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  • Went to Bletchley Park as Chair of BCSWomen and discovered that more than 5000 women worked there! Raised funds for the Women of Station X project.
  • On 1 st July I went up to a reception at Bpark, did a tour and found out all about the amazing work done there, how it had shortened the war by 2 years saving 22 million lives
  • I set up a blog dedicated to saving Bletchley Park: I emailed all Heads and Profs of computing in the UK when I got home, asking them to sign the No 10 petition to save Bletchley Park The response was amazing, there was so much support. John Turner and I put together a letter to the Times, 97 Hods and Profs signed it 
  • Determined to get publicity for Bletchley I contacted all the journalists that I knew telling them I had a good story. Rory Cellan Jones agreed and interviewed me at Bpark, the interview was on the BBC news, Today program, BBC America and elsewhere I got hundreds of emails of support
  • I realised the potential of Twitter for raising awareness and forming a community around Bletchley Park, In Jan 2009 Sizemore and Jamillah came to a talk that Capt Jerry Roberts was giving at UCL about his time at Bpark. The next day I took social media gurus @Documentally @Sizemore and @Jemimah_Knight up to Bletchley Park to help me persuade them that using social media was a good idea. Christian set up the @bletchleypark account
  • After using twitter for a bit I realised that it was a good place to find interested and influential people. One evening I saw a pic on Twitter of Stephen Fry stuck in a lift at Centrepoint and thought to myself.. Stephen Fry, I ’m sure he would be interested in helping Bletchley Park! I googled him and found supportive quotes. Yes!. Luckily he was following me, so I sent him a few DMs asking for help. The next morning he tweeted about my blog and I got 8k hits instead of the usual 50!
  • It was a great day for all of us at Bpark when S Fry came up for the day
  • One of the best things about being involved with Bpark has been getting to know the veterans. On the evening before this photo was taken I was at the veterans annual reunion dinner, we had some very interesting conversations which included nicking the vicars bicycle and low flying planes over Woburn Abbey ;))
  • One thing that I really wanted to do was get Bletchley Park known on the international museum circuit and get museum staff connected into that network. To do that I suggested that we write a paper about how we had used twitter to build up a community of interest around Bpark
  • When our paper was accepted for the conference I realised that we had no funds to pay to go there. Followers on Twitter persuaded me that it would be a good thing to set up a just giving page to ask for donations for us to go and present the paper.
  • These are the great people who gave us £2.5k to go to Denver, where we met loads of museum people from the UK, and networked with them ;))
  • The Turing papers came on sale in November 2010. I saw Gareth Halfacree tweeting that he had set up a just giving page, I checked on it a week before the papers were up for sale and saw that it had raised £20k. An amazing amount but not enough to buy the papers. I approached Google VP Megan Smith after a talk she had given asking for help. Simon Meacham from Google got in touch coincidentally the next day via twitter. Between them they got $100k from Google in 4 days over thanksgiving weekend. An amazing achievement  I blogged about it Many thanks to Google for giving a fabulous $100k towards the purchase 
  • I was delighted that the fabulous Captain Jerry Roberts, codebreaker, got to meet the Queen at Bletchley Park
  • Google funded fab garden party at Bpark to raise funds, raising over £10k! 400 people came despite the horrendous weather. Google ’ s Simon Meacham who engineered the $100k Google donation for the Turing papers flew in from India for the day to attend!
  • #SVC2UK – some very cool tech entrepreneurs came to Bletchley Park as part of the Silicon Valley comes to the Uk event in Nov 2011. We spent a fab couple of hours there, and they absolutely loved it! So much so that they organised an event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View which was all about telling SV tech entrepreneurs how fab Bpark is, and encouraging them to visit 
  • Sir John Scarlett at the CHM event, talking about Bpark and its incredible importance and fundamental achievements.
  • Now I’m going to talk about <goto>
  • In the UK we have some AMAZING tech entrepreneurs…
  • Not all of whom have had the recognition that they deserve…
  • Dina St Johnston should be world famous…but…
  • Here’s a UK tech hero that we all know 
  • Do you know where the first cashpoint was invented/installed?
  • Look who was there to ‘open’ it
  • We have some fabulous places in the UK where exciting techy things happen…go visit your local hackspace
  • We have some amazing computing related projects too…
  • BUT!! I believe ....   That most people in the UK have a negative attitude towards technology: big govt IT projects, MS Word, Computer says No!   That if people understood how much tech has improved their standard of living: cashpoints, mobiles, logistics, cars,  washing machines etc and how key it is for innovation to occur     And   Were helped to feel that they could  have a go themselves thus demystifying it   We would have a good chance of being a key player in the 2015 global marketplace. 
  • Worldeconomy is growing  Shift in power from west to east The west dont get it ....yet    Youth unemployment in UK = 1 million 20% school leavers cannot read/write In India tablets being given to 5 million students Here we are just deciding that we might need computing in the curriculum 
  • For country to be successful it needs:   Cash Commodities Creativity   We only have Creativity
  • Main things impacting business over next 5 years:   Mobile, internet, cloud, social, information   So, important for us to be a player in the global marketplace we need to stake our claim in the future.    To do that we need tech savvy/tech friendly population, to maximise our chances of producing tech enabled companies, exploiting UK creativity
  • Now digital revolution, we led during industrial revolution, we can be a key player in the digital revolution, but we need to get our skates on.    Tech savvy/literate public is key to maximising the opportunity we now have. 
  • <goto> foundation is all about helping everyone to become a bit more tech savvy, this will eventually have a a big effect on our economy…
  • Check out our video about the recent #gototech day that we held with 7-9 year olds. They coded in Python, designed apps and used Scratch 
  • If you can help with <goto> I ’ d love to hear from you
  • Newcastle july2012sueblack

    1. 1. Computer says YES! …From Bletchley Park to The <goto> FoundationDr Sue BlackSenior Research AssociateSoftware Systems EngineeringUniversity College London
    2. 2.
    3. 3. Photo by @Jemimah_Knight Photo by @Documentally
    4. 4. Photos by @Documentally
    5. 5. Captain Jerry Roberts meets HM the Queen
    6. 6. Photos by @Ade_Oshineye
    7. 7. #SVC2UK 2011
    8. 8. DameStephanie(Steve) ShirleySet up FInternationalsoftware company in1962, later sold for£150 million
    9. 9. TommyFlowersInventor ofColossus: theworld’s firstprogrammabledigital computer
    10. 10. Dina StJohnstonSet up the world’s firstsoftware house:Vaughan ProgrammingServicesThanks to @LinJones for the photo
    11. 11. Tim BernersLeeCreated the WorldWide Web
    12. 12. @Londonhackspace
    13. 13. “Computer Says No”
    14. 14. “Computer SaysNo”
    15. 15. Key in determiningeconomic winners:CashCommoditiesCreativityIn the UK we onlyhave one of these…
    16. 16. The key technologies impacting business over thenext 5 years:MobileCloudSocialInformationThe UK’s ICT sector is the largest in Europe andexpected to grow to over £29B by 2012.The combined creative industries and ICT sectorsemploy 3 million people.
    17. 17. Increased Inspiring techStandard of living The Tech savvy peopleFlourishingeconomy Effect Tech savvy Productive Startups and organisations businesses
    18. 18. <goto> is new and unique!! We will raise the profile of technologywith the general public through national scale campaigns and eventsWe will take computer science outreachbeyond schools and make it relevant to everyday lives.
    19. 19. Thanks for listening  Any questions? Dr Sue @gotofdn