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Time Management Webinar - Become a Time Ninja
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Time Management Webinar - Become a Time Ninja





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Dealing with so many business owners everyday, we have found that most face the same challenge. It is not the lack of marketing, the lack of leads, the lack of reporting, the lack of having the right team. It is the mere fact that we don’t have the TIME to do all of these things. Being able to manage everything, and do everything, in our business has created an up hill battle for a majority of business owners. That’s why we need to be like a Ninja and sneak past the distractions in our business day

Staying focused on the top priorities in a busy and complex world is a challenging task nowadays. With the upcoming new technology's life become easier but sometimes even more complex. Rather than responding pro-actively, often business owners feel pressure and become distracted by situations perceived as urgent. So it’s important to distribute your focus against necessity. You need to waste less, find the important actions and most of all maintaining the focus.

In our quick hour webinar helping you become a Time Ninja, you will learn some of the ancient secrets strategies only taught to business owners wanting to grow:

There is no such thing as Time Management.
How you are currently using your time and how to actually apply focus on the correct tasks.
The obstacles which keep you from using your time effectively.
Realise that over-servicing your clients (not great customer service) is stagnating your business.


Become a Time Ninja Webinar presented by Black Belt Business Founder Nathan McDonald (also a Ninja), you will learn the secret Ninja powers on how you can spend your future time by tomorrow and in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. You will also get a to-do list, an action plan for applying the learned knowledge and skills from the webinar.

Definition of a Time Ninja – One who knows how to use their time effectively in different situations to gain the upper hand with stealth and focus.



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  • Turn off phones, close facebook and emails and get a pen and paper ready.
  • Good morning or evening or night……..Just saying hello, in the question box put in a howdy and where you dialing in from ? I’m currently here in Brisbane, that’s this week, this time next I will be on my way to Amsterdam for some training……..
  • Martial Arts is not like movies. It is all hocus pocus……Ninja’s disappearing, sorry all that is a MYTH - Same with Time Management, Myth, Impossible.
  • What’s make a Ninja such a great adversary…..Well it is simple, multiple weapons and that is also the problem. It is a weakness to be using so much, lets talk about that point coming up….
  • Plan now to give you some really inspiring time saving weapons……..
  • Interruptions come in many forms, phone, emails, outside distractions, technology, something new……Boss Wrecking Story……
  • Learn how to say NO, not just to other but yourself. So NO to emails, phone calls…..During the Time Ninja Training you will receive all the tools to stop your interruptions……When is your most productive day of the year….
  • Example Wording for an email signature or email response. Take control….Scott at Cube Home loans, successful mortgage broker, I am not available between 11am and 3pm Monday to Friday as I am with clients…….I want you to walk into the CEO of your largest big business without an appointment…..And then if you could get one how long in advance would you need to book ????
  • Another huge killer of time for business owners – 5 Star Service with 2 Star Rates…….80% of revenue comes from 20% of your clients. If you are doing 20% of the work where is the remaining 80% of your time going ? Can you just go and put your rates up ? No most people don’t have the belief about that, but you can manage your time. Use Donna Bennett as an example.
  • Create Tracking Sheets etc etcetc Construction, Service Industry, margins, hours billed – Why are lawyers appear wealthy ? Cause they bill to the minute…..Now there is a negative conitation when it comes to lawyers, but they have studied for years and years and years…..
  • Talk About Shiny Objects and being a massive distraction….Promises, you see facebook ads……Best Diet Ever, we can guarantee 100K Income…..Guru’s come to this training course and you will take away the secrets to ever lasting wealth…..Question all the time, I have just come across this and thought it might be good, what are your thoughts ?
  • Here’s the challenge you go to the shiny object and open it up and guess what……There is no substance, why, cause you have to work your arse off to get it and guess what, delayed gratification it will be. There is something in common with Business Owners that have made it when it comes to their time, the thing in common is they do the same things over and over for years……They didn’t get distracted with shiny things…..Work out if it is a shiny thing and if it will work for you, implement away. I can give you the strategy that will make your business huge within 5 years. Get a list of your customers and ring them and organise meetings to sell your product. Welcome to the numbers game.
  • Remember we said the multiple weapons of a Ninja, well that is the problem as well……Cause they never get good at one thing. You need to focus on one key area. Talk about the book Built to Sell by John Warrilow. If you have done previous webinars with me, a business owner needs to be doing 1 major thing when business is not going well…..Hunt or Sales……Don’t create a new product range unless it is vital.
  • Outsourcing is an easy solution for small business owners. And cost effective.
  • Multitasking is not a good thing. It is not something that you should think your good at………Your business needs focus in one or 2 areas….It losses productivity…….
  • Martial Arts, You have set sessions, sooner or later you get a black belt. Same with your business. Set times to do things, makes a difference…..
  • You want to become productive, make time for exercise. Why, you feel better, your mind is clearer, you make better decisions. When you are in overwhelm the best thing anybody can do is go for a light run or jog. It is amazing what will happen. Back when I was training for a major triathlon in my previous business, my business was at it’s peak. Whenever I know customers have not done their homeworkor feeling done, first question, when was the last time you exercised. What excuses are you giving yourself.
  • It is entirely up to you to get this stuff done. Do you want another Ra Ra Session or do you want to do something about it. There is so many time management tips, books etc etc. 4 hour work week is a prime example. Eat that Frog Brian Tracey……Knowing is only 1%, doing is everything. There is somuch more, to do lists, dealing with overwhelm, dealing with procrastination…..the list is endless.

Time Management Webinar - Become a Time Ninja Presentation Transcript

  • 2. PRESENTER QUICK POLL strategies to becoming a time ninja TIME NINJA TRAINING questions
  • 3. Nathan McDonald Business Instructor Martial Arts Instructor (Over 100 Students) Time Ninja
  • 4. Do You Struggle with Time ?
  • 5. Not focused in the right area Myself Interruptions (Self Inflicted or Unexpected) No Systems Trying to get it right, Perfectionism No real goals Too controlling, not able to let go Procrastination
  • 7. Please contact me by telephone if your matter is urgent and require a response within 48 hours!
  • 9. Am I the best person to be doing this task?
  • 10. TIME BLACK BELT TRAINING Video/Audio Training on the above strategies Accountability Sheets 2 Weeks of Live Question and Answers every Monday Morning Complete e-Book Series
  • 11. Number ONE Thing From Today.
  • 12. ?
  • 13. THANK YOU