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Education K–12 IT Solutions
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Education K–12 IT Solutions


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Affordable and easy ways to improve the learning environment and prepare your school for the IT needs of tomorrow.

Affordable and easy ways to improve the learning environment and prepare your school for the IT needs of tomorrow.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Education K–12 Solutions K–12 IT Solutions BLACK BOX ® Affordable and easy ways to improve the learning environment and prepare your school for the IT needs of tomorrow. Earn an A+ with the right technology for your school.Digital KVM extension Enterprise wireless system Network and physical security ServSwitch™ Agility SmartPath™ Veri-NAC™ and LockPORT™
  • 2. School Logo Recorded Video or Class Registration Live TV Feed Queue Advisory Weather Forecast Get the right tools, tips, andRSS Ticker Loop from School’s technology to help you build, Web Site manage, extend, and secure your network. ICOMP Series Award-Winning SolutionsiCOMPEL™ Digital Signage and Emergency Maximize your technology investments.Notification You need to get the most from your budget as you upgradeThe easiest way to alert and inform students and expand your network. Let the experts at Black Box helpand staff. by designing, sourcing, and implementing innovative solutions• For affordably creating, distributing, and managing content. including:• Can be set up to play video, live TV, and Web content, including • Access control • Laptop/notebook/CPU storage RSS feeds, in individual zones within a single screen. • Cyber security • Network security• Easy to integrate. Plug into a network, and control and update via a standard Web browser. • Data centers/cooling • Wireless mobility• Integrated hardware/software devices. Include all the • Digital KVM extension • Wireless collaboration drag-and-drop design and scheduling software you need. • Digital signage and presentationFREE updates, no ongoing licensing fees, plus FREE layoutsto customize with your school’s logo. more Videos, Webinars, Demos, Case Studies, White font: calibri regular Papers: SpaceGAIN™ Cables and Panels info Make the most out of the space you have.Wireless Collaboration and VideoPresentation System III • Space-saving solutions for high-density infrastructures, crowded cabinets,Keep your students engaged. and tight desktops.• nables up to 254 users to wirelessly E • 90° Right-Angle Patch Cables and Angled EVNSL24E-0001-90DD send their computer video and audio Patch Panels reduce cabling congestion in to a projector from where they sit —  crowded cabinets. up to 300 feet (91.4 m) away.* • Ideal for retrofitting cabinets.• Supports the latest in 802.11n Wi-Fi devices.• Works with both PC and Mac® computers. Gain up to 4 of valuable cabling space. Award-Winning SolutionsGet students involved in presentations — up to254 users can access the system. more Video, Brochure: font: calibri regular* NOTE: Distance possible in optimum conditions. info AC1132A more Video, Case Study, Data Sheet: font: calibri regular info Laptop, Notebook, and Tablet Carts Store, protect, and charge students’LockPORT™ Security Patch Cables laptops overnight.and Port Locks • Easy to roll from classroom to classroom.Keep students from tampering • Built-in power strips and vented for cooling.with critical connections. • Translucent door, so you can perform a visual inventory while still keeping contents secure.• Prevent unauthorized network access. • Durable and guaranteed for life. C6UR-KL-STR-6INBL• Stop accidental disconnects. Mobile, secure, and built to last!• Lock unused network ports.LockPORT cables and locks stay in — until YOU take them out. more Video demo: font: calibri regular info NBC20S series more Video, Brochure: font: calibri regular info Call us at 724-746-5500 for free application engineering supp
  • 3. ACR1002A-T ACR1002A-R ServSwitch™ Agility Go farther, do more, with digital KVM extension over IP. • Flexible topology for KVM extension: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, multicasting, and more. • Delivers perfect digital video with no loss. • No-loss compression minimizes bandwidth use. • Possible applications for healthcare, broadcast production, Use our library of tips and tools to help you and digital signage. achieve your technology goals. Visit for white papers, case more Brochure, Applications: font: calibri regular info studies, videos, webinars, buyers guides, product configurators, and more. White Papers SmartPath™ Enterprise Wireless Manage all Digital Signage for K–12 Get fast, reliable wireless that’s simpler system APs The Basics of Network Access Control and more affordable to deploy. from the • Easily integrate an 802.11n wireless system cloud! Case Studies Lake Highland Preparatory School into your network. Florida School District • Offers the speed, security, and stability of a wired network. • Intelligent APs automatically adjust for Complete Enclosure and Cooling Solutions traffic, interference, and power conditions. Stretch your budget—no expensive controllers to buy! more White Papers, Brochure: LWN602A font: calibri regular info Go green. Fiber Solutions and ETL-Verified CATx Channels Guaranteed for life, guaranteed performance, guaranteed genuine cable. Complete Enclosure and Cooling Solutions OLUT S E AB LY Use Cold Front™ passive liquid cooling at the rack level and cut cooling FO and power costs by up to 50%. R LIFE • Heat-Transfer Doors neutralize heat at the source and the Coolant Management System intelligently moves water through the doors. • Cold Front has no moving parts, so it operates reliably with virtually no maintenance. • It supports five times the computing power of air-cooled facilities. ClimateCab™ enables you to install equipment without the need for additional cooling or costly infrastructure. • The cabinets protect equipment against falling dirt, circulating dust, lint, and debris, and dripping or splashing liquids in indoor environments. • Choose from models with an included AC unit or order the AC CAT5e/6/6A SM, MM, and Security Locking SpaceGAIN™ Right unit separately to match your specifications. Channel Solutions 10-GbE Fiber CAT5e/6 or Fiber Angle CAT5e/6 Solutions. Patch Cable Patch Cables • Many models are NEMA 12 rated. Add cabinets as you add computing power so you don’t pay for more Videos, Product Brochures, Specifications and Submittal font: calibri regular infrastructure that you don’t need. info Brochures, White Papers, Buyers Guides, Podcasts, Cable Selectors: more Brochures, White Papers, Buyers Guides, Webinars: regular font: calibri info and, and to learn more, schedule a demo, or place an order.
