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  • 1. The Many Faces Of Plaquemine And Its Surrounding Area “ A Photographic History of Plaquemine, Louisiana” Collection of Photographs by Anthony P. Fama, Sr. Help Copyright October 1999
  • 2. Credits Special Thanks! My wife, Lillian Fama, for her ideas and patience with me during the years of working in front of my computer My Children and their Spouses Janet Fama Devillier & her husband Burke Tony Fama & his wife Kaye Loretta Fama Babin & her husband Dennis “Bee” The interactive presentation you are about to enjoy represents the culmination of years of dreams and effort to produce a pictorial history of Plaquemine, La. My hopes are to educate and preserve the wonderful story of the growth of the community that has been my life. The presentation consists of over 450 pictures, each of which captures a moment in time that we can relive over and over. I’ve included the many people who have contributed to the content of this presentation on the Acknowledgements Page (click below). The names below represent the special people in my life who helped me organize and produce this CD. My son Tony spent many hours editing the pictures and putting them together in this computerized presentation. Anthony P. Fama Help Acknowledgments
  • 3. Preserving Our Past In this age of disposable everything, we must be careful not to dispose of our past…it is no small task to find, organize, restore and preserve our photos, but if it is not done, a valuable legacy will be lost.” Thomas Davis, author and photographer Help
  • 4. Introduction Plaquemine was first settled because of its location at the junction of the Mississippi River and Bayou Plaquemine. Ironically, in Plaquemine’s early history, these two bodies of water slowly began to destroy the city, growing ever wider and taking in the land. Two events, the building of the Plaquemine Lock completed in 1909, and the Federal Government’s taking control of the upkeep of the levees after the high water of 1927, are responsible for preserving Plaquemine as it is today. Since its beginning, Plaquemine has gone through many changes. This CD attempts to document the changes of Plaquemine and the surrounding area during the last 165 years. Help
  • 5. The Many Faces Of Plaquemine And Its Surrounding Area Parades, Music & Sports Railroads Banks Lumber Industry Businesses Churches Maps Fires & Fire Dept. Plaquemine Scenes Schools Theaters Iberville Parish Scenes Private Homes Sugar Cane Industry Religious Scenes Rivers and Bayous Lock & Vicinity High Water & Floods (Click on pictures to view slides. Press Escape to Return to Main Menu)
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  • 7. Acknowledgments The photographs in this program consist of my personal photographs as well as those loaned or given to me by many special people. I’ve had an outpouring of support from my family and many individuals in the community. First and foremost, I want to thank Mary Olga Neubig for allowing me to use many of the pictures that her dad, Philip Neubig, had accumulated over the years. Additionally, I give special acknowledgment to Dr. L. O. Cazes Jr., who was my close friend for over fifty years, for the many pictures he shared with me. I’d like to acknowledge the following individuals for their contribution of time, resources, and pictures to this project: Don Alberdao Shirley Atwood Rex Aymond Dannie Ball Bob Blush Lloyd J. Bouchereau, Jr. Brenda Bourgoyne Blanchard Mrs. John E. Brown Adrain Callais W. P. Cameron Jackie Robertson Carville J. Evan Delahaye Bubba Dupont J. E. Dupont Lorraine Hebert Dupont Octave Dupuy Jules Durand, Jr. Reverend Eugene R. Engels Regger Rosso Fama Arnold “Buck” Fourroux Dr. James A. Freeman, M.D. Robert “Bobby” L. Freeman Luke and Brenda Fremin Louis Favron Jack Franklin Carol Freeman Celeste Gascon Lydia Alyce and Mike Grace William C. Grant Mr. & Mrs. Henry Grass Richard Guerin Tony and Mary Sue Gulotta John Gum, Jr. Cyril Guidry Ellie Hebert John Hebert John and Polly Hidgeon Joyce Hebert Mrs. Omer Hebert Orney Hebert Rita Lynn Jackson Mrs. Ray Joffrion James Jumonville Gerald Landry Ted Landry Joe Marix Martin Miranda Robert and Rita Mooney Ashton Neubig, Jr. Jules Noel, Jr. Mercedes Ohlmeyer Gus and Verna Mae O’Neil Mary Althea Parker Charles and Betty Pirello Rosemary Pirello Lacey O. Raymond Richard Richard E. B. and Gayle Schwing, III Mrs. D. Shelton Zoe Spedale Gladys Talbot