverage word-of-mouth…on steroids …less than 30% use it this way today!
    13. 13. BROADCASTING PROMOTING SPAMMING telling us what kind of muffin you’re having or how important you are…
    14. 14. What we SAY Isn’t always What gets HEARD
    15. 15. WHY Should we care?
    16. 16. Trillion webpages are live on the internet14.3
    17. 17. DIGITAL INFORMATION created and shared 2013: projected at 4 Zettabytes 2015: rising to 8 Zettabytes 1 Zettabyte is 1 Trillion Gigabytes (created by IDC)
    18. 18. Every 48 hours…
    19. 19. 1999: 38 Million People had Broadband internet… Today: 1.2 Billion have broadband on their Mobile Phones
    20. 20. More people have a MOBILE service… than access to SAFE DRINKING WATER and ELECTRICITY in the world today.
    21. 21. 1,000,000,000 cars and trucks in the world 3,000,000,000 credit cards 7,000,000,000 world population 9,000,000,000 connected devices in use globally
    22. 22. 4B of 7B people worldwide have a mobile phone… only 3.5B use a toothbrush
    24. 24. 70% …of businesses acquire a customer from their BLOG when blogging 2-3 times/week 44% 62% 62% 52% …of businesses have acquired a customer through their TWITTER account(s) …of businesses have acquired a customer through their use of LINKEDIN – B2B = 65% …LESS COST PER LEAD using social media than traditional outbound marketing …of companies acquired a new customer through their use of FACEBOOK – B2C = 77%
    25. 25. It’s TIME to take Social Media SERIOUSLY of people TRUST ADVERTISING14% of people TRUST RECOMMENDATIONS via social media 90% The BIGGEST Reason…
    26. 26. ME
    27. 27. WHAT Is ME going to TALK ABOUT???
    28. 28. “PUSH” Sales/Marketing Self-serving Communications Broadcast Messaging “Interruption” Marketing “PULL” Sales/Marketing Word-of-Mouth Engagement Building Relationships & Advocacy “Permission” Marketing Company Centric Customer Centric
    29. 29. WHAT WORKS
    30. 30. Word-of-Mouth Center of ALL Business
    31. 31. On Social Networks more than 50% of the Conversation is about their EXPERIENCE
    33. 33. Whoever gets talked about the most… WINS
    34. 34. “OLD” Brand How BIG is your Budget? “NEW” Brand The CONVERSATION
    35. 35. Getting our Audience to SHARE their WOW - Memorable Experience with others…  Word-of-Mouth  One-to-One  Social Media  One-to-Many
    36. 36. It’s NOT about the TOOLS It’s ALL about the STRATEGY
    37. 37. of businesses don’t have a plan to stay competitive in the new mobile world. 74%
    38. 38. Customer Centric Social Media Strategy… Website Blog
    39. 39. FUTURE
    40. 40. The FUTURE of CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and PRIVACY Ordering a Pizza…
    41. 41. 1. VIDEO – YouTube – Killer app
    42. 42. 2nd LARGEST Search Engine 1.1 BILLION hours of video content added EVERY 24 HOURS
    43. 43. 2. BLOGGING – site platform 3. WORD-of-MOUTH - will be key metric
    44. 44. LADY GAGA has more followers than THE PRESIDENT One TWEET will reach more people than COMBINED in print in one day…
    45. 45. 4. COMMUNITIES – future of marketing 5. MOBILITY – always connected
    46. 46. 6. HELPING – top relationship builder 7. NOISE – getting better at eliminating it 8. MARKETING - bigger $$ than IT 9. SALES – transformed & accelerated 10. EMPLOYEES – will be innovators and creative, not tenured
    47. 47. Lead the change Follow someone’s change Stay behind…
    48. 48. “It is not the STRONGEST of the species that survive, nor the most INTELLIGENT, but the one MOST RESPONSIVE TO CHANGE.” -- Charles Darwin, scientist
    49. 49. Thank YOU…