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Capital Punishment
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Capital Punishment

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  • 1. Capital Punishment By Daniel Southard
  • 2. The Death Penalty
    • When someone is on Death-row, they are held in cells until it is their time to be executed for committing horrible crimes.
  • 3. History of the Punishment
    • First recorded death penalty: Code of Hammurabi.
    • Brought to U.S. by Britain when colonized.
    • Penalty under constant scrutiny.
  • 4. History Cont…
    • 1972 death penalty suspended: statutes considered “cruel and unusual”
    • violating the eighth amendment.
    • States rewrote statutes to eliminate the problem
  • 5. Types of Execution
    • Many different types of execution including electric chair, lethal injection, hanging, firing squad, and gas chamber.
    • Visit http://deathpenaltycurriculum.org to see which states offer these reparations.
  • 6. Compasion?…No
    • Many people believe it is unethical to execute someone and that it’s an injustice. I disagree, the death penalty is a crime deterrent, gives families retribution for loved ones, and helps prevent recidivism. It would be an injustice to abolish the penalty.
  • 7. Deterrent
    • If people don’t have anything to fear they will do as they please. Capital punishment makes people think twice.
  • 8. Retribution
    • If someone in your family were murdered, would you want that person to be punished?
    • I would.
  • 9. Recidivism
    • When a dog gets into the hen house it has to be put down because it will continue to do it.
    • Could the same not apply to humans?
  • 10. Solution
    • The best solution to stopping the injustice of putting an end to capital punishment is to go out and vote for the legislatures that keep it running.