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Peachy Keachy #1
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Peachy Keachy #1


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1st Peachy Keachy (aka Pecha Kucha) for Show & Tell.

1st Peachy Keachy (aka Pecha Kucha) for Show & Tell.

Published in: Design, Education

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  • 1. Show & TellCaption: This Pecha Kucha aims to explain why Philip and Vana are working together on their project ‘Show & Tell’. From their individual perspectives on the brief through to research and direction.
  • 2. Make Your MarkCaption: The brief is ‘Make Your Mark’ from D&AD. It asks you to think about your future as a designer entering industry. Essentially you must select an audience and speak to them.
  • 3. Caption: Regarding the future, Philip identified project narrative and the communication thereof as a key aspect to his work. As such he is interested in both Publication and Exhibition Design.
  • 4. Caption: For Vana the starting point was to consider how her work is seen within the GSA collective and how that collective is represented to a wider audience. Narrative and communication are key.
  • 5. Caption: After initial discussion we realised a common interest and decided to work together focusing on exhibition design as a public experience.
  • 6. Caption: 1st part of the D&AD deliverables is a 2 minute film. This could be a video prototype of one’s proposal, Kickstarter pitch or any other way of project narration.
  • 7. Caption: The 2nd part is an online portfolio of the participating team. In our case this provides greatly needed incentive to get working on our long overdue, stagnant web domains.
  • 8. and/orCaption: The project could be approached as either two individuals or as a team both in the GSA and D&AD context. We have decided to unite for research and assess progress at a not too distant date.
  • 9. Caption: To share our research with each other, our contacts and the wider world we have set-up a blog, ‘Show & Tell’.
  • 10. Caption: To kick off our research we visited some of Glasgow’s biggest museums and did a comparative analysis of various evident aspects from the point of view of a ‘regular visitor’.
  • 11. Kathryn @ Tramway Lorraine @ Tramway Francis @ CCA Glasgow Science Centre Michelle @ Wasps Studios Panel Patricia Felming Julie & Paul @ Riverside Museum Event Tramway National Trust Scotland Stuart Kerr National Museums Scotland Hringur @ Gagarin Glasgow Life Hunterian Museum & Gallery Trongate Kirsty Devine @ Glasgow Life Transmission The Arches The Fun Theory Smith and Jones MET Studio Philip Simpson Volume SF Atelier Brueckner Huettinger Graven Lighthouse Christopher RaymondCaption: We have also started contacting people in the field of exhibition design to gather perspectives and thoughts from a variety of backgrounds and are happy to note a high rate of enthusiastic responses.
  • 12. Caption: We are interested in seeing how we fit within GSA, GSA within Scottish design culture and how Scotland is seen internationally. Similarly how exhibits and exhibitions are read locally, nationally and internationally.
  • 13. Hringur @ Gagarin, Reykjavík Julie & Paul @ Riverside, GlasgowCaption: Two of our enthusiastic contacts so far are the team at Riverside Museum in Glasgow and Hringur at Gagarin in Reykjavik.
  • 14. Caption: We intend to observe how people respond to exhibitions; both the designed space and the inhabitants of that space. This video shows an interesting study of audio’s effect on visitor interaction.
  • 15. Caption: For Vana, one of the most inspiring interactive public installations is the ‘Piano Stairs’. It embodies a fun and playful approach while layering an interesting narrative into it.
  • 16. Caption: From research so far, Vana sees the most interesting opportunities in the design of the spaces and objects meant for reflection and feedback.
  • 17. Caption: Philip is interested in outcomes which mix media to create rich, layered narrative. This space by Bompas & Parr is an excellent example.
  • 18. Awesomeness BudgetCaption: Thus far, Philip is particularly interested in how the scale of an exhibition impacts it’s execution as an en- gaging experience. Considering issues such as budget, location and resources.
  • 19. Caption: For both us a very interesting part of exhibitions lies in the ‘bubble’ versus the public. How would one communicate a niche project to a wider audience?
  • 20. Caption: We intend to complete our 1st phase of research by mid December. From this we will identify an audience/ space and decide if we should continue as a single unit or separately.