Black Sea Economic Forum 2012 Presentation (ENG)


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Powerpoint presentation of BSEF 2012 in english language.

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Black Sea Economic Forum 2012 Presentation (ENG)

  1. 1. Forums 2010-2011 Forum 2010 Forum 2011 250 participants 250 participants 55 speakers 57 speakers 11 countries 14 countries 5 official foreign 50 media delegations 6 interregional 2 interregional cooperation cooperation agreements signedagreements signed 600 media 48 media outcomes 400 media outcomes
  3. 3. Forum 2011Guest speakers Quotes "The forum was a very interesting platform not only for sharing ideas but also for learning. I personally learnt a lot on what Crimea really is and what it has to offer. Behind the ideas there are people and both Borys Kolesnikov are unique given the historical and political realities of the peninsula. Vice Prime Minister, Minister In addition the contacts made at the forum are very useful since they of Infrastructure of Ukraine are all experts in Crimea and can provide support to the opportunities available”. Dario Marchetti, Danone Ukraine “This year’s Black Sea Economic Forum was organized superbly! Livadia Palace was a wonderful venue for this event and the exhibition at the entrance and the courtyard extremely informative. The high level and quality of countries’ representatives which gathered for these two days guaranteed interesting speeches Mykola Prysyazhnyuk and presentations as well as meaningful panels’ discussions. The Minister of Agrarian Policy and event was wonderfully hosted by the Government of Crimea. Thank Food of Ukraine you!” Olivier Adam, UNDP If the efficiency and professionalism with which the Forum was run is any indicator of what the Crimea is capable of, then clearly best practice will be the norn. The presentations were informative and well delivered, the discussions were lively with Anatoliy Blyznyuk open and frank exchanges and there were no holds barred in the Minister of Regional questioning of Ministers and others in high authority. Overall a Development, Construction and top class event, which, as a showcase for the Crimea was Housing of Ukraine excellent. I am already looking forward to the next event! David Lovegrove, International Development Ireland
  4. 4. III Forum 2012This year the main theme of the Forum is to discuss factors ofreinforcing competitiveness and sustainable development ofthe Black Sea Region. Participants are offered a wide range ofissues concerning the strategic role and place of the Black Seacountries in the global economy, opportunities for attractingtargeted investment and planning joint projects in the prioritysectors of the economy.Forum: an international high-profile event, taking place inCrimea, created for effective cooperation of the leadinggovernment & business stakeholders, as well as experts of theBlack Sea countries. The main objectives of the Forum includediscussing relevant topics of the regionaldevelopment, exchanging successful experiences, enhancingtrade and economic cooperation, which ultimately leads to thehigher standards and quality of life of people in the Black SeaRegion countries.
  5. 5. ІІІ Forum Focus Strategic role of the Financial instruments Energy as a key Black Sea basin for the agribusiness factor of the effective sector economy Successful structural Tourism as a priority Competitiveness reforms for the municipal of the regions and authorities cities: leaders talkCROSSING POINTS AND COOPERATION OF THE BLACK SEA REGIONS
  6. 6. AMONG KEY SPEAKERS Petro Poroshenko Minister of Economic Kaha Bendukidze Development & Trade of Founder of the Free University of Ukraine Tbilisi Alexander Rahr Jan Tombinski Program Director, for Russia, EU Ambassador to Ukraine Ukraine, Belarus, and Central Asia of the German Council on Foreign Relations, Berlin Sergey Karaganov Igor Kaletnyk Dean of the School of International Head of the State Customs Economics and Foreign Affairs, Service of Ukraine Higher School of Economics, Moscow
  7. 7. AMONG MODERATORS Pavlo Sheremeta Partner, Strategy Institute ”Inspira”; ex-president and senior fellow, Malaysia Blue Ocean Strategy Institute Courtney Fingar Editor in chief, fDI Magazine, Financial Times Olena Voloshyna International Finance Corporation, Ukraine
