BBM Social Platform and App Monetization


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BlackBerry Messenger is an incredibly popular app that is becoming a social platform. With the BBM Social Platform, developers can leverage the millions of connected users to spread their applications virally and further monetize their apps.

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BBM Social Platform and App Monetization

  1. 1. BlackBerry Messenger SocialPlatform & App Monetization on BlackBerry 1
  2. 2. BBM Social Platform 2
  3. 3. BlackBerry Messenger Community•35+ million global BBM subscribers• >60% Global penetration amongst BlackBerry subs• >1.5 million new users per month• >2 thousand new users per hour•130% growth in BBM subs over past year•BBM community is there when it counts• 300% lift in traffic after winning goal at World Cup finals
  4. 4. BBM Today BBM Tomorrow Chat, Media, Chat Gaming, LBS, VoIP, Video, Commerce
  5. 5. BBM Social Platform DefinitionA New Breed of Social Consumer & Enterprise Apps•The BBM Social Platform is a comprehensive suite of APIsthat provide access to BBM data and functionality:• Contact list, group membership, user profile• Chat, file and data transfer, invitations• The beta is released!
  6. 6. Elasitas SampleGameMachi• In-chat games are simple, addictive, text-based games• Dice• Russian Roulette• Head or Tail• High Low Card• Rock Paper Scissors• Playing in-chat games is as simple as chatting in BBM• Simple text based commands needed to play the games
  7. 7. BlackBerry Payment Service 7
  8. 8. BlackBerry Payment Service•Earn money selling digital goods from within your app• Freemium/ Paid upgrades• Unlock features or add-ons• Pay per use• Subscriptions•Simple and easy to utilize• Integrate payment flow into your app• Manage digital goods via the vendor portal• 70% Revenue share for developer•Secure, fast, consistent purchasing for BlackBerry ID users• Use PayPal, carrier billing or credit card
  9. 9. BlackBerry Payment Service• Integrating with the BlackBerry Payment Servicepublic PaymentServiceScreen() {…public void run() {try { PurchaseArgumentsBuilder arguments = new PurchaseArgumentsBuilder() .withDigitalGoodSku("abc123") .withDigitalGoodName("Adventures of a BlackBerry Java Developer") .withPurchasingAppName("Classic eBooks") .withMetadata("ISBN 34560202010"); Purchase purchase = PaymentEngine.getInstance().purchase(;} catch (PaymentException e) {Dialog.inform(e.getMessage());}}…}
  10. 10. BlackBerry Payment Service• The call PaymentEngine.purchase() launches BlackBerry App World to start the purchase process• This call is blocking• Successful purchase will result in: • Purchase object being returned • Your content server being notified of the purchase (optional)• Unsuccessful purchase will result in an exception being thrown
  11. 11. BlackBerry Payment ServiceWhat can I sell? What can’t I sell?•Digital Content •Virtual Currencies• eBooks, magazines, photos, •In-app Credits artwork, or digital property •Physical Goods or Services•Additional Functionality •Digital Goods across Multiple Apps• new features, levels, characters, or games•Dynamic Content & Services• video streaming, voice transcription
  12. 12. BlackBerry Payment Service •Digital goods are associated with individual apps in the BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal •Requires App World 2.1
  13. 13. BlackBerry Advertising Service 13
  14. 14. BlackBerry Advertising Service• An open and transparent platform to enable developers to generate ad revenue• Integrate ad support into your application with just a few lines of code.• Innovative ad units with advanced measurement and analytic support:• Click to App World• Click to Rich Media
  15. 15. BlackBerry Advertising Service Mediation Platform 60%Revenue Share With Developer
  16. 16. BlackBerry Advertising Service• Add Advertising Service with only 3 lines of code//Create a banner object by passing it my application//placement ID and null as we are not leveraging metadataBanner bannerAd = new Banner(MY_APID, null);//Sets the size of the banner ad that specified in thebannerSize integer value.bannerAd.setMMASize(Banner.MMA_SIZE_AUTO);//Adds the banner ad to the screenadd(bannerAd);
  17. 17. BlackBerry Advertising Service• Provide metadata by passing in a hashtable of key/value// add metadataHashtable metadata = new Hashtable();metadata.put("age", "24");Banner banner = new Banner(MY_APID, metadata);
  18. 18. BlackBerry Advertising Service• The APID is a unique identifier• You will receive one for each application that you register• Metadata is passed to the ad service using hash tables• Age, gender, marital status, location, and more are standardized• Banner is a field that can be added to almost any screen• Additional customizations are possible• Setting the default background image• Manually selecting a banner size
  19. 19. BlackBerry Advertising Service -Portal• Analyze advertising metrics via the web portal
  20. 20. BlackBerry Advertising Service• New version released on March 14, 2011 • 6.0 support! • Simplified build process! • No more unique libraries
  21. 21. BlackBerry Analytics Service 21
  22. 22. BlackBerry Analytics Service What areWho is using they doing my app? with my app?How long do How many they spend people usewith my app? my app? When are Where are they using my users? my app?
  23. 23. BlackBerry Analytics Service•Why Are Analytics Important• Improve your App • Market your App • Know your users ̶ Maximize ad yield • Refine app experience ̶ Target up-sells • Prioritize feature additions ̶ Cross Promotions Better Apps = Happier users = more $$$
  24. 24. BlackBerry Analytics Service• Extend WebtrendsUiApplication instead of UiApplication• Initialize the Analytics Service:public class AnalyticsApp extends WebTrendsUiApplication { ... public static void main(String[] args) { WebtrendsConfigurator.LoadConfigFile( "net.rimlabs.AnalyticsScreen","webtrends.xml"); WebtrendsDataCollector.getInstance().Initialize(); ServicesLab app = new ServicesLab(); app.enterEventDispatcher(); }}
