She Came Home To Pick Her Clothes For The Evening
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She Came Home To Pick Her Clothes For The Evening






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She Came Home To Pick Her Clothes For The Evening Document Transcript

  • 1. She came home to pick her clothes for the evening. Elzear followed her up to the room.
    “Hi sweetheart” she went & hugged him “I missed on you this morning”
    “I heard you had dropped by”
    “Sure did. Was missing everyone, especially you” she smiled at him then turned to her closet
    “But you didn’t wait for me” he snapped
    “I had to get to the office”
    “Hmm…work is more important.”
    She decided to ignore that.
    “When are you coming home?”
    “I’ll consider after I make a trip to Paris”
    “Consider?” his brows shot up
    She browsed unable to really focus on what she was really looking for.
    He pressed his arm on the wardrobe door to face her closely “What happened that night?”
    “Leave it Elzear. Past is over & gone”
    “You slept with Alan didn’t you?”
    He waited for her to say something then continued “I heard from Jake you ignored Alan today.”
    “Jake is senseless”
    “Jake can be an idiot but his gossip helps a lot of times. You slept with Alan-Yes or No?”
    “What if it’s a yes?” she didn’t face him, afraid to tell him the truth
    “You deserve the punishment”
    “What if it’s a no?” Vanessa swallowed a lump of emotion avoiding Elzear altogether
    “It’s written on your face you did! Why when I warned you not to!” He shouted “Who are you going with today? It must be important that you came here to find something!”
    Vanessa shot a glance at his angry face with disappointment of his behavior.
    “You were out last night as well. How many men do you need?!!!” he screamed
    She trembled with emotion. Tears welling up in her eyes but she quickly took control over herself. ‘Even he thinks I’m sleeping around’ she saddened but didn’t respond.
    “Who are you going with today? I have a right to know my future father.” He waited for a response breathing deeply, infuriated “This is your life” he hit his fist against the closet door “Like this bloody closet. LOCKED! You open it alittle every time pull out a new look & shut it tight so the demons don’t escape! Every time it’s a new face with a new act. Every time it’s beautiful but it’s untouchable, it’s never shared. Then it’s put behind the lock again! Don’t your golden awards look wonderful set in artistic selves!” his tone severely caustic “Shall I make one life size & gift to you for your talent? Will it satisfy your drive for success? Can you then be human for a moment?” he emphasized with hand gestures
    She looked at the floor, fighting hard to check the tears, holding the sleeve of the clothes she’d held when he hit the fist.
    “Let me see you cry or does it hurt your pride? I want to see my mother was human”
    She spun her head in his direction, tears in the eyes “What have I done that you both hate me so much? Haven’t I given you everything anyone could possibly give?!”
    “Your life is full of lies. You tell me something & others another! Ira fled to Florida? Why can’t you tell the people who raised her that she’s a junkie? Why can’t you tell them you never gave her enough attention that she turned to the wrong crowd for love? You weren’t ever a mother you were just a successful actress & a successful business woman! People knew us as your children, not by our names. Sure, we had a nurse or a doctor to see us when we fell sick but where was that mother’s lap or hand to comfort? Why were those business calls more important than the applause for winning a trophy for sports? When you only wanted work, you should’ve left the maternity to someone else too. You didn’t do anyone a favor bringing us in this world!”
    The tears hadn’t fallen still. ‘Ungrateful children’ she thought shaking her head in disbelief.
    “I disapprove of your behavior” she scolded.
    “Alan would have more right than you to comment on my bring up! And I’m behaving this way because I am sick of your office. I am tired of your business. I am bored with your acting & I am fed up of your lies.
    All the years, we have been up for discussion but your life is still a secret. I don’t even know who your friends are but your Meetings never end. I’ve never met anyone but every week you’re out on a date. Do the diamonds, clothes worth $10,000 & expensive cars define you or do you have a personality? Don’t I have a right to know YOU or was I just selected naturally to handle your finances?”
    “Elzear, just leave me alone” she protested.
    “Oh yea you must be getting late for your date!” he rolled his eyes.
    “I said… leave me alone, please” her tone was stiff
    “You are ALONE!” he replied annoyed “Just pray it’s not forever! I’m actually happy for Ira to leave this place. Will we get an invitation to your wedding or shall I drop by unofficially to visit my step sibling when it comes around?!”
    “Just go before I slap you” she had her back towards him & was losing her temper.
    “I’ll go. Just don’t call me next time to manage the finances but if you need a SON, you know where to reach me” he angrily left the room.
    She felt the urge to cry out loud but only the floating tears rolled down. She weakly browsed through the dresses. She had walked in happily even tolerated the room but Elzear spoilt everything. She wanted to cancel the date with Brandon, but decided against it, knowing she would end up sitting home & drinking.
    She slid the entire wardrobe door & stood looking at the clothes. ‘There’s nothing to hide here’ she thought aloud, finding it hard to see through the freshly risen tears. She sat & buried her face in the palms crying her heart out. The only person she felt on her side had deserted her as well. ‘Why? Why? Why?’ She simply couldn’t understand why her family always turned against her. Initially it was John. The time he fell in love in Michelle, Vanessa seemed the uncaring one though she placed him above everything & she was aware that if he had to take pick one, she wouldn’t be it. Next in line was Ira. Now it was Elzear.
