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This presentation will discuss project requirements, and how Magnolia CMS continues to successfully meet these requirements. In particular, the talk will focus on agency planning strategies …

This presentation will discuss project requirements, and how Magnolia CMS continues to successfully meet these requirements. In particular, the talk will focus on agency planning strategies for rolling out Magnolia CMS in the Enterprise, and advantages of using the Magnolia STK. In addition, the presentation will discuss C-E's experience integrating loosely-coupled application extensibility by leveraging Magnolia Blossom and RESTful Web Services.

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  • 2. CAMPBELL-EWALD SOCIAL PROFILE Matt Dertinger VP, User Interface Architect CAMPBELL-EWALD Family Married into big, supportive Italian family, originally from Apricena, Italy. Now half live in Detroit, Michigan, USA, and other half live in Toronto, Canada Wife, son, and daughter Profession 10 years and counting with C-E in Detroit, Michigan, USA Worked on the Navy account from the beginning Prior to C-E, worked for Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) in San Diego, California, USA Stuff I : Agile Development, Grails, Groovy, Magnolia CMS, Microformats, Web Services, Web Standards, Smart people, Playing guitar, and Indie Rock Favorite Quote: Before I speak, I have something important to say. — Groucho Marx BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 2 CONFERENCE
  • 3. CAMPBELL-EWALD ABOUT C-E C-E now a Magnolia Partner One of the largest advertising and digital communications agencies in the U.S. HQ Detroit area, with offices in: Los Angeles, California San Antonio, Texas Washington D.C. BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 3 CONFERENCE
  • 4. + TM C-E + NAVY
  • 5. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + NAVY WHERE WE’VE BEEN 2000 – C-E awarded U.S. Navy account 2001 – 1.0 – Established our commitment to Web Standards 2003 – 2.0 – First accessible U.S. military website 2005 – 3.0 – Cited as example in Designing with Web Standards 2nd and 3rd editions 80+ industry awards, including Ogilvy, MOSAIC, ECHO, Cannes, and EFFIE ~99% Open Source BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 5 CONFERENCE
  • 6. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + NAVY WHAT WE’VE DONE Helped the Navy achieve a record 110 straight months (and counting) of meeting General Enlistment recruitment goals 600,000+ leads processed in 2009 55,000+ new hires in 2009 BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 6 CONFERENCE
  • 7. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + NAVY WHERE WE NEEDED TO GO Content is King – Need ability to respond rapidly to users’ content needs Example: April 2009, Somali Pirates incident – huge spike in site traffic More Appy – Need to engage users through interaction and sociability BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 7 CONFERENCE
  • 8. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + NAVY WHAT WE NEEDED TO GET THERE A CMS that met the following high-level criteria: Easy to learn, easy to use Easy to develop with – won’t get in the way of continuous integration / feature development cycles Web Standards compliant Quick release – Short start-up / implementation time BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 8 CONFERENCE
  • 9. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + NAVY CHARTING THE COURSE ~6 months researching and evaluating open source content management systems Considered PHP, Python, and Java based solutions Silva Built functional prototypes BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 9 CONFERENCE
  • 10. CAMPBELL-EWALD WHAT WE LEARNED JCR based solutions offered more features, but also tended to be more complicated App Integration is lacking from many of the offerings Alfresco Surf Framework was interesting, but took time In context editing was an invaluable feature, we just could not see living without BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 10 CONFERENCE
  • 11. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + NAVY MAGNOLIA ABOARD Reasons for choosing Magnolia: Met all of our high-level criteria Flexible Publishing Platform – Great user interface for editing Workflow included and extendable Impressed by the quality of code Standard Templating Kit (STK) was exactly what we needed App Integration with multiple frameworks and services BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 11 CONFERENCE
  • 12. CAMPBELL-EWALD MAGNOLIA ABOARD Some intangible reasons for choosing Magnolia: Community was well structured, focused, helpful and friendly Design Simplification – Features based on solving real world problems Impressed by Magnolia as a company Business model built on openness and responsiveness Developers sold the product they created Demonstrated a commitment to Agile Development that aligned well with C-E BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 12 CONFERENCE
  • 13. + C-E + MAGNOLIA
  • 14. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + MAGNOLIA MODELING Modeling sessions started before selection of a CMS Content Strategy Competitive Analysis, Persona Development, Content Audit Experience Planning Usability Testing, Site Map, User Flows, Initial Wireframe Development Application Architecture Needed to create an overall model prior to CMS selection – model had to be interoperable RESTful Web Services for business components Grails Framework for Web Service App Open Issue - How to integrate REST Client within the CMS? BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 14 CONFERENCE
