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World War I Virtual Museum

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Mitchell Mann

  1. 1. Museum World War One
  2. 2. Causes of WWI
  3. 3. Trench Warfare
  4. 4. Why the US entered WWI
  5. 5. US in WWI
  6. 6. To Lobby
  7. 8. Imperialism European nations began to compete for newly discovered colonies. Areas of conflict included Africa, Bosnia, Alsace and Lorraine.
  8. 9. It takes 47 days and 1.2 million soldiers but the US cuts off the German supply. By October, 1918 German lines are crumbling. On November 11 th , 1918 the war ends. US in WWI
  9. 10. US in WWI By July, 1918 the U.S. have 1 million troops in the war. The plan is to cut off the German rail lines that supply their troops.
  10. 11. Propaganda Propaganda was used in both WWI in order to recruit soldiers for the war. This was before the draft was implemented and citizens were forced at the age of 18 to go and fight. Propaganda was used for nationalism in order to strike pride into the citizens of their country.
  11. 12. Imperialism Armies were quickly gathering up land in preparation of a war. This would lead to conflicts over land and result in WWI.
  12. 13. Nationalism Nationalism, or pride in your country, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But too much of it eventually leads to many wars and conflicts between neighboring countries.
  13. 14. Alliances Allies: Great Britain, France, Russia and later the USA. Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungry and the Ottoman Empire
  14. 15. Trench Warfare Conditions in the trenches were awful. Rats were everywhere, it was soggy, and you had people shooting at you. What could be worse?
  15. 16. Trench Warfare Attacks would come at dawn and dusk. Men would run at the opposing sides trenches, fire on them, and whoever survived would have to run back to their own trenches.
  16. 17. Why the US Entered WWI The Sinking of the Lusitania was one of the main reasons that the United States entered the war. Newspapers published this all over and soon many people in the US urged their government to do something.
  17. 18. Why the US Entered WWI Unrestricted submarine warfare was another reason that the US entered the war. German U boats were able to attack any ship they suspected of carrying supplies to their enemy, Great Britain.
  18. 19. Why the US Entered WWI Zimmerman, a German official, sent a telegram to Mexico City stating that they should attack the US and in return Mexico would get part of their land back from the US.