    “I really should’ve stayed single” she cursed her life. She sat back in the couch with her arms crossed over her thighs thinking about where she was going wrong. She couldn’t digest the fact that Elzear called her a bad mother. She felt they were being unfair. She hadn’t ever been disloyal but she was constantly accused of it. She had been there to support the children when needed while managing other affairs along. She had put her work behind them but when they grew up she let them take their own decisions. She hated to become a nagging parent. She disliked pestering even as a wife but she had to fight to keep her position. She gave them everything she possibly could but in the end always heard that she’d left them.
    “To hell with them! Everyone’s dead to me!” she threw her arms up in exasperation. She swallowed her tears for another minute then scanned through the clothes contemplating the idea of moving out all together. She decided to pack her things & leave permanently the day after. She was living for the children & now that they were gone, she could live independently. She checked the time, she really was late. She took out a pearly white short dress & matching pearl accessories & shoes. It had a short fur coat to make it formal. It was something she could pull off if they planned on extending the time.
    She quickly dressed up & got to his place. He was anxiously waiting, himself in semi-formal too.
    “Hi” he jumped in with her in the back seat as the car stopped.
    She smiled back to see him so happy “hello”
    “Wow!” he noted her dressing “I haven’t seen you in white & I haven’t seen you in such a short dress before. I must be dreaming”
    She just winked at him, feelings a bit conscious especially as he noted her legs.
    “Sorry for being late & secondly for not bringing the Mercedes-that was Elzear’s birthday gift & he was out riding it today”
    “It’s alright. I don’t mind as long as I got to see you I’m more than happy” he stared at her like a puppy dog craving attention. Vanessa felt a little awkward, being more mature in her approaches.
    “Why don’t’ you lean back & relax?”
    “Yes, sure” he finally tried to appear calm but his excitement couldn’t be contained. He noted her bracelet & all the rings on her fingers wondering bout their costs.
    “You still wear your wedding ring?”
    “This one” She showed him.
    He smiled. “I almost thought you’d forgotten me.”
    “You’ll become un forgettable in a while”
    “Today??” he exclaimed
    “I meant career” amending the statement, wondering if he had something else in mind “What’s the new role about anyways?”
    “Well, I’m not exactly sure of the idea but they’re doing some Shakespearean theme.”
    “You didn’t check your exact role & dialogues?”
    “Ummm… no. I was waiting to first decide whether I wanted it or not”
    “It should’ve been the other way around. It’s alright you’ll get the hang of it.”
    “Forget that. Tell me about you. I’d wanted to know what’s occupying your life”
    “Work majorly. You know how boring we elders are.” Somehow she wasn’t enjoying the company
    “You’re not boring”
    “Happy birthday…forgot to wish you” she changed the subject
    “Thank you. It’s the best one ever”
    “You had some other plan before I called?”
    “No” he shook his head
    “What are you doing nowadays besides acting?”
    “You quit your studies without the degree?”
    “Yeah. Can’t cope with both”
    “That’s not good. I finished mine despite a full time career.”
    “Well I’m not as smart as you”
    “It’s hard work not brains” she glared outside, displeased.
    He noticed her change in attitude & decided to be more careful ahead. She was a woman of great drive & appreciated quality in life. For a few moments she was distracted thinking bout herself, her husband & the kids. She & John had worked hard & kids were the opposite.
    “What’s Elzear upto?”
    “He’s planning on going to Harvard for business studies”
    There was a moment’s silence between them. She faced away from the window back to him.
    “You seem distracted today, somewhat upset. Is everything alright?”
    She smiled again “No. Nothing”
    “You’ve really researched for this day.” He exclaimed quite pleased.
    “If you invite someone you should take the time to find out their preferences”
    “Cool. I’ve got much to learn from you. Why’d you constantly turn down my offers before?”
    She shrugged “There’s a right time for things, don’t you think?”
    He nodded his head weakly & continued to finish his pastry. “Don’t you wanna try this?” he offered her a spoon.
    “No dear” she looked at her watch It was nearing 6.20. He scrutinized her arms as she’d placed her elbows on the table. She had taken off the coat & placed it over her chair when they had seated. The dress itself was sleeveless. He couldn’t stop admiring everything she was or had adorned. He was so absorbed in her that he had finished the coffee which he personally disliked.
    “I need to go for bout 10mins, is it possible for you to wait here?” Vanessa picked up her coat & asked him
    “You’ll come back?”
    “Can I come with you?”
    “I won’t be long. I promise” she gave him a smile & walked out
    He sighed. He was trying hard to impress her but it wasn’t working at all.
    She quickly got in her car & drove away knowing that his friends would be coming anytime. She didn’t want her car in sight knowing Elzear she would get cornered.
    Elzear brought everyone to the same café & they sneaked up on him while he sat downcast playing with the fork on the table worrying if she would actually return.
    “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” They screamed & then clapped when he got startled.
    “Ah so he dumped us for a lady!” Elzear notified the rest lifting up the coffee mug with the lipstick at the edge. For a moment he noted that the print was very similar to Vanessa’s but let it pass. It wasn’t possible.
    He blushed embarrassed.
    “Where’s the golden lady?” Elzear nudged him teasing.
    “No fair, we didn’t know you had a girlfriend” another one spoke.
    “I don’t. She’s just a neighbor girl I met recently. Thought we should meet up”
    Brandon quickly got the mugs to be taken away, worried that Elzear found something suspicious.
    They shifted to a larger table & placed their orders, everyone giving him gifts.