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Introducing Radial Landscape Mapping
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Introducing Radial Landscape Mapping


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A whole new way to visualise brand maps. Traditional maps have not shown any consistency or clarity.

A whole new way to visualise brand maps. Traditional maps have not shown any consistency or clarity.

Published in: Data & Analytics

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  • 1. Lack of consistency or clarity from brand maps
  • 2. Radial Landscape MapsTM is based on a statistical data reduction technique* designed to measure the extent to which a set of brand personality attributes are associated with a set of known brands. Analysis results are illustrated using a ‘Radial Landscape Map’ where brand personality attributes are positioned out around the perimeter depending on their mutual association/correlation. Individual brands are positioned inside the map. Introducing…Radial Landscape MapsTM (A revolution in brand mapping) * Adapted statistical correspondence analysis Brand personality attribute Fun Family Expert Brand X Brand YCaring Brand ZBoring Basic Irritating Tired Brand W In some cases, the brand attributes start to cluster together representing an underlying theme or latent construct.  Brand W: Close to the centre - it is almost equally associated with all the personality attributes, but has a marginally higher association with vibrancy, expert and fun.  Brand X: Has a significantly higher association with fun, vibrant and expert.  Brand Y: is being pulled towards family and caring.  Brand Z: Is regarded as a basic, tired and boring brand. Vibrant
  • 3. Alpha (2007) Alpha (2011) Alpha (2012) Beta (2007) Beta(2011) Beta (2012) Gamma (2011) Gamma (2007) Gamma (2012) Is affordable Is genuine and authentic Worth what is costs Goes well with food Sophisticated drink Always doing new things Would like to be seen drinking For football fans Youthful brand Is very refreshing Cool & edgy Associate with music Inspires Optimism Good when having with friends Is an uplifting drink Makes moments fun Thirst quenching brand Great tasting Comforting & Relaxing For someone like me Has a premium quality Delta (2007) Delta (2011/12) Value & Affordability Quality Youthful & Cool Social & Fun Personal Base: Daily Drinkers of Alpha only Adapted Statistical Correspondence Analysis Case: Drinks brand (evolution in image through time)
  • 4. Case: Brand Love Pyramid / Image Attributes Base: Rolled up 2007 – 2012 for brand Alpha only Adapted Statistical Correspondence Analysis Is a brand Icon Is a brand leader Innovative LIKE For someone like me Is a brand I love LOVE EXCLUSIVELOVE Is a brand I trust Makes me feel good about myself Is good for me Is for lively people Is cool and edgy Is a popular brand Inspires optimism KNOW ACCEPT Is an unhealthy drink Daily Drinkers Weekly Drinkers Monthly Drinkers Less than monthly Drinkers Lapsed Drinkers
  • 5. “I was immediately impressed by the elegance of the visual, the ease of understanding it, and the power of the statistical analysis behind it” Leonard F. Murphy Chief Editor & Principal Consultant | GreenBook Research Industry Trends GreenBook blog article - Radial Landscape Map – A Revolution in Brand Mapping and Data Visualisation. Click Here