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Twitter - Mini-Social Media Workshop
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Twitter - Mini-Social Media Workshop


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This was presented in March 2011 to the Spearfish Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Group and gives an overview of using Twitter.

This was presented in March 2011 to the Spearfish Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Group and gives an overview of using Twitter.

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  • Notes
  • It’s like blogging but in shorter bursts. Keep it to 125 characters so people can retweet.
  • This is more than 140 characters.
  • Facebook offers many ways to get the word out and bring the people in. Here’s how toget started.
  • Think chamber mixer. What is the first thing you do when you go to a chamber mixer? Someone always says, get a drink! Yes, but really it’s to introduce ourselves to someone new. Do you say, “Hey, buy my stuff!”? Social media is not any different. Philosophy is the same – you meet new people, you ask questions, and you listen. You decide if you ‘re going to be friends, if you can do business together or if you have be a referral source for one another.
  • Traditional marketing tells us the more people we have access to, the more they will hear our message. Wrong! You can pay a service to give you fans. The key is to start conservations, networking and building relationships. Think of the guy at the chamber mixer who everyone hates to see coming their way and they avoid because they are stuck listening to how great he is and never asks questions about you. He takes your card and then spams your constantly.
  • We all want to do business with people we like. It doesn’t matter if you have 30 followers of 30,000.
  • Do this yourself for your business, get trained or hire someone to do it. Have a process. Social media is instant. It’s immediate and not much of an approval process.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Step into the Social Media Lounge: Michelle Kane
    • 2. Twitter.Microblogging. 140 characters = really 125.2006.Twitter is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now.
    • 3. Real time communication and help.Sharing short updates and links to relevant news.Public collaboration and conversation.
    • 4. For Business?Oh yes.Ask and answer questions.Inform customers.Announce prized and promotions.Handle complaints.Grow your business.
    • 5. Has Twitter reached a plateau? Notreally. ~90 million US active users per month as of January 2011  ~40 million users in July 2010
    • 6. Ashton Kutcher has more than three million followers on micro blogging site Twitter, but that’s not a compelling reason to tweet. You should tweet because it’s a simple and effective way to blast out messages to your customers. Twitter helps you gain exposure for your blog, market products and services, answer questions from potential customers, seek out potential business partners, announce events, share interesting articles and encourage customers to share information about your business with their followers.
    • 7. But you can’t say all that in Twitter.
    • 8. Twitterized:Twitter is awesome for my business! Inspiring read.
    • 9. Tools for Smart People Biography which links to website Questions – what do you think? Signposting – help followers find cool stuff Conversation – hey, let’s chat and I can help Retweeting – what you said is awesome Replying – public conversationEngaging.
    • 10. When things go wrong
    • 11. Social media is relationships; it’s not selling.
    • 12. Don’t measure social media success by only number of followers, fans, and connections.Social media is not traditional marketing.
    • 13. Provide valuable content.Start conversations.Listen.Engage as a human.Build relationships.
    • 14. Transparency.
    • 15. Five reasons to do this A lot of people are already doing it. A lot of people are not doing it. Networking. Thought leadership. Revenue.Your target audience. Your professional growth.
    • 16. Michelle blackhillspr(605) 639-0427