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20 Tactics to Increase and Engage Web Traffic

20 Tactics to Increase and Engage Web Traffic



bbcon 2013

bbcon 2013



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    20 Tactics to Increase and Engage Web Traffic 20 Tactics to Increase and Engage Web Traffic Presentation Transcript

    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 1 20 Tactics to Increase and Engage Web Traffic PRESENTED BY SOPHIA LATTO & MIKE SNUSZ
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 2 INTRODUCTIONS SOPHIA LATTO, PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT – UX DESIGN I help nonprofits develop internet strategy around building constituent relationships, delivering compelling messages, and online fundraising. Prior to joining Blackbaud, I worked as a Creative Director at a design and marketing agency in New York City that specialized in online marketing and communications for the non-profit, utility, beverage, and financial sectors. MIKE SNUSZ, SR. INTERNET MARKETING CONSULTANT 10+ years of fundraising experience. Areas of focus include email campaigns, online giving, SEO, website, analytics and social media. Previously managed the turnaround of the Ride For Roswell event, including it’s three-year growth from $330,000 to $1.2 million. Focuses on helping nonprofit build constituent relationships online, deliver compelling messages and maximize giving opportunities.
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 3 DRIVING QUALITY TRAFFIC
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 4 OPTIMIZE SEO FOR LOCAL SEARCH 1
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 5 SEARCH RESULTS ARE MORE LOCALIZED, ESPECIALLY ON MOBILE
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 6 HOW CAN YOU IMPROVE LOCAL SEO? 1.  Get reviews on Google+ (Good ones matter) 2.  Complete profile 100% 3.  Add photos (First one is your profile) 4.  Review categories 5.  Link to other reviews BUILD OUT GOOGLE+ LOCAL PROFILE
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 7 IMPROVE CITATIONS •  What’s a citation? Anywhere that uses your name, address and phone all on same page •  Everything must exactly match your Google+ Local listing •  Website address abbreviations, zip code/phone number formats
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 8 OPTIMIZE SEO FOR LOCAL SEARCH RESULT •  Generate more traffic from local search results HOW TO GET STARTED •  Get Google+ reviews •  Ensure citations exactly match Google+ profile •  Complete Bing/Yahoo! Local places (added citations)
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 9 WRITE BETTER PAGE TITLES 2
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 10 WHAT IS A PAGE/BROWSER TITLE?
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 11 OPPORTUNITIES MISSED
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 12 OPPORTUNITIES SEIZED
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 13 WFH’S WORLD CONGRESS EVENT PAGE •  Before: •  20th-30th ranking in SER •  369 search visits/month •  After Page Title Updates: •  1st-2nd ranking in SER •  532 search visits/month (44% increase)
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 14 INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS ASSOCIATION’S HOME PAGE •  Before Page Title Updates •  367,000 search visits •  After Page Title Updates •  707,000 search visits
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 15 WRITE BETTER PAGE TITLES RESULTS •  Improve search rankings and traffic HOW TO GET STARTED •  Review page titles on: -  Home page -  Landing pages -  Top content •  Eliminate duplicates + add missing page titles (Google Webmaster Tools)
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 16 GOOGLE TRENDS 3
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 17 GOOGLE TRENDS: NAVIGATION
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 18 Regional Filter Applied — Florida GOOGLE TRENDS
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 19 GOOGLE TRENDS: CALL-TO-ACTION
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 20 GOOGLE TRENDS RESULTS •  Find words or phrases that are used most for searches. HOW TO GET STARTED •  Test words or phrases you are using for important navigation. •  Use words or phrases that relate to your region if your mission is regional.
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 21 USE GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS FOR SEARCH KEYWORD ANALYSIS4
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 22 GOOGLE ANALYTICS SHOWS POST-VISIT KEYWORD INFO UPDATE: Google says no longer able to track keywords visitors use
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 23 GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS SHOWS VALUABLE PRE-VISIT KEYWORD INFO
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 24 BETTER META DESCRIPTIONS NEEDED?
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 25 USE GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS FOR SEARCH KEYWORD ANALYSIS RESULTS •  Quick wins to increase rankings, traffic and clicks •  Learn rankings for keywords HOW TO GET STARTED •  Use GWT to look for: 1.  Keyword Info 2.  High rankings + Low click-throughs à Better meta descriptions needed? 3.  Average position of 4-25 à Review keyword usage in important page areas (page titles, headings, etc.)