  25. 25. BlackBerry Analytics Service• WebtrendsUiApplication and WebtrendsApplication extend UiApplication and Application to provide instrumentation to automatically report the following application events:• Application Start• Application Foreground• Application Background• Application exits require you to manually implement onApplicationTerminate()
  26. 26. BlackBerry Analytics Service• Implement fieldChangeNotify() to add a custom event that will be collected by the service:protected void fieldChangeNotify(int context) { super.fieldChangeNotify(context); Hashtable customData2 = new Hashtable(); customData2.put("testparam01", "testparamvalue01"); try { WebtrendsDataCollector.getInstance().onButtonClick( "/events/SampleClicky01", "SampleClickEvent01", "click", customData2); } catch (IllegalWebtrendsParameterValueException e) { try { WebtrendsDataCollector.getInstance().onApplicationError( "/MyApplication/ActivityWhereErrorOccurred",null); } catch (IllegalWebtrendsParameterValueException e1) {}} Dialog.alert("This click was registered by the Webtrends analytics engine");}
  27. 27. BlackBerry Analytics ServiceExplanation• onButtonClick parameters:String eventPath Specifies the hierarchical representation of an application view at the time of the event. For example, this parameter can specify an application pathString eventDescr Specifies the representation of an application view at the time of the event. For example, this parameter can specify the name of a screenString eventType Specifies the type of event that occurred, such as a view or clickHashtable customData Specifies a series of custom name-value parameters used to pass data thats not included in the method
  28. 28. BlackBerry Analytics ServiceOther events• Events that you can measure and report on:• On Ad Click • On Conversion Event• On Ad Impression • On Custom Event• On Application Error • On Media Event• On Application Terminate • On Product View• On Button Click • In-Application Search• On Content View
  29. 29. BlackBerry Analytics Service• Easily analyze your data using the web portal
  30. 30. BlackBerry App World 30
  31. 31. History• Launched April 1, 2009 in the US, Canada, and the UK• Expanded to 10 additional countries on July 31, 2009• Added localization support for French, Italian, German, and Spanish• PayPal is only supported payment method• Expanded distribution to LATAM and APAC Fall 2009• Added localization support for Brazilian Portuguese
  32. 32. History• Launched BlackBerry App World Server 2.0 in April 2010• Backend support for BlackBerry ID, carrier and credit card billing• BlackBerry App World 2.0 launched August 2010• Support for BlackBerry ID, carrier billing, credit card and PayPal billing in over 70 countries world wide and 21 currencies• BlackBerry App World 2.0 Web Storefront Launch Oct 2010• Buy, download, and manage your apps from on the web• New $0.99 and $1.99 price tiers
  33. 33. History• Launched BlackBerry App World Server 2.1 in Nov 2010• Backend support for BlackBerry Payment Service , BlackBerry PlayBook App submissions and localized feature carousel• BlackBerry App World 2.1 launched February 2011• Support for in-app purchases• Localized “Featured” Content
  34. 34. Key Statistics• 2 million Average Daily Downloads• 35 million Downloads of App World client• Available in 101 Countries and Territories• 21 Currencies• 6 Languages –(English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese)• Over 20,000 apps available for download or purchase• 3 million application downloads per day
  35. 35. Growth in Sales • Credit Card and Carrier Billing introduced in August 2010 to add to consumer payment method options • 82% increase in gross sales with launch of AT&T carrier billing in App World 2.0 • Working with our carrier partners to expand support for carrier billing
  36. 36. Market Opportunities APAC•App sales launched in 57 additional 7% EMEA 21%countries on August 19, 2010 NA LATAM 67% 5%•Indonesia ranks 5th, Mexico ranks 8th, andAustralia ranks 10th for global sales afterless than 30 days Ran•LATAM and APAC consumers are growing k Country Paid Apps Launchesopportunities for revenue 1 2 United States United Kingdom April 1, 2009 April 1, 2009 3 Canada April 1, 2009•New countries in the top 25 4 France July 31, 2009 5 Indonesia August 19, 2010 • Australia, South Africa, India, Turkey, 6 Germany July 31, 2009 Brazil, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, 7 Italy July 31, 2010 8 Mexico August 19, 2010 Switzerland, South Korea, Thailand, 9 Netherlands July 31, 2009 Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador 10 Australia August 19, 2010
  37. 37. BlackBerry App World• Now FREE to register as a vendor• Now FREE to submit apps and upgrades• NO NOTARY REQUIRED
  38. 38. BlackBerry App WorldSubmission Walkthrough 38
  39. 39. App World Submission Walk Through
  40. 40. App World Submission Walk Through
  41. 41. App World Submission Walk Through
  42. 42. App World Submission Walk Through
  43. 43. App World Submission Walk Through
  44. 44. App World Submission Walk Through
  45. 45. Summary1. Deploy your app to BlackBerry App World to reach to over 33 million active users2. Easily leverage the BlackBerry Advertising Service with only a few lines of code3. Expand your revenue potential with in-app purchases using the BlackBerry Payment Service4. Learn how customers use your application using the BlackBerry Analytics Service5. Become a vendor, submit an app and implement all these services quickly, easily and for FREE!
  46. 46. For More Information• BlackBerry App World•• BlackBerry Advertising Service•• BlackBerry Payment Service•• BlackBerry Analytics Service•