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Tips for Maintaining Prospect Data in CRM

Tips for Maintaining Prospect Data in CRM



bbcon 2013

bbcon 2013



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    Tips for Maintaining Prospect Data in CRM Tips for Maintaining Prospect Data in CRM Presentation Transcript

    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 1 Tips for Maintaining Prospect Data in CRM PRESENTED BY CHRIS BRAKENBURY & ALISON MADRIGAL
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 2 Alison Madrigal Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise CRM Solutions Blackbaud, Inc. Alison.Madrigal@blackbaud.com Chris Brakenbury Director of Prospect Management The Ohio State University Brakenbury.1@osu.edu PRESENTERS
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 3 Chaos Is the Law of Nature Order Is the Dream of Man
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 4 • Foundation of all successful CRM initiatives • Direct financial impact • Supports every area of CRM including - Direct marketing efforts and results - Volunteer management - Recurring giving programs - Membership programs - Prospect identification - Prospect management IMPORTANCE OF DATA HYGIENE
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 5 • 1.7 million records in BBCRM • 450,000 living, addressable alumni • 8,500 assigned prospects • 150 development officers IMPORTANCE OF DATA HYGIENE THE DATA OF OHIO STATE
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 6 VARIETY OF DATA MANAGEMENT WOES • Invalid data • Missing data • Changes partially applied • Existing data modified to incorrect value
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 7 • Wasted dollars and other resources • Inaccurate and misleading reports and forecasting • Decreased system use and staff adoption THE PERILS OF UNMANAGED DATA
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 8 BUSINESS RULES & TRAINING • Policy • Procedure • Standards • Document! • Communicate! • Train!
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 9 DATA MANAGEMENT FEATURES Security • Establish appropriate roles • Restrict functionality for general users • Grant increased levels of access to those with specialized training Global Data Entry Settings • Create and deploy constituent matching rules • Apply matching rules to single records, manual batch, and imported batches
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 10 DATA MANAGEMENT FEATURES Audit Tables • Enable auditing for desired tables • Utilize Constituent Data Review to review biographical changes to compare new and old values and roll back changes if desired Query • Identify errors and anomalies for correction • Browse feature provides quick access to screens and data
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 11 DATA MANAGEMENT FEATURES Duplicate Management • Run duplicate constituent reports • Manage full and incremental merge processes Customizations • Address needs that are very specific to institution • Allow instantaneous updating of multiple data points
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 12 LIFE CYCLE OF PROSPECT DATA Sunset Management & Maintenance Activation
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 13 • What are the critical components of a prospect record? • What is the minimum data set required for a prospect record? - Prospect Manager - Prospect Team members - Ratings (campaign, lifetime, annual giving, etc.) - Funding Interest(s) - Qualification information - Other relationships RECORD ACTIVATION
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 14 • At Ohio State, we have a custom prospect request process and form that fulfills our institution’s criteria for a minimum required data set - Provides a controlled and traceable means of request, review, and approval - Updates multiple records and fields from one simple form CUSTOMIZATION: REQUEST PROSPECT MANAGEMENT FORM
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 15 CUSTOM REQUEST FORM (PART 1)
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 16 CUSTOM REQUEST FORM (PART 2)
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 17 PROSPECT ASSIGNMENT REQUESTS
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 19 • Queries provide an organized manner in which to monitor “inconsistencies” and update records. • Keep queries simple: restrict to looking for one issue per query. • Use the Query “Browse” feature for quick and easy access to relevant screens and updates. MANAGEMENT & MAINTENANCE: CLEANUP QUERIES
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 20 • Control access to critical tasks and functions - Delete button - Unutilized features MANAGEMENT & MAINTENANCE: SECURITY SETTINGS
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 21 • A standard, routine review of prospect data, in a conversation that includes the Development Officer, Prospect Management, and Research (and others) • A safe and neutral conversation • Not a performance evaluation • Can be general in approach, and/or focused on specific focus areas or institutional priorities MANAGEMENT & MAINTENANCE: PORTFOLIO CONSULTATION
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 22 Sunset – n. the final phase or closing period (Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003) • Why is “sunsetting” of prospect records important? - Relationships change or fail to develop - Clarity of focus (no distractions in portfolios) - Prevent unwanted records in query results - Keep Fundraiser pages neat and tidy SUNSET
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 24 • Kaizen Principles of Continuous Design • Recognize that your data needs constant attention SUMMARY Assess DesignImplement Evaluate
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 25 SUMMARY Assess DesignImplement Evaluate Assess Define the goals and priorities for your organization Design Develop methodologies to align with goals Implement Execute your plan Evaluate Check and refine your process CRM Resource Center: https://www.blackbaud.com/bbcrm
    • 10/7/2013 #bbcon 26 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Alison Madrigal Product Marketing Manager Blackbaud, Inc. Alison.Madrigal@blackbaud.com Chris Brakenbury Director of Prospect Management The Ohio State University Brakenbury.1@osu.edu