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 26 CREATE RICH SNIPPETS FOR SEARCH RESULTS5
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 27 GOOGLE AUTHORSHIP FOR BLOG POSTS •  Searchers drawn to image before headline* •  Higher click-through rates (up to 150%) ** •  Possible higher rankings? *moz.com/ugc/how-to-get-more-clicks-with-low-rankings **www.catalystsearchmarketing.com/how-rich-snippets-can-improve-your-ctr/
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 28 GOOGLE+ LOCAL PROFILE REVIEWS •  More clicks (20-30% reported) •  Builds trust
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 29 CREATE RICH SNIPPETS FOR SEARCH RESULTS RESULTS •  Improve search result click-throughs •  Improve local and mobile SEO HOW TO GET STARTED •  Use Google Authorship for blog posts (Add to posts: <a href=“InsertGoogle+ProfileURL?rel=author">Google</a>) •  Ask for more Google+ reviews
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 30 GOOGLE ANNOTATIONS 6
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 31 GOOGLE ANNOTATIONS
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 32 GOOGLE ANNOTATIONS RESULTS •  Track how spikes in web traffic are affected by promotions, ads and changes on site. HOW TO GET STARTED •  Tracking events in GA adds continuity during staff turnover. •  If an effort makes a significant difference in web traffic, then repeat it. •  Allows you to more accurately compare analytics YOY.
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 33 INCREASE ENGAGEMENT
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 34 5-SECOND USABILITY TEST 7
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 35 FINDING YOUR WEBSITE IS ONLY HALF THE STORY Search engines are likely the first place your audience will go to find information about your organization. •  Search engines make it easier; however, you have less than 5 seconds to capture the attention of a search engine user. •  If your audience doesn’t immediately respond favorably to your content — they’ll bounce.
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 36 The appeal of the overall design of a site is the number one factor used to evaluate a website’s credibility. 5 seconds is enough to •  Learn an organization’s mission •  Form an emotional reaction •  Form an opinion on credibility •  Choose to engage USABILITY TESTING: 5 SECOND TEST
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 37 What is the mission of the organization? USABILITY TESTING: 5 SECOND TEST
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 38 USABILITY TESTING: 5 SECOND TEST What is the mission of the organization?
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 39 USABILITY TESTING: 5 SECOND TEST RESULTS •  See how visitors perceive your organization and your mission. •  See adjectives and emotions used to describe your organization. HOW TO GET STARTED •  Use tools like Usabilityhub.com to test •  Test mission critical landing pages and your home page
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 40 CLICK-TEST 8
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 41 USABILITY TESTING: CLICK TEST Are my users seeing the content I want them to see? Question: Click on the areas in which you are most interested.
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 42 USABILITY TESTING: CLICK TEST The top five clicks were: •  Slideshow Arrow •  Why Work With CFT •  Discover & Get Inspired •  Disaster Relief •  Donate
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 43 USABILITY TESTING: CLICK TEST RESULTS •  See where your users click. •  Quickly find out whether your calls-to-action are working effectively. HOW TO GET STARTED •  Use a tool like Usabilityhub.com to test your home page •  Analyzing where users click and make decisions about how you present your web content on important pages.
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 44 MOBILE TRAFFIC AND TOP PAGE REPORTS9
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 45 MOBILE TRAFFIC REPORT July 2012 to July 2013
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 46 Top Traffic Pages: 3 of the top 10 pages are their main P2P event TOP PAGE TRAFFIC REPORT
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 47 MOBILE OPTIMIZATION (DONATION FORM) Mobile Metrics 06/2011 vs. 06/2012 Avg. Time on page Bounce Rate Before Mobile 04:01 40% After Mobile 01:30 25% Result -02:31 -15% •  Average time spent on that page has decreased by 02:30 •  The mobile bounce rate has been reduced by 27%. The data above compares before and after mobile activity for a mobile-optimized donation form page. This data does not include tablet users as tablet users receive the full desktop experience.
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 48 MOBILE TRAFFIC & TOP PAGE REPORTS RESULTS •  Identify the most popular pages on your site •  Learn how many people are accessing your site via mobile device HOW TO GET STARTED •  Identify pages of your site to optimize for mobile •  Provide a good mobile user experience for high traffic events. •  Optimize your donation form for mobile (even it it’s not a top 10 page.)
