Google + equals candidates


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Google+ is a Homerun for recruiters, and, on May 23, Brian and , Michael Glenn, technical sourcing and recruiting consultant for Avanade will share how they use the social network.

This Webinar will cover the main features of Google+, as well as what works and what doesn't.

You will learn how to:

Build and share Circle

Build a recruiter profile

Share job links

Organize the stream

Search externally

Save search strings

Use RSS feed

Use video chat

Tap into tools to capture profiles

Inbound Recruiter, Inbound Headhunter, Inbound Headhunter Trainer, Inbound Recruiter Trainer

Find out how Google+ equals candidates. Don't miss this webinar!

Your Inbound Recruiter,


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Google + equals candidates

  1. •Brian Kevin Johnston @bkjrecruiter (Google: “Inbound Recruiter”) •Michael Glenn @glennlist
  2. How Relevant Is Google+ As ARecruiting Tool?(If you stay until the end, I will send you my Amazon published PDF book free-$8.97 value! Directions at end of Webinar)
  3. Are You A Recruiting Bee OrRecruiting Flower?“In nature there are bees and there are flowers and they like each other.Bees need the nectar from flowers for honey and flowers need the bees to pollinate them so they can grow.In the nature of business, we are bees. We go from flower to flower trying to get what we need.We buzz around with great excitement, expending lots of energy and making lots of noise.Buzz. Buzz. We go.But there are only so many flowers.And the buzzing bees can only go so far.The bees try hard anyway because they are bees.They go as far as they can and still frequent their favorite flowers often.Sometimes there are other bees to compete with.They zip and they zap around them trying to get to the same flowers. Buzz. Buzz.Soon, though, bees get very very tired always buzzing and looking for new flowers …The zipping and zapping, too, is wearing on their wings.There are just SO many other bees and only so much nectar to go around…Soon all the buzzing doesn’t sound so exciting anymore.In all the buzzing the flower stays put and laughs at the busy bees.The flower is smart. It makes such good nectar that it draws the bees in and doesn’t have to go anywhere.The flower stays grounded and uses all its resources to keep producing newer, sweeter nectars.The bees can’t resist and come in swarms. The flower gets pollinated and grows entire fields.the flower smiles and thinks, “What can I create to bring more bees to me?”
  4. How Did I Get Found By RecruitingTrends?Hi Brian, I saw your video about Google+ and thought Id reach out to you about presenting at a Recruiting Trends webinar. Weve created a series of very well-attended Recruiting Social webinars and the May 23 webinar is Recruiting Social: Google+ Equals Candidates. Given your recruiting background and your interest in Google+, you seem like an ideal fit. Please let me know if youre interested and Ill provide you with more information. Thanks. Best regards, Paula Paula Santonocito. GCDF Managing Editor, Recruiting Trends
  5. G+ Topics Covered Today… Build and share Circles Build a recruiter profile Share job links Organize the stream Search externally Save search strings Use RSS feed Use video chat Tap into tools to capture profiles
  6. If You Don’t Remember AnythingAbout This Webinar… RememberThis!!! Google Owns YouTube (Google LOVES video-I use Ultra HD Flip) Fact: Google’s algorithm will overall rank your Google+ content higher than your Blog, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. Build Out Your G+ Profile and Business Page. Create Good “Nectar” (Ideally video content, unless you want your competitors to rank higher-your choice) Be a FLOWER, not a BEE. (Unless you like pain)
  7. What Is Your Recruiting Why?(Very important to find “meaning” in your recruiter life )
  8. This Is My Recruiting Why!Favorite F-words: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, Finances (order of priority)
  9. Why Listen To Me? 15+ years, nearly 300 TPR (Third Party Recruiter) hires. Nearly 6 years as C-Corp business owner/operator. 30k+ resume in DB, 2k G+, 3k+ Linkedin, 5k+ Facebook, 11.5K+ Twitter etc. (Contacts=Quantity+Quality=Retirement) #1 article in 2011 for Fordyce Letter. Published Author (Amazon-Headhunter and Headhunted) My 2012 desk: 8 offers/nearly 150k billed in 2012 (projected 375k+) BE CAREFUL: Don’t be naïve about our industry!!!
