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Study Guide & CYOA - Constitution 2011


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Study Guide & CYOA - Constitution 2011

  1. 1. CONSTITUTION STUDY GUIDEName:_____________________________ Date:________________ Period:_____A “Just Right Government” HandoutConcept: 1. Why were the Articles of Confederation ineffective?BrainPOP Branches of Government HandoutTerms: 2. bicameralConcepts: 3. Who represents you in Congress? 4. What is the purpose of the 2 term limit for the presidency? 5. How does the Supreme Court balance and check Congress law-making power?Constitution PacketTerms: Concepts: 6. Census 15. Article II: Qualifications & Term of office for the Presidency 7. Quorum 16. Article I: Qualifications & Term of office for the Senate & 8. Writ of habeas corpus House of Representatives 9. Ex post facto law 17. Article III: Qualifications for Supreme Court Justice 10.Extradition 18. Article VI: What is the Supreme Law of the Land & what 11.Treason does that mean? 12.Speaker of the House 19. Article II: The order of Presidential Succession 13.President of the Senate 20. Montesquieu’s 3 recommendations to limit the powers of 14.President Pro Tempore government 21. Article V: How is the Constitution flexible in meeting the needs of society?Electoral CollegeTerms: 22. Electoral College 23. "Winner Takes All"Concepts: 24. How many electoral votes does each state get?War & Peace & Everything In-Between/Who Does That?! HandoutsTerms: 25. Foreign 26. DomesticConcepts: 27. Presidential Powers 28. Congressional Powers
  2. 2. CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE STUDY TOOLSDIRECTIONS: Use the CONSTITUTION STUDY GUIDE & your talents to displayunderstanding. Select 1 STUDY TOOL & Apply YOUR Knowledge from our lessons. You mustuse ALL 28 items from the STUDY GUIDE.DETECTIVES closely examine ARTISTS use pictures, photos, PROFILERS are mostly interested inhistorical facts and put them together music, etc to learn from the past. people and how they think. They likein many forms. They work with charts They produce art in multiple forms to to imagine themselves in historicalto present information clearly and present information to others in situations and write about how theylogically. They enjoy answering unique ways. They enjoy creating would have reacted. They usuallyquestions and finding details. work that shows off their skill and present their information through talent. short writings.1. GO FISH 4. iTUNES LIBRARY 7. Ol Skool Flash CardsCreate a deck of cards based on Make pop culture connections to These are your grandmas flashthe STUDY GUIDE: songs for EACH item on the cards. • Write the items from the STUDY GUIDE. Provide the song Materials: Index Cards study guide on one set of title, artist, & 1 summary cards statement explaining the • Record responses & connection. Must be typed. definitions on another set Materials: computer with internetMaterials Needed: index cards access, printer, paper2. MAKE IT STICK! 5. PICTURE IT! -use color 8. FLASH CARDS 2.0 Sometimes it helps to "see" a Go to the blogs right sidebar &Create an Interactive Online Quiz word by assigning an action to it. under STUDY TOOLS click "Flashbased on the STUDY GUIDE. When you have trouble defining a Card Maker." Dont forget to printGo to the blog. On the right key term, imagine what its doing. and cut out the cards.sidebar under STUDY TOOLS click For example, when you have to Materials: Printer & Paper,on QUIZREVOLUTION. define "habeas corpus," picture a computer with internet access defendant in a courtroom.See teacher for password. 28 items = 28 picturesMaterials: computer with internet Materials: index cards & coloredaccess pencils3. BLOGWARTS 6. ZOOBURST 9. AN APP FOR THATCreate a blog post that includes Create a digital 3D pop up book Have a mobile device witheach item on the STUDY GUIDE. using EACH item from the STUDY educational apps like a flashcardPost a comment on the class blog GUIDE. Click "Zooburst" under maker, doodle buddy, dragonwith a link to your blog or email STUDY TOOLS on the right side dictation, etc.? Use an app with a record, podcast, photo, or printthe word doc to the teacher. bar of the class blog. feature. Post the embed code for theOR…Write at least 10 comments vid or podcast on the blog OR use a See teacher for passwordor stickies on the blog print option OR email thesummarizing, making connections, photo/vid/podcast to teacher. Many Materials: computer with access toposting links, or asking questions study tool apps are free. *If you internet don’t understand this description-must address each item on the DON’T CHOOSE THIS CYOA. DO NOTstudy guide. purchase an app for this CYOA!Materials: computer with internet Materials: Mobile Device + App