  • 4. Case Study Industry: EducationLane County Head StartProject: Network access control;prevent unauthorized devices and completelyrestrict the networkMajor challenges: Large network with 19 subnets and renters;Linux and Windows Award-Winning SolutionsThe background Most important, it had to free his people from the endless The Head Start organization of Lane County, Oregon provides hours of tedious troubleshooting. They needed a solution thatcomprehensive developmental services to the county’s low-income would provide them with real-time actionable information andpreschool children, ages three to five, and social services for their instantly pinpoint anomalies, incursions, and unauthorized access.families. Stiner chose Veri-NAC™ network access control appliances from To provide its vital services to families all across the county, Lane Black Box, initially implementing one 5400 model and two 5250County Head Start maintains 19 separate facilities. The IT network models. The Veri-NAC appliances allow only authorized devicesconnecting all these sites is large and complex, with more than 250 to access the Lane County network. Veri-NAC validates that eachnodes, 19 firewalls, and numerous servers and routers, including some connected machine complies with requirements specified by Stiner’sthat belong to third-party Internet service providers (ISPs) like Comcast. team, including operating system and configuration. It also provides the IT team with much-needed real-time insight into everything thatA formidable challenge is happening on the Veri-NAC monitored network. Mel Stiner, the information services manager for Lane County According to Stiner, the installation was simple, straightforward,Head Start, is responsible for managing this complicated network and fast, with no disruption of network operations. The Black Boxand ensuring that it’s always up and running smoothly. He’s also support group walked Lane County’s IT team through theresponsible for network security at all 19 sites, which presents a configuration and system menus over the phone, and the teamformidable challenge. was good to go. “The staff at all of our facilities relies on our network and theapplications that run on it to do their jobs, so keeping the network Delivering tangible benefits every day “Veri-NAC is easy and intuitive to use, and it gives us everythingsecure is critical,” explained Stiner. “An unauthorized device plugging we need in a single product. It tells us when a node is plugged intointo the network can wreak havoc. For example, someone plugged the net, it alerts us to vulnerabilities so we can solve the problemin an unauthorized router that issued its own IP addresses to different proactively, and—one of the biggest time savers — it weeds out falsenodes, which brought down all of the printers on the network.” positives, so we can concentrate on addressing the real issues that According to Stiner, it usually took hours of searching to find the arise,” commented Stiner.source of a problem like this and fix it. “We could see on the firewall Each Lane County site on the network has its own sub-net with itsthat something unauthorized was there, but we had no insight into own IP address schema. Now, if an untrusted device tries to plug intothe nature of the security problem or where it was occurring. It could the network, Veri-NAC automatically locks it out, whether it’s a server,be a simple device issue, a rogue desktop or router plugging in, or router, desktop, laptop, or wireless device. Veri-NAC also identifies thesomeone infiltrating the network. We literally had to search through exact IP address and location of the access attempt, so the IT teamthe entire network for the physical item causing the security breach.” can tell at a glance that there’s a problem, know precisely where it’s Over time, the problems were becoming more frequent and harder occurring, and instantly zero in on the trace. All of Lane County Head Start’s 19 sites are networked One of the first things Stiner did with Veri-NAC was run an audittogether to a main switch. Some of its facilities rent out unused office of Head Start’s critical servers. He was stunned when Veri-NACspace to other groups, which opens new security risks. People were just discovered that anyone could log into any server with a null login,plugging their own laptops into any open port and going on-line. This giving them free reign to access the network resources and even stealgave them open access and the freedom to probe within the network. data — a critical hole in security that had to be plugged immediately.Reducing vulnerability and controlling network access Locking out unauthorized devices that can jeopardize networkwith Veri-NAC. operations is vitally important, but there’s more to network security for Increasingly concerned about network vulnerability, Stiner decided Lane County Head Start. It deals with families and young children, andto look for a solution to help his IT team manage network access control as a result, it has a lot of sensitive personal data in its systems that mustand minimize security risks. Going into the evaluation process, he be protected.identified several key selection criteria. “I can’t say enough good things about Veri-NAC. We haven’t First, he needed a solution that could handle a mix of Linux® found anything yet that Veri-NAC can’t do when it comes to ensuringand Windows® boxes equally well. It had to be easy for his team network security. It’s a fantastic product,” concluded learn and use. 724-746-5500 |