Learning without boundaries sd43 focus day


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examples of global trends in how technology is driving changes - education systems need to be aware of and preparing for a very different future - examples shared of how a portal, Internet tools, and virtual spaces support teaching and learning

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Learning without boundaries sd43 focus day

  1. Brian Kuhn<br />Manager of Information Services<br />School District 43 (Coquitlam)<br />www.sd43.bc.ca <br />Learning Without Boundaries<br />Coquitlam School District 43 – Sep. 23, 2011<br />istockphoto.com # 10467139<br />My Coordinates…<br />http://www.shift2future.com<br />http://twitter.com/bkuhn<br />http://www.slideshare.net/bkuhn<br />bkuhn@sd43.bc.ca<br />
  2. "In times of change learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." - Eric Hoffer<br />
  3. Student advocates for diverse sources<br />
  4. 3.6 B people on earth<br />First computer chess tournament<br />0 (yes zero) personal computers sold<br />0 e-mails sent<br />0 blog posts<br />0 Facebook users<br />BG (before Google)<br />1970<br />http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1970<br />istockphoto.com # 1563122<br />
  5. Sep. 14, 2011 around 8:17pm<br />6.99 B people on the earth<br />247,656,889 personal computers sold this year<br />600,315 TVs sold today<br />4,436,362 cell phones sold today<br />2,235,474,965 internet users on earth<br />294,777,286,923 e-mail messages sent today<br />3,439,422 blog posts today<br />181,296,322 tweets sent today<br />750,000,000 Facebook users<br />3,039,715,201 Google searches today<br />http://www.worldometers.info/<br />istockphoto.com # 7611212<br />
  6. Connect anywhere!<br />http://www.istockphoto.com/file_closeup.php?id=2079663<br />
  7. Devices are small, powerful, and everywhere<br />Kindle<br />istockphoto.com # 3654579<br />
  8. Devices are small, powerful, and everywhere<br />Internet… wireless everywhere… <br />just like oxygen<br />being connected is not optional<br />just like breathing…<br />Kindle<br />istockphoto.com # 3654579<br />
  9. “With the exception of alphabets and number systems, the Net may well be the single most powerfulmind-alteringtechnology that has ever come into general use...<br />istockphoto.com # 4540526<br />…At the very least, it’s the most powerful that has come along since the book.”  The Shallows (kindle 1991)<br />
  10. “Printing gave humanity the written word. The Web makeseveryoneapublisher.Printing enabled the distribution of knowledge. The Web provides a platform fornetworkinghuman minds…<br />istockphoto.com # 4540526<br />…Printing allowed people to know. The Web enables people to collaborateand to learn collectively.” Macrowikinomics (kindle 566)<br />
  11. “Teaching young people how to scrutinize, validate, and put things in context will be among the toughest tasks for educators.” Macrowikinomics (kindle 4390)<br />istockphoto.com # 11819618<br />“the true test of rigor is for students to be able to look at material they’ve never seen before and know what to do with it.” 21st Century Skills (kindle 241)<br />
  12. “The history of the modern world is a history of ideas meeting, mixing, mating and mutating” Rational Optimist (kindle 3806)<br />istockphoto.com # 11819618<br />
  13. “Prosperity, or growth, has been synonymous with moving from self-sufficiency to interdependence” Rational Optimist (kindle 608)<br />istockphoto.com # 6664728<br />“The more knowledge you generate, the more you can generate. And the engine that is driving prosperity in the modern world is the accelerating generation of useful knowledge.”  Rational Optimist (kindle 3466)<br />
  14. “The characteristic feature of a piece of new knowledge, whether practical or esoteric, …<br />istockphoto.com # 6664728<br />…whether technical or social, is that you can give it away and still keep it.” Rational Optimist (kindle 3766)<br />
  15. istockphoto.com # 7946334<br />“if we can foresee that technology is likely to have a highly disruptive impact on our economy in the coming years and decades, then we really need to start thinking about that well in advance.” Lights in the Tunnel (kindle 208)<br />
  16. Who are our students?<br />
  17. What is your vision for how technology enables Personalized Learning?<br />istockphoto.com # 4311434<br />
  18. What does the future hold?<br />“technology is not just advancing gradually: it is accelerating”,The Lights in the Tunnel, Kindle location 227<br />“If you make some very logical, and even conservative, assumptions about where technology is likely to lead in the coming years, much of the conventional wisdom about what the future will look like becomes unsupportable”,The Lights in the Tunnel, Kindle location 222<br />istockphoto.com # 1084313<br />Connect  Share  Learn  Try<br />
  19. Student says critical thinking is key<br />
  20. istockphoto.com # 12275820<br />“If at some point, machines are likely to permanentlytake over a great deal of the work now performed by human beings, then that will be a threat to the very foundation of our economic system. This is not something that will just work itself out. This is something that we need to begin thinking about.” Lights in the Tunnel (kindle 217)<br />
  21. istockphoto.com # 12275820<br />“It’s always very dangerous to use the word ‘impossible’ where technology is concerned.” <br />Lights in the Tunnel (kindle 2193)<br />
  22. http://www.singularity.com<br />
  23. http://www.singularity.com<br />
  24. istockphoto.com # 453710<br />“But because we’re doublingthe rate of progressevery decade, we’ll see the equivalent of a century of progress—at today’s rate—in only twenty-five calendar years.” The Singularity is Near (kindle 442)<br />“Most long-range forecasts of what is technically feasible in future time periods dramatically underestimatethe power of future developments because they are based on what I call the ‘intuitive linear’ view of history rather than the ‘historical exponential’ view.” The Singularity is Near (kindle 429)<br />