  10. Leads: G+ vs. Others Last 6 Months(Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc) Linkedin: 226 YouTube: 148 FaceBook: 127 Twitter: 45 G+ 16 (Yes, these leads have turned into hires/$) StumbleUpon 8 Hootsuite 3 Reddit 3 Digg 2Take away: G+ is gaining steam, and as Recruiters we must stay ahead of the curve, or your competitors will!!!
  11. How To Create Circles…
  12. Details… Go to the Google+ toolbar near the top of your webpage browser and click on your name. (click circles) This will open your Circles page in a new window. Drag a friend into the "Drop here to create a new circle" space. Drag other friends in your group to the same circle. When youre finished, click "Create Circle.“ Type in a name for your circle and click "Create circle with # people."
  13. Setting Up Your G+ Profile… Sign up for Google + (Must have Google account) Get Started: Click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button to begin. You will then see that it is easy to click on any section you wish to edit. Profile Photo: Select a “real” photo to upload. Name and Headline: Be sure your name is correct. This must be your own name, not the name of a business. Make sure to include a headline. It can be a mix of serious and fun, but use the space wisely. Text Sections: The Introduction is important. What is the story you’d like to tell about yourself? As you write your introduction, you may want to include keywords which would enable you to be found most easily. Employment: This tiny section is extremely powerful, though its power isn’t obvious at first glance. The information you add here will provide a window into what you’re all about to anyone who wants to make a quick decision about whether or not they’d like to connect with you or view your profile to learn more about you. Links: Any good online reputation or digital footprint is seamlessly connected. Make it easy for me to see where else I can find you online. Search Visibility: Now this is key. Do you want your Google+ Profile to show up in search engine results? Formatting Text: In each text section, you have the ability to add links and format the text as best suits your needs. Private vs. Public: Google has learned a lot about users’s desire for complete control over who can see their content and they’ve gone a long way toward allowing you to manage your profile privacy at a granular level. Done!: Bravo, you’ve finished! Just click Done Editing and admire your work.
  14. G+ Profile…
  15. G+ Business Page…
  16. Share Job Links…
  17. Organize Your G+ Stream… G+ organizes your stream alphabetically automatically. Rename with numbers 1-5 (only 5 circle are displayed) This will organize your circles in your priority Example: Create a "Top of Mind" circle, where you put my favorite profiles that you dont want to miss anything. The bottom line is that the filters put you in charge. (Unlike Facebook)
  18. Search G+ Externally… Michael Glenn??
  19. Save G+ Search Strings… Michael Glenn??
  20. Use G+ RSS Fees…
  21. Use G+ Video Chat… G+ Video chat is easy and fun to use As with your Google+ status updates, you can choose which groups of people you want to invite to your Google Hangouts session. (Recruiters ROCK on video!) If you have a browser, ANYONE can use G+ video chat (Hangouts) Voice and video quality is great. Price: FREE, but you must have G+ account (as you should for personal and business) You can watch YouTube videos together (Again, Google own YouTube… Ka-Ching!) We have worked with CLIENTS and CANDIDATES using this feature!
  22. Tools To Capture G+ Profiles… I personally don’t use tools to capture G+ profiles, perhaps Michael can speak on this is he uses them, or I can do some more research, and provide some “reporter” content, and this is not an area of expertise…. 
  23. Friend me up!G+: brian@johnstonsearch.comTwitter: PDF book offer: Send email to stating what you liked (or disliked about thecontent) and I will reply back within a week with free copy of my Amazon book, “Headhunter and Headhunted…” Inbound Recruiter Trainer,Brian-