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2012-2013 Bluebonnet Award Nominees
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2012-2013 Bluebonnet Award Nominees


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  • 1. Texas Bluebonnet Award- nominees 2012-2013
  • 2. Aliens on VacationWhat would you do if yourgrandmother was secretlyan alien? This is what Scrubrealizes when he goes tovisit her for the summer ather bed and breakfast! Shehas secretly been helpingAliens hide as humans, andallowing them to use herbedrooms as portals toEarth! She is in desperateneed of Scrubs help, or herB&B will shut down! ReadAliens on Vacation to find ifhe helps her!
  • 3. Benjamin Franklinstein Lives! Victor Godwin is an awesome scientist who has just realized that everyone has been wrong for the last 200+ years! Benjamin Franklin is still alive!! He is living in Victor’s basement in suspended animation!! Victor desperately wants to win his school science fair, and who better to help him? Read this hilarious story to see what happens when Victor brings Ben back to reality!
  • 4. Escape Under the Forever Sky! Young Lucy isliving in Ethiopia withher mother, the USambassador to thecountry. She iskidnapped and heldagainst her will. Readthis to find out whathappens and if shemakes her way home!
  • 5. Just Being Audrey Audrey Hepburn was an amazing actress and a fashion icon. She had an incredibly difficult childhood, growing up during World War II. Read this story of this amazing woman to learn exactly how brave she truly was.
  • 6. The Cheshire Cheese Cat This funny tale is about the unlikely partnership between a cat and a mouse. The two are sharing the same home at the Ye Old Cheshire Cheese Inn. Read what happens when the two are involved in a situation that could ruin the peace of the entire British Empire!
  • 7. Thunder BirdsThunderbirds is a beautifulnon fiction story about manyof the large birds we seetoday! There are life size,fold out images of thesebirds in the book, as well asmany fascinating facts. Youwill be amazed at the beautyof this book!
  • 8. Hero
  • 9. Ruth and the Green Book This is the story of Ruth and her family as they make their way to see family in Alabama. Life in the south is much different than they are used to. People are mean, and they are not allowed many places. On the journey Ruth discovers “The Green Book”. This book truly saves her family and helps them through their journey. Read Ruth and the Green Book to see exactly how the book becomes so important to them.
  • 10. Scarum Fair This book of poems takes you through a spooky night at the Scarum Fair! Ride rides such as the Scary Go Round and the Teacup Terror! What a spooky and silly night you will have reading Scarum Fair!
  • 11. Hot Diggity DogDo you lovehotdogs? Whodoesn’t!! Thisbook will tell youeverything youhave everywanted, or notwanted, to knowabout thedelicious food!
  • 12. EllRay Jakes is NOT a Chicken There is a trip to Disney land on the line and EllRay Jakes is not going to let the biggest kid in class, Jared, ruin his chances at going. All he has to do is not get into trouble for one whole week, but Jared will not make it easy! Read EllRay Jakes is NOT a Chicken to see if he makes it on his trip!
  • 13. Misty Gordon and the Mystery of the Ghost Pirates
  • 14. Clever Jack Takes the Cake Poor Jack is just trying to take the princess a birthday gift! On his way to the castle he runs into many misfortunes! Will he make it to the castle with a gift for the princess, or will he show up empty? Read Clever Jack Takes the Cake to find
  • 15. Wonderstruck
  • 16. Zita the Spacegirl
  • 17. Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie
  • 18. Hamster MagicBe careful what you wish for is thelesson little Celia learns in HamsterMagic. She is the smallest memberof her family, and because of this isalways teased. When she learnsher pet hamster is magical, shewishes for him to make her bigger.He does, but he makes her a biggerhamster!! Read this cute and funnystory to find out if Celia is able toturn herself back into a little girl!
  • 19. Under the Mambo MoonOn summer nights Marisol helps out in her fathers music storeand chats with the customers who arrive throughout theevening. In a dazzling array of poetry, each customer tells of afavorite form of Latin dance or music—from salsa to tango tothe cha-cha-cha. Back matter includes a map, an authors note,and further information about the diverse musical heritage ofLatin America.
  • 20. Postcards from CampHave you ever tried tospend the night out only torealize you wanted to gohome? Imagine beingaway at summer camp fora week and feeling thisway! This story is acollection of postcards thatMichael is writing to hisdad about his experienceat camp! This is a funny,must read for all who haveever spent the night awayfrom home!
  • 21. Play, Louis, Play Get a different view of what it was like growing up with Louis Armstrong. This biography tells the wonderful story of a musical icon’s childood. Louis Armstrong is known for his amazing Jazz. This is the story of how he became the legend that he is today, from the point