PGA DVD Beyond


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Presentation titled "PGA DVD Beyond" given by Blaine Graboyes in 2004 at The Producers Guild Of America

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PGA DVD Beyond

  1. 1. Blaine Graboyes Media Architect
  2. 2. Blaine’s History in DVD• Made my 1st DVD in 1996• Started ZUMA Digital in 1997 in NYC• Produced over 3,000 DVDs• Entertainment, Business and Fine Arts• Developed software products• Understanding of multiple areas
  3. 3. How I Became A DVD Producer• Mathematics, Sculpture and Philosophy of Science major• Interested in computers for Fine Arts• Unsatisfied with CD and Web• Fascinated with power of TV• Started my own company to explore• Signed with ICM for representation
  4. 4. Studio Cognito• Creative group at Comchoice• Services; Creative, Design, Production• Clients include New Line, BBC, Warner Bros., Fox, Pfizer and many more• Focus on Original Development – New Product Launch - Atmos : Clouds – AIDS / Women - The World Is Ours DVD Set
  5. 5. What Is A Media Architect?• Integrates Creative, Technical and Business objectives into a unified Project Plan and directs all aspects of the production process to ensure total success.• The primary goal is the development of media properties that entertain, educate and motivate viewers.
  6. 6. What Is A Media Architect? creative technical economic
  7. 7. What Is A Media Architect?creative economic technical Brand ID Licensing Subtitles Design Finance Encoding Editorial Sponsors AuthoringPackaging Marketing Replication
  8. 8. What Is Creativity?• In business, Creativity is about creating profits, by understanding the goals of the client / project and exploiting the resources available to achieve goals• It is about THE IDEA• It is executed through design and production• Consumer judges quality via purchase
  9. 9. State Of The Business• DVD business is doing very well• High margin retail sales• Often 60% of studio revenues• About 50% of DVD sales via WAL-MART• 63% installed base of DVD players• Widespread consumer acceptance
  10. 10. Copyright Protection• Need to focus on a viable solution – Concede that hacking happens – Focus on strengths of content
  11. 11. Emerging Trends Licencsing Production DistributionDefer fees for access to 100% of Automation Solutions Non-traditional retail outlets, DVD royalties for Authoring and Manufacturing such as gas stations, newstands and home design stores TV Shows DVD Games Discount DVD Sales Niche Rights and Custom Interfaces Reaching Niches Specialty Licenses and Controllers Women, Kids, Hispanics DVD Forum Approves New Desktop Production Promotional DVDs with cereal Formats for Next Gen DVD boxes, cars, etc. Return to Brand Driven Faster Turnarounds NETFLIX, etc. Entertainment and Marketing
  12. 12. Who hires the DVD Producer?• Current Scenario – Studio / Distributor – Dir. Marketing or DVD Production – V.P. Home Video or Production at Music Cos.• Future Trend – Director / Producer – Production Company - fulltime, in-house – Talent Agency / Packaging – Advertising Agencies
  13. 13. DVD Producer Responsibilities• Develop concepts and direction• Work with talent• Coordinate production team(s)• Oversee Program and VAM production• Oversee menu design• Document deliverables for authoring• Support as needed during authoring• QC final product for approval
  14. 14. Production Pipeline
  15. 15. Budgets and Schedules• Basic Level $15-50k• Medium Level $75-150k• Big Budget $300k +2-4+ months for Production6-8 weeks for Design2-6 weeks for Technical
  16. 16. New Technologies• DVD is precursor and R&D platform for new technologies such as Tivo, VOD, iTV and Broadband• DVD Producers have been producing for these new technologies all along• Convert some formats and concepts to work with new platforms
  17. 17. Future Of DVD• Custom Interfaces and Controllers• HD-DVD• Web-connected settop devices• Ubiquitous distribution
  18. 18. How To Be A DVD Producer• Start doing it for someone• Work with established players – Client and Vendor side(s)• Develop specific expertise – Director, Post Supervisor, Designer• Do it for yourself