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Our documenting learning story
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Our documenting learning story



a story about teachers learning to document learning for K-3 students as way to reflect on teaching, have students reflect on learning, and to keep parents informed of their children's learning ...

a story about teachers learning to document learning for K-3 students as way to reflect on teaching, have students reflect on learning, and to keep parents informed of their children's learning experiences and progress



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Our documenting learning story Our documenting learning story Presentation Transcript

  • Making Learning Visible Nancy Carl, School District 43 (Coquitlam) ncarl@sd43.bc.ca or @ncarl2 Pat Holborn, Simon Fraser University pholborn@shaw.ca Brian Kuhn, School District 43 (Coquitlam) bkuhn@sd43.bc.ca or @bkuhn istockphoto.com #10467139Our Documenting Learning Story…
  • Montessori Kindergarten KindergartenGrade K/1 Grade 1 Grade 2 Early Learning Innovations Support Support Teacher Teacher istockphoto.com #7755704
  • • Interactive activity • Evolution of the project • Power of documentation for assessment and reporting • Unanticipated value for children, teachers, parents • How technology is key • Examples and more examples • Resources for youistockphoto.com #6386895
  • http://www.zazzle.com/seashell2
  • istockphoto.com #6218186What are you curious about? What would you like to know?
  • Purposes of the SD43 Documentation Project
  • Purposes… for participating teachers Build and share strategies and skills for documenting, assessing and sharing student learning over time. Explore ways to use technologies, including photographs, video and the Internet and my43 to share documentation with families. istockphoto.com #17354272
  • Purposes… for children and families Involve children and families in the documentation process. Integrate documentation of student learning into the reporting process. istockphoto.com #17354272
  • Purposes… for School District 43 Begin to develop a framework for documenting student learning, supported by examples in different subject areas that can be shared with others. Develop capacity for further professional development by using project participants as future resource persons. istockphoto.com #17354272
  • Commitments by participating teachers
  • Commitments… in the classroom Participating teachers will become familiar with principles of documentation and explore ways to document student learning in their classrooms using a variety of approaches.Participating teachers will select acurricular focus for documentationthat can be integrated into thereporting process and, withagreement from parents, willexperiment with alternative formsof reporting in their area of choice. istockphoto.com #18620194
  • Commitments… in the focus groupParticipating teachers will meetregularly with a facilitator toshare examples and experiences,and to document what they arelearning from their explorations. istockphoto.com #18620194
  • Commitments… in communication with others Each teacher, along with their school administrator, will communicate with families to seek their support and participation in the project.Children and families will beinvolved in the documentationactivities. istockphoto.com #18620194
  • Commitments… to provide technology SD43 will provide each teacher with an IPod Touch to be used as a documentation tool.SD43 will support teachers inthe use of my43 as a site forcommunicating with families. istockphoto.com #18620194
  • Commitments… to provide professional support District staff attended each focus group session • Staff Development Coordinator • Technology Technology support staff were available as neededDistrict staff visited classrooms on request District staff videotaped activities in some classrooms Project materials (readings, blog posts, discussion options) were made available on my43 website istockphoto.com #18620194
  • On our own… Themes to Projects Project Based Learning Team Research Grant California Dreamingistockphoto.com #19296536 START
  • FDK Implementation Professional Support Structures Full Day Kindergarten Program Guide Early Learning Framework From Theory to Practice Connections to StrongStart Early Primary Network Learning through Playistockphoto.com #19296536
  • Evolution… of the project istockphoto.com #16760119
  • Deciding what to document Think about what documentation can do to enrich the assessment of learning. What can you capture through documentation that is not reflected in other assessment approaches that you use? Document student learning processes over time.Be prepared tocapture theexcitement ofspontaneous learningwhenever it happens. istockphoto.com #16760119
  • Getting Started Choose an area to focus on where you feel excited about possibilities for rich student learning Choose an area to focus on where you feel relatively confident in the curriculumStart small istockphoto.com #16760119
  • Getting Started Document your own learning process – e.g., use Touch for voice recording and photos, keep an electronic log, etc.Keep others informed andinvolved as you go – schooladministrator, families, students istockphoto.com #16760119
  • Learning to document learning…
  • M a n a g i n gthe documentation artifacts…
  • I Think about how documentation can helpn students become more self-aware, reflective, self-evaluative, confident.v So tl uv di en ng t istockphoto.com #12970974 s
  • Involving Families Involve parents in the documentation process. Think about how documentation can help parents understand and appreciate their children’s learning strengths, successes and struggles, and growth over time, e.g., in self-regulation. Where possible, share the ownership of your project with students and families.istockphoto.com #14086783
  • Documentation and Reporting Alternative forms of documentation may take the place of the standardized report card if families agree to pilot this approach. If families agree, documentation does not need to follow the same timelines as report cards. Documentation samples used in reporting need to be consistent with the curriculum and cross-referenced to learning outcomes or core competencies.