  • 15. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + MAGNOLIA PLANNING Schedule allocated ~3 months to develop initial release Focus on high priority client-valued features Once Magnolia was selected Decided to set-up new Continuous Integration environment modeled after Magnolia’s Risk mitigation by leaving the STK alone, extended only when necessary Created Magnolia STK Stencil Library for OmniGraffle to aid wireframe development Created Guide to Magnolia Paragraphs for Content Authors BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 15 CONFERENCE
  • 16. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + MAGNOLIA HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE POM Migrated from Ant, Gant and Ivy based builds to Apache Maven 2 Recommended reading: Apache Maven 2 Effective Implementation by Maria Odea Ching and Brett Porter Selected Apache Archiva for Repository Manager Selected Hudson CI for Continuous Integration Server Modeled Subversion Repository layout on Magnolia’s ( BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 16 CONFERENCE
  • 17. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + MAGNOLIA MAGNOLIA STK STENCIL LIBRARY FOR OMNIGRAFFLE Created Stencil Library based on the Static Prototype Helped identify available use case options Helped guide art directors during creative theming and brand integration Aligned well with actual execution ! EW Available on the Magnolia Wiki N BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 17 CONFERENCE
  • 18. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + MAGNOLIA GUIDE TO MAGNOLIA PARAGRAPHS FOR CONTENT AUTHORS Created to help writers know what is available Handed out during user training sessions Helped with populating content – Paragraph names and descriptions match those in the paragraph selection dialogs BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 18 CONFERENCE
  • 20. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + MAGNOLIA STK APPROACH Used static prototype site bundled with STK for initial theme development Multi Module set-up Theme Module – css, background images, js Navy Templating Kit Module – extends STK Navy Project Module – site definition BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 20 CONFERENCE
  • 21. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + MAGNOLIA STK RISK MITIGATION Writers, Art Directors, Developers, and QA worked in parallel Web Standards and Accessibility Compliance Usability Conducted Usability Testing as the site was being developed and after launch STK Templates tested extremely well with participants SEO Friendly BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 21 CONFERENCE
  • 22. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + MAGNOLIA STK EXTENSIBILITY Example: Navy Life-Ops Personality Profile Test to help potential recruits plan their future Make the test easier to take Kept wizard type interface Streamlined selection process Completion rate increased from 63% to 89% BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 22 CONFERENCE
  • 23. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + MAGNOLIA STK FINDINGS Allowed concurrent development Freemarker is your friend Imaging module reduced asset development time Presentation issues were easy to fix thanks to Inline Templating module Flexibility and Extensibility BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 23 CONFERENCE
  • 24. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + MAGNOLIA BLOSSOM Straight forward App Integration @version 0.5 – released just as development was about to start @annotations = paragraphs and templates @since 1.0 – support for Freemarker BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 24 CONFERENCE
  • 25. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + MAGNOLIA BLOSSOM + RESTEASY Navy Custom Module RESTEasy provided nice Blossom JAX-RS client Aligned with Magnolia CMS roadmap Navy Web Service Registry Allowed business Business Component 1 Business Component 3 components to be loosely- Business Component 2 Business Component n coupled to CMS BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 25 CONFERENCE
  • 26. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + MAGNOLIA C-E + MAGNOLIA = NAVY.COM Start-up – Extremely fast to implement Simple Open-Source Content Management Agility – Great fit for Agile Development Open-Source Gold – Classes were extremely Download clean, easy to follow and extend Magnolia Good Role Model – Provided an excellent CMS now example we could model ourselves after High-Speed Dev – STK sped up development dramatically and reduced risk Spring Breeze – Blossom for app integration BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 26 CONFERENCE
  • 27. CAMPBELL-EWALD C-E + MAGNOLIA C-E + MAGNOLIA = NAVY.COM Special Thanks to... Felix Stern As impressive as the Magnolia CMS product is on its Boris Kraft own, its nothing compared to the service Magnolia as a partner provides. Their outstanding customer Zdenek Skodik support, collaboration, commitment to frequent releases, and adherence to Agile development have Jan Hadeka made Magnolia an invaluable partner. — Me Tobias Mattsson BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 27 CONFERENCE
  • 28. WHAT’S AHEAD?
  • 29. CAMPBELL-EWALD NAVYRESERVE.COM Multi-site Support Leverage STK extends to simplify configuration Concurrent development with feature enhancements to Shared business components BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 29 CONFERENCE
  • 30. CAMPBELL-EWALD THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST My Contact Info... Blogs... C-E Info... Twitter: @mderting the nextengine CAMPBELL-EWALD’S THOUGHT LEADERSHIP BLOG 30400 Van Dyke Avenue garden Warren, Michigan 48093 USA Tel: +1 586 574 3400 the ENVIRONMENTALLY MINDED. MARKET FOCUSED.™ Website: BASEL, SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2010 30 CONFERENCE