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.   To set a password for the word document.          1. Click the save as button            2. Click tools,    and then c...
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  1. 1. Philippine Science High School Main Campus Health 3 1t Quarter SY 2011-2OL2Directions: Answer the first two numbers. Then choose three items from numbers 3to 5 and answer it. You have to answer each number in 7-10 sentences. Eachnumber is worth 20 points. 1. Among the items in the social skills which of the following are very important for you in order to easily build a healthy relationship with others, Justify your answer. 2. Which among the four (4) characteristics of a loving person can you omit in a person whom you will have a relationship with. Justify, (I wont accept "none" of the 4 characteristics as an answer. You should choose one.) 3. Among the items in the respect checklist below give two items you can omit on the person you will be dating. Justify your answer, . Does this person avoid put down? . Is this person interested in what I say or do? . Does this person make responsible decisions that are healthy, safe, legal, respectful of self and others, follows the guidelines of trusted adults and demonstrate character? . Is this person drug-free? . Is this person non-violent, never harms me or other people in any way? o Is this person willing to say NO to sexual activity? . Does this person encourage me to do my best in school? . Does this person choose friends who are responsible? . Does this person have a healthy attitude about members of both sexes? . Does this person treat all people regardless of their race, religion, gender or other differences, with respect? 4. If you will have a date during the prom how will you treat him/her so that both of you will have a great night? (Bonus: Who do you want to be your date during the prom? It should be from batch 2011 and 2012 only) 5. How will you spend your dream date? (bonus if you will give the name of the person... it should be a student from PSHS)Directions in saving the word document: . File name would be your section and family name ex. Be Jose
  2. 2. . To set a password for the word document. 1. Click the save as button 2. Click tools, and then click general options 3. Do one cr bcth of the following: * If ycu want reviewers to enter a password before they can view the document, type a password in the Fassword to open box. * If you want reviewers to enter a password before they can save changes to the docurnent, type a password in the Password to modifY box. 4. If ycu dont want content reviewers to accidentally modify the file, select the Read-only recCIrnmanded cheek box" When opening the file, reviewers . are asked whether or not they want to open the file as read-only. 5. Click OK. 6. When prompted, retype passwords to confirnr them, and then click OK 7. Click Save.This will be due on Juiy 72,7A11,10pm. You should submit it to your class president andvice presicient on or before July 21, 2011 ror them to have time to coilate the exams andemail it to me on July 22,20Lt"