Blacks In Technology Newsletter Issue 2


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Blacks In Technology Newsletter Issue 2

  1. 1. 010 01 n ew s le t te r 100001000000111110000000000001000000000110000000000000100000000000100000000000000100000001111100000000001000000000100000000000100000000000000100000000100000101010101000000000000010100010000000000000000100 Issue 02 September 1, 2010 Spotlight on You 186 members and climbing!! Inside this issue: Blacks In Technology would like to recog- The Blacks In Technology community has nize a couple of our members for their grown to over 186 members in just a few Spotlight on you 1 recent achievements. Congratulations to months of the site being live. We want to Member count 1 Ronnie Hash for obtaining his CEH say thanks to all of our members that Linux Cons 1 (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification. have continued to support our efforts. BITCAST 1 Ronnie continues to pursue a career in We really appreciate the dialog that has application and network security. Blacks been going on within the discussions and BITCAST cont’d 2 In Technology would also like to recog- encourage everyone to lend their voices BIT meets BMI 2 nize and congratulate Kevin Minus. Kevin as well. Let’s continue to grow the com- Reminder 2 not only landed a job as a Network Secu- munity through the utilization of net- App of the Month 2 rity Administrator but recently obtained working and great communication. his CCNA +Sec certification. Spread the word and lets get more mem- Congratulations to both members we bers signed up. The more members we wish you well in your careers. A re- have, the more knowledge there is to minder to other members, if you have share, the more networking there is to achieved something that you would like do. Let’s start to make a change. FYI, you to be recognized for please don’t hesitate can send invites in BITNET simply by to email us at clicking on “Friends” and selecting “Invite . a Friend”. Separate emails with a comma. Mission statement: Linux Conferences BITCAST  Deliver the most relevant As you may or may not know, Ronnie Blacks In Technology considers video and beneficial information and Greg are Linux enthusiasts and advo- podcasts as a great way to communicate and network for African cates of FOSS (Free and Open Source information as well as an exceptional edu- American’s in the technol- Software). We regularly attend Linux cational tool. Because of that we have ogy field or pursuing a ca- reer in technology. conferences around the nation if our created BITCAST. For those of you who schedules permit us that luxury. Recently have not perused the BITCAST section of we attended the SouthEast Linux Fest in the site, here is a little information about  Focus on creating a commu- Spartanburg, SC. It was a great event it. BITCAST will consist of video podcast nity in which African Ameri- packed with great talks. While attending, and screencast tutorials. The videos will can’s are comfortable, moti- we met and signed up several new mem- allow us to keep members up to date vated and inspired to pur- bers. We always enjoy attending these with whats going on with the Blacks In sue careers in technology. conferences. They always allow us to net- Technology community as well as provide work with other Linux enthusiasts , meet useful educational materials about various new people, and walk away with some open source tools and administration tips  Establish effective communi- very good information. and tricks. We also plan on carrying with caton between African American’s in order to help Greg and Ronnie will also be attending us a video camera to any upcoming con- drive individual growth, the Ohio Linux Fest (Sept 10-12, 2010). ferences that we plan on attending in development, and long- Let us know if you plan on attending by hopes of getting some interviews with term success in the field of emailing us and maybe we can meet up. CONT’D on PAGE 2 Technology. 01 111
  2. 2. Issue 02 September 1, 2010 BITCAST cont’d App of the Month “An opportunity is other African Americans in IT. We hope EVERNOTE 10 only as good as that you all enjoy BITCAST and check back Evernote is a great web based application 10 often for new video content. that is used to organize and store notes, the person who photos and web pages all in one general lo- 000010000001111100000000000010000000001100000000000001000000000001000000000000001000000011111000000000010000000001000000000001000000000000001000000001000001010101010000000000000101000100000000000000001000 can take advantage Look out for BITTV, our new online cation. It allows you to access the informa- technology show coming very soon!!! tion from either your desktop, the web or of it” your mobile phone (iPhone users, there is an app for that). The desktop and smartphone *******REMINDER******* application syncs the information to the web so that all your information is always accessi- Please do not forget to activate your mem- ble. Your information is indexed so that you bership. Whenever you sign up the site you can search through your notes by using key- are sent a confirmation email. This is done words, titles or tags. You can use it for to ensure that you are not a spammer and keeping a broad range of useful information increases the security and integrity of the such as links to web pages that you want to site. If you do not activate your account you read later, how-to’s on solving a certain will be unable to experience the features and problem, task list, etc. Check out benefits that Blacks In Technology has to to learn more. offer. Please check your emails for the con- firmation. Thanks!!! BIT meets BMI Questions or suggestions ? Back in May, Blacks In Technology and learning that he has two sons that Contact us! teamed up with the Black Male Initia- are engineers at Intel. Way to go tive group of Cincinnati State Technical Frank!!! We hope to continue with contactus@blacksintechnologynet and Community to put on a technol- these type of talks in other venues so ogy workshop for the students. Blacks that we can help the next budding In Technology members Ronnie Hash technologist find their way in IT. If you Check us out on LinkedIn and Greg Greenlee were guest speak- would like for us to speak at an event ers at the event as well as Frank Hill, please contact us at : blacksintechnology former president of the BDPA Cincin- or nati Chapter. The talks ranged from “Getting Started In IT” to “How Open Follow us on Twitter: Source Technology Can Help You In Your Career”. The students were able to gain very valuable information on how to enter into the field of Informa- tion Technology and how to use Open Source technology to advance your skill set and in doing so advance your career. Students asked questions about entering IT and about open source technology. Pizza and beverages were served courtesy of BMI. The highlight of the event was meeting Frank Hill (Greg and Ronnie talking about BIT) 10 1111