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 49 USE TRIGGERED EMAIL SERIES TO DRIVE ENGAGEMENT10
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 50 WHY TRIGGERED EMAIL SERIES? •  What is it? A series of emails sent automatically in response to a certain action •  Why is it important? It’s the most effective way to improve relevancy of email* Right message + right constituents + right time = Impossible (manually) *Source: 2011 Marketing Sherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Report
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 51 4X MORE OPENS AND 5X MORE CLICKS Source: Experian: The welcome email report: benchmark data and analysis for engaging new subscribers through email marketing 4X MORE OPENS 5X MORE CLICKS
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 52 TYPES OF TRIGGERED EMAIL SERIES •  Email signup (59% of new subscribers have no opens or clicks since opting-in* •  First-time donor •  Event registration •  Community signup •  Membership purchase or expiring •  Sustainer credit card expiring *Epsilon and DMA’s “Q2 2012 Email Trends and Benchmarks”
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 53 EXAMPLE: SUBSCRIBER WELCOME SERIES Remind + Feel Good Give Monthly Donate Events Volunteer
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 54 USE TRIGGERED EMAIL SERIES TO DRIVE ENGAGEMENT RESULTS •  Increase return visitors •  (Efficiently) improve relationships and engagement HOW TO GET STARTED •  Setup for first-time donors, subscribers, volunteers and event participants •  Coordinate with other emails
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 55 USE SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS TO CREATE BETTER POSTS/TWEETS11
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 56 FACEBOOK INSIGHTS: BEST TYPES, REACH AND ENGAGEMENT
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 57 FACEBOOK INSIGHTS: BEST DAYS AND TIMES
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 58 TWITTER ANALYTICS: IDENTIFY TWEETS WITH GREATEST REACH
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 59 USE SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS TO CREATE BETTER POSTS/TWEETS RESULTS •  Learn content that’s most engaging and has greatest reach •  Best day and time to post HOW TO GET STARTED •  Review twice per month •  Use data to dictate future posts/tweets
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 60 THINK MOBILE FIRST WITH SOCIAL MEDIA12
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 61 MOBILE FIRST WITH SOCIAL SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS 70% of your audience will be reading your social media posts on their mobile device.* •  Use simple imagery that is easily seen. •  Use images with bright colors that are highly saturated. •  Put important information at the top of your post. •  Use vertically oriented images •  Linked pages need to be responsive or mobile. *Source: “How to Create Perfect Posts” Info-graphic
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 62 MOBILE FIRST WITH SOCIAL RESULTS •  A consistent user experience from post to web page. •  Higher engagement HOW TO GET STARTED •  Optimize your social media landing pages for mobile •  Always think mobile first when developing content
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 63 BOOST CONVERSIONS
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 64 USABILITY TESTING: NAV FLOW 13
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 65 USABILITY TESTING: NAVFLOW TEST (BEFORE) Target audiences, such as donors, members, or students participate in a usability test to expose problems with the current website. The data above reflects how successfully test participants were able to navigate a website’s conversion path, from start to finish, when forced to click on a single target for each step.
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 66 USABILITY TESTING: NAVFLOW TEST (AFTER REDESIGN)
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 67 USABILITY TESTING: NAVFLOW TEST (AFTER REDESIGN) The New design concept gets passed through the same usability test. A 79% success rate (+27%) is a great indication that the new design has solved the initial problem with the old site. The data above reflects how successfully test participants were able to navigate a website’s conversion path, from start to finish, when forced to click on a single target for each step.
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 68 USABILITY TESTING: NAVFLOW TEST (QUICK FIX)
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 69 USABILITY TESTING: NAVFLOW TEST RESULTS •  See how visitors navigate through a conversion path •  Learn if your visitors are able to complete a task HOW TO GET STARTED •  Set up Navflow tests for your primary conversion paths — donation, membership sign-up, advocacy action or email sign-up. •  Make adjustments to the pages base on the results.
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 70 USE SOCIAL MEDIA AMBASSADORS FOR ONLINE CAMPAIGNS14
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 71 USE SOCIAL MEDIA AMBASSADORS FOR ONLINE CAMPAIGNS Involve a group of socially influential constituents to spread the word •  Identify prospects (Social Score) •  10-20 key influencers •  Prepare them •  Make it easy with samples •  Reward •  Send timely email updates during campaign
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 72 USE SOCIAL MEDIA AMBASSADORS FOR ONLINE CAMPAIGNS Involve a group of socially influential constituents to spread the word •  Identify prospects (Social Score) •  10-20 key influencers •  Prepare + cultivate them •  Make it easy with samples •  Send timely email updates during campaign
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 73 TRACK WEBSITE CONVERSIONS VIA GOOGLE ANALYTICS15
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 77 TRACKING CONVERSIONS IN GA RESULTS •  Which channels generate conversions (not just traffic) •  Social sites + posts driving conversions •  Gift info by channel HOW TO GET STARTED •  Use GA Goals for non-monetary conversions (Email, volunteer, etc.) •  Use GA Ecommerce to track monetary conversions (Donations, event registrations, etc.)