  25. How do you think exponential changes in technology will impact learning and teaching?<br />istockphoto.com # 4311434<br />
  26. Learning with Technology Strategy from 2005-6<br />Learning, teaching <br />and leading <br />is enhanced through effective and meaningful use of technology<br />Exemplars<br />Learning<br />Staff<br />Development<br />Equitable<br />Access<br />istockphoto.com # 5373874<br />
  27. my43<br />Internet Services… wikipedia, youtube, google, skype, twitter, del.icio.us, RSS feeds, news, Google Earth, Maps, BCeSIS, research, Facebook (social networking)<br />animation<br />Learning<br />activities<br />Assessment<br />&<br />Feedback<br />Learning<br />Resources<br />calculating<br />video<br />Discussion<br /> board<br />wiki<br />my site<br />Professional<br />personal<br />News / <br />Announcements<br />Virtual<br />Classroom<br />alerts<br />blog<br />writing<br />blog<br />Information Sharing<br />School Intranet<br />Destiny Library<br />Public websites<br />Leaves, pay, <br />Jobs<br />wiki<br />School Web Site<br />E-mail, Calendar, Contacts<br />Document Management<br />District<br />Intranet<br /><ul><li>It is a platform, a digital ecosystem
  28. Log-in once – it knows who you are
  29. Built on Sharepoint, incorporates Office, Outlook – familiar tools
  30. Connect open source, Web 2.0, commercial, custom – imagine…
  31. Integrate HR, Finance, Payroll,… the back-office exposed…</li></li></ul><li>istockphoto.com # 5373874<br />Technology Powered Learning + Teaching<br />
  32. istockphoto.com # 13034189<br />Learning Today<br />
  33. istockphoto.com # 11850475<br />Parents and Students can access all recommended, licensed, and free online resources…<br />
  34. istockphoto.com # 11850475<br />Students hand-in assignments electronically, self assess, and receive assessment / feedback from teacher<br />Middle School Explorations Class<br />
  35. Grade 12 English Assignment<br />
  36. Grade 11 English Student e-Portfolio<br />
  37. Grade 12 English Assignment<br />
  38. Grade 4/5’s Hand-in / Assessment<br />
  39. Middle School Hand-in & Assessment<br />
  40. Middle School Computer Explorations<br />
  41. “Organizations can succeed and even thrive in this new environment by embracing the five principles of wikinomics:…<br />Flickr – langwitches # 4343432434<br />…collaboration, openness, sharing, integrity, and interdependence.” Macrowikinomics (kindle 593)<br />Flickr – langwitches # 4343432956<br />
  42. Student Learning Tools<br />
  43. Personalized Learning<br />
  44. The Future… District – School – Teacher – Student – Parent Web Spaces<br />Public Internet<br />District Intranet<br />my43<br />District Website<br />School Intranet<br />my43<br />School Website<br />Virtual Classrooms<br />my43<br />Teacher Website<br />Student Space<br />my43<br />Parent Space<br />my43<br />
  45. What capabilities do you see being required in a digital environment or platform to support Personalized Learning?<br />istockphoto.com # 4311434<br />
  46. Flickr – langwitches # 4211065001<br />“imagine, as a student, that you could not only read about what it is like to be a scientist, an architect, an artist, an entrepreneur, or an engineer, but also collaborate with fellow students in a safe virtual environment to recreate that experience for yourself.” Macrowikinomics (kindle 2907)<br />
  47. Dr. Barab (principle researcher)'s current work involves the research and development of rich learning environments, frequently with the aid of technology, that are designed to assist children in developing their sense of purposeas individuals, as members of their communities, and as knowledgeable citizens of the world.<br />
  48. Student takes us on a quest…<br />
  49. istockphoto.com # 11562895<br />
  50. istockphoto.com # 11562895<br />“The full-immersion visual-auditory virtual-realityenvironments, which will be ubiquitous during the second decade of this century, will hasten the trend toward people living and working wherever they wish.” The Singularity is Near (kindle 1779)<br />
  51. Teacher describes the Open Internet Test<br />
  52. “Answering questions like ‘When was the War of 1812?’ is a useless skill in an always-on Wikipedia world.” Linchpin (kindle 789)<br />“We’ve been trained since first grade to avoid mistakes.” Linchpin (kindle 1108)<br />
  53. Student’s plan for the Open Internet Test<br />
  54. Game Changer Tools<br />
  55. “Late in the 1800s, during the Industrial Revolution, business leaders began complaining about all these rural kids who were pouring into the cities and going to work in our factories. Business leaders said that these kids were no good, and that what they needed was an educational system that would produce "industrial discipline.”  (paraphrase: show up, be on time, follow rules), Alvin Toffler<br />
  56. “How does that system fit into a world where assembly lines have gone away? It doesn't. The public school system is designed to produce a workforce for an economy that will not be there. And therefore, with all the best intentions in the world, we're stealing the kids' future.”, Alvin Toffler<br />
  57. Designing Moody Middle 2014<br />
  58. Student leads a discussion<br />
  59. Teacher Librarian Included<br />
  60. Tyler’s Loving School in 2016<br />Individualized Learning Plans<br />Small learning communities<br />Personal and team learning spaces<br />Learning Facilitators / coaches<br />Cross-curricular<br />Project based<br />3D video and holographic messaging<br />Interactive learning slates<br />Interactive 3D holographic video chat<br />Global learning communities<br />No-touch / multi-touch learning glass surfaces<br />Student learning teams<br />Self-directed learning<br />Interdependent learning<br />
  61. What resonated with you about the ideas found in the 2016 scenario about Tyler with respect to Personalized Learning?<br />istockphoto.com # 4311434<br />
  62. and supportive Parents…<br />