  9. 9. Time Program, October 411:00 – 11:10 Official Opening11.10 – 12.15 Assessing Strengths and Opportunities of the Black Sea Region Economy What is the geopolitical role of the Black Sea Region in the current changing environment? What aspects and facts should serve as the major strengths allowing the Black Sea Region countries to flourish? Where are the possible opportunities for further growth: industry sectors, clusters and constructive complementarities? What role each country is playing and might play? In the panel discussion participants will reflect on these and other relevant questions with a view to getting a political perspective of the economic challenges and opportunities of the Region.12.15 - 12.30 Coffee break12.30 – 14.00 How the structural reforms sustain the country’s growth: best regional practices in action How the countries maintain reforms agenda ensuring successful transition to the modernized economies? What are keys to the successful reform implementation in the time of recession? What are the opportunities and strengths of the current EU- Ukraine cooperation?14.00 - 15.00 Lunch15.00 – 16.30 Energy Policy as a Key Regional Competitiveness’ Factor How sophisticated energy policies stimulate important pillars of sustainable development: national economy (a higher productivity), social welfare (improving living standards and enhancing safety) and ecology (reduced pollution and remediating environmental degradation)? How well the voice of the private sector is heard in regards to the provision of the energy sustainability?16.30 – 17.00 Coffee break17.00 – 18.30 Joint efforts of the diplomatic community & trade economic missions and regional state officials in strengthening economic cooperation and attracting needed investments.20.00 Evening Welcome Reception, hotel “Oreanda”
  10. 10. Time Program, October 59.30- 11.00 Food and agriculture after the crisis: existing formats of cooperation with the banking & financial sector How well the Black Sea Region food & agriculture market is positioned? What financial instruments exist today to ensure sustainable growth of the agriculture sector and sub-sectors? What are the existing barriers and current challenges faced by the agrarian sector representatives (farmers, food producers, exporters & importers, etc)? Regulatory policy of the government institutions: from restrictions to stimulations.11.00 - 11.20 Сoffee Break11.20 – 12.50 Tourism: Attractiveness & Competitiveness at the Municipal Scale Do the Black Sea countries acknowledge the strategic positioning of tourism and recreation? Discussion on the municipal administrative recognition of the range of areas to be considered: historic places, roads, hotels, restaurants, recreation, information services, etc. Participants will discuss and share views on how the different neighbour countries define its regions’ and cities’ priorities in regards to the travel& tourism policy.12:50 – 13:45 Lunch13.45 - 15.15 Contemporary Trade Policy as an Effective Tool to Boost Economic Development Benchmarking the Black Sea countries’ export & import operations: where are the areas of success and improvements? Discussion on the important components: safe borders, legal trade and modern infrastructure. Private-public partnerships in transport and logistics: how to finance infrastructure. In the panel discussion participants will learn the best international practices and discuss potential cooperation options.15.15 – 15.30 Coffee break15.30 – 17.00 What are the keys to the successful strategic planning: lessons for the cities and regions A Keynote Speaker Address: BORYS KOLESNYKOV, Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine How to determine priority areas for the different regions of the country to better unite each region’s economic & cultural potential? Who are the main stakeholders needed to be invited and heard? What are the best international practices in regards to the particular region’s strategic development in the Black Sea Region? Closing remarks and a networking cocktail
  11. 11. Terms of ParticipationTHE REGISTRATION FEERegular fee – 564$Early registration (received by September 14, 2012) – 450$* Including VAT* Full payment of the registration fee is due by October 1, 2012It includes attendance at all sessions, conference documentation, as wellas refreshments and lunches.The cost of hotel accommodation is NOT included in the conference fee.Details of how to obtain reduced rate hotel accommodation for thisconference will be forwarded to every delegate on receipt of theirregistration form.Cancelation Policy: All cancellations must be submitted in writing. Allcancellations received before 24th of September 2012 are subject to anadministrative charge of 75$ per delegate. We regret that cancellations orbookings received after 24th of September 2012 cannot be refunded orcredited and the full fee will be due for ALL registrations submitted.
  12. 12. Partnership Opportunities There are different ways to support and promote your company and organization during the work of the Forum!You may choose to become one of the distinguish STRATEGIC PARTNERS orOFFICIAL PARTNERS!Please note that slots are strictly limited.There are also great partnership packages to be offered to the Forum’s PARTNERcompanies, INFORMATION PARTNERS and MEDIA PARTNERS! Please contact our team members for more information.
  13. 13. Contacts Program & Partnership Opportunities:NATALYA POPOVYCH NATALYA Mob: +38 050 727 0232 Mob: +38 050 909 0205Landline: +38 044 495 2960 Landline: +38 044 495 2960Russia Mob: +7 985 765 1674Landline: +7 495 937 3170NINA +38 067 505 00 56 Registration:OLENA SYPCHENKO or VYACHESLAV +38 096 788 8890 (Vyacheslav), +38 066 360 8956 (Olena)Landline: +38 044 495 2960
  14. 14. Thank you for your cooperation!