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 78 TEST WEBSITE CONTENT & DONATION FORMS16
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 79 CONTENT TESTING
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 80 DONATION FORM TESTING •  Why test? •  Your donation form may be leaving money on the table •  What to test? •  Trust logos [Charity Nav, BBB] •  Content •  Giving amounts
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 81 DONATION FORM TESTING WORLDWIDE WILDLIFE FUND à 90% CHANCE FORM B IS 20% BETTER A B
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 82 TEST CONTENT & DONATION FORM RESULTS •  Increase traffic to key pages •  Improve your donation form conversion rate HOW TO GET STARTED •  Use Google Analytics Experiments •  Test one variable at a time
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 83 ADD CALL-TO-ACTION LINKS TO YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS17
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 84 57% of people who watch a nonprofit video go on to make a donation* YouTube Nonprofit Program *Google 2013 study, conducted by Millward Brown Digital DO VIDEOS GENERATE DONATIONS?
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 85 ADD CALL-TO-ACTIONS LINKS TO YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS RESULTS •  Nudge video watchers along conversion paths •  Increased traffic + conversions HOW TO GET STARTED •  Sign up at www.youtube.com/nonprofits •  Add links to old videos
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 86 INCREASE RETURN VISITS
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 87 IMPROVE THE EMAIL SIGNUP PROCESS 18
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 88 PRIORITIZE EMAIL SIGNUP Does email drive quality traffic? •  Top source of online revenue (35%)* Is your email housefile declining? •  Avg. Churn Rate: 16%* •  Avg. Growth Rate: 15%* *2012 eNonprofit Benchmark Study (NTEN, M&R)
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 89 PRIORITIZE EMAIL SIGNUP www.loftcs.org
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 90 PRIORITIZE EMAIL SIGNUP
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 91 BEST NUMBER OF FIELDS? Source: Dan Zarzella analysis of 40,000 landing pages
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 92 SIGNUP FORM BEST PRACTICES 2. Set Expectations + Communicate Value 3. Overcome Objections 1. Connect to Mission Possible Addition: -Link to samples www.catholiccharitiesdc.org/email
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 93 CONFIRMATION EMAIL BEST PRACTICES 2. Set Expectations 1. Connect to Mission 3. Added Value 4. Engage Further
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 94 IMPROVE THE EMAIL SIGNUP PROCESS RESULTS •  Grow your email list •  Engage and retain subscribers HOW TO GET STARTED •  Prioritize email signup on the home and internal pages •  Overcome objections and set expectations
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 95 EMAIL TESTING TOOLS 19
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 96 75% of consumers are 'highly likely' to delete an email that doesn't render correctly on a mobile device.* EMAIL TESTING TOOLS * Source: “Make or Break Mobile E-mail”, Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey, August 2013.
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 97 Email on Acid (built into the Luminate tool), or Litmus. •  Check emails in all readers and in different mobile devices. EMAIL TESTING TOOLS
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 98 EMAIL TESTING TOOLS
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 99 These tools work with most ESPs and can give you a little more information about how your emails perform. ADD-ON EMAIL ANALYTICS TOOLS Engagement Reading Environment
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 100 EMAIL TESTING TOOLS RESULTS •  Find out what your email look like in all popular email readers and devices. •  See what kinds of email readers and devices your audience is using to read your email. •  Find out what is the level of engagement of your email messages. HOW TO GET STARTED •  Use tools that can help you test your emails. •  Test every message before you send.
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 101 BOOST TRAFFIC WITH EMAIL TESTING 20
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 102 WHY TEST & WHAT TO TEST WHY TEST? ACCORDING TO TOP EMAIL PROGRAMS: •  Email testing is the top value driver* •  82% test and measure everything** MOST EFFECTIVE ELEMENTS TO TEST:** 1.  Target audience 2.  Landing page 3.  Subject line 4.  Call-to-action link *Source: 2011 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Survey **2011 Gleanster survey on Email Marketing
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 103 HOW TO TEST? 1.  Send 2 tests to small sample (10-20% each) 2.  Review results + statistical significance (after 1-2 days) eMarketingDynamics.com calculator 3. Send “winning” message to everyone else
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 104 RECORD TEST RESULTS Use Excel spreadsheet to capture: •  Date •  List or segment •  Variable tests (e.g. subject line used) •  Open, click-through, conversion and unsubscribe rates •  Notes
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 105 BOOST TRAFFIC WITH EMAIL TESTING RESULTS •  Short-term: Best version of an email •  Long-term: Learn what resonates HOW TO GET STARTED •  Test one variable at a time •  Test often
    • 9/30/13 #bbcon @sophialatto @mikesnusz 107 TWEET ABOUT YOUR SESSION #BBCON (For every Tweet with this hashtag, Blackbaud will donate $1 to a local nonprofit!*) @MIKESNUSZ @SOPHIALATTO *Up to $4,000