  • Documentation and Reporting Start by focusing your documentation activities on one curricular area that you know well and are confident in, and follow the regular report card process for the other areas. Gather documentation and share it with children and families in an ongoing process, rather than trying to match the reporting timelines.
  • Documentation and Reporting
  • Technology Supports the Documenting of Learning Teachers document learning Students document learning Parents learn through and contribute to documentation Teachers document students reflecting istockphoto.com #16878193
  • Technology we provided…
  • Mini Workshops Provided istockphoto.com #8585896
  • Documenting the project … http://www.shift2future.com/istockphoto.com #7042359 … through blog posts
  • Documenting the project …istockphoto.com #7042359 … through video
  • istockphoto.com #10797682Documenting Learning Stories
  • Mathematician At WorkOne morning I set outmath materials for thechildren to work with.Keira found a number linewith the numbers 1-10 onit and set to work.Keira is a motivatedlearner who can usematerials in interestingways. She used one toone correspondence tobuild each of the numberson the number line usingcounting chips.
  • Even though the otherchildren were busy andquite loud, Keira was ableto concentrate and ignoredistractions.Mathematician At Work
  • Keira was able to see the increasing pattern. She was able toexplain to me what was happening on her number line. Iasked Keira if she would share her discovery with the otherchildren at the end of Exploration time. She was excitedabout this.
  • Keira was able to teach the other children what she learnedabout numbers and they were able to see a new way to usea number line. Keira was a great role model that day!!
  • Kids learning about money… …using visually Powerful Learning Devices
  • …continued, kids learning about money. Kids take turns playing a timed game to earn $They spend money from a virtual piggy bank Then, they buy/sell “real” thingsLater, kids collaborate to solve counting problems
  • istockphoto.com #4066060 Student’s Use Cameras to Capture Learning Artifacts
  • istockphoto.com #13191903Student’s Use Cameras to Capture Learning Artifacts
  • Students engaging and reflecting… Critical Thinking Interdependence CollaborationExcitement Peer Teaching Sharing Istockphoto.com #17292157
  • Kindergarten Student Stories in their Own Words
  • Grade One Students Reflect on Past Learning
  • Ms. Callihoo’s class (Heritage Mountain, Port Moody) Parents are asked two questions after documentation is shared:  What did you notice in the movies? and  Did you discover anything new?Image: http://pauldunay.com/facebook%e2%80%99s-like-button-adds-life-to-your-content/
  • Ms. Callihoo (Heritage Mountain, Port Moody)What did you notice in these movies? “co-operative play.” (Teresa) “I am glad to see many children share similar interests. I am surprise how they apply ‘learning’ from school and ‘findings’ from outside school” (Yena’s Dad) “The children enjoy being photographed. They are proud of what they’ve created.” (Tina)Image: http://pauldunay.com/facebook%e2%80%99s-like-button-adds-life-to-your-content/
  • Ms. Callihoo (Heritage Mountain, Port Moody)Did you discover anything new? “The way you use toys to improve children’s ability.” (Azizeh) “I am glad to see ‘out of the box’ approach in classroom rather than strictly by the curriculum.” (Yena’s Dad) “Happy to see the cooperative nature of the children and the atmosphere conducive for their learning. Thanks – Awesome project!” (Janet)Image: http://pauldunay.com/facebook%e2%80%99s-like-button-adds-life-to-your-content/
  • Ms. Callihoo (Heritage Mountain, Port Moody)Did you discover anything new? “I very much enjoy watching the slides and seeing how they are learning and creating more intricate details to their work. It was very interesting watching students inspire other students. Sadie was so excited making her box, she worked on it for hours the whole time talking about how she could hardly wait to bring it to school. This also tells me a lot about her classroom environment as well as you. She loves coming to school, the classroom and you as a teacher are creating a rich space for Sadie (and all the other kids) to develop and really break out to learn creatively and I can see how it is so effective. So again thank you!” (Jenn)Image: http://pauldunay.com/facebook%e2%80%99s-like-button-adds-life-to-your-content/
  • A Progressive Kindergarten Learning Story
  • http://www.zazzle.com/seashell2
  • Transforming ExploringPreparing Stages of Technology Adoption
  • Privacy… Data Storage istockphoto.com #7128193 InfrastructureProfessional Learning… istockphoto.com #10651120
  • Storing Documentation DataComments Pictures Videos Notes Documents istockphoto.com #18713708
  • istockphoto.com #4540526
  • 30 A public body must protect 6 The consent of an individualpersonal information in its custody mustor under its control by making (a) be in writing, andreasonable security arrangements (b) specify to whom theagainst such risks as unauthorized personal information may beaccess, collection, use, disclosure disclosed and how the personalor disposal information may be used.30.1 A public body mustensure that personal (a) if the individual the informationinformation in its custody or is about has identified theunder its control is stored only information and has consented, inin Canada and accessed only the prescribed manner, to it beingin Canada, unless one of the stored in or accessed from, asfollowing applies: applicable, another jurisdiction
  • Data about… Pictures a person Videos Student Names istockphoto.com #17663723“recorded information about an identifiable individualother than contact information”, BC FIPPA
  • Ongoing Professional Learning is Essential istockphoto.com #6664728
  • We’ve set up an implementation support We are organizing team for next year a collaborative early years conference for July 4-5, 2012 with We’ve asked each participant to two other School develop a brief presentation Districts We’ve asked project participants to think about ways to share the work they’ve doneistockphoto.com #6664728Next Steps ------------------------------------------
  • What we have discovered from exploring Learning Stories in early primary classrooms What we havediscovered fromsharing learning stories with children istockphoto.com #15207641
  • istockphoto.com #4311434