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Road to Independence_Close_the_Gaps

  1. 1. 1The Road to Independence CLOSE THE GAPSName:___________________________ Pd:______ Date:________________ WHO PAID FOR THE FRENCH & INDIAN WAR? Proclamation of 1763 Pontiac Appalachian ignored war debt Quartering Act frontier Sugar Act Redcoats assemblies Thomas Gage In 1763, in response to _______________________s Rebellion and to stop war withNative Americans, King George III forbade colonists settling WEST of the_____________________________________ Mountains. This is known as the______________________ ___ ______. Ten thousand (10,000) British________________ enforced the Proclamation. The colonists were angered and____________________ the order like teenagers when told to clean their bedrooms.Therefore, General _____________ ______________was put in charge of the concentrationof soldiers in NY to rush to "hot spots" (areas of trouble) along the _________________.A couple years later in 1765, the British redcoats required housing. As a result, the____________________ ________ of 1765 required colonists to quarter troops. Thismeans to provide housing and supplies for the British soldiers. Britain begins to tighten control over the 13 colonies. Despite getting a "W" in theFrench and Indian War, the British piggy bank (treasury) was empty. King George III andParliament believed the colonists should pay for the war since the British redcoats protectedthem. Therefore, a series of unpopular taxes were imposed for 2 major reasons: to pay the___________ ____________ and to pay for the soldiers on the frontier. The _______________ ____________ of 1764 put a three-cent tax on foreign sugar,molasses, and increased taxes on coffee, indigo, and certain kinds of wine. It bannedimportation of rum and French wines. The British actually lowered the price of sugar todecrease smuggled goods (illegal goods). This is the first time Britain taxes all 13 coloniesto raise money directly for the crown. The colonists are dismayed and angered. Britain hadleft them alone for years (this is Known as salutary neglect) and their own political________________/legislatures already taxed them. 1
  2. 2. 2 How did the colonists resist injustice? petition Colonial assemblies Boycott Stamp Act Congress tarred & feathered Redcoats Adams protests Stamp Act No taxation without representation Funeral of the Stamp Act Sons & Daughters of Liberty Declaratory Act In 1765, the ______________ ______________ was the first British tax on goodsthat the colonists made for themselves. This tax on newspapers, legal documents (i.e.,deeds), diplomas, and even playing cards resulted in colonial resistance. The colonists didnot send representatives to the British Parliament, therefore, their rally cry was "_______________________ _________________ _____________________." That same year,Colonial representatives met at the in New York to tell Parliament that they were not theboss of them. They drew up a ______________ protesting the Stamp Act, declared that theright to tax belonged solely to the _________________ _________________. Thismeeting is called the _________________ ____________ ____________ This act unifiedthe colonies and they also refused to buy British goods. The refusal to buy goods is called a___________________. Additionally, secret societies known as the ______________ __________________ ____ _______________ led by Sam _____________staged___________________, burned stamped paper and _______________ ___________________ customs officials. Customs officials collect taxes. Tarring and featheringoften led to extreme pain, infection, and death. Most Sons of Liberty were lawyers,merchants, & artisans (the people most affected by the Stamp Act.). In 1766, Parliamentresponded to colonial resistance by cancelling the Stamp Act. This became known as the"________________ ______ _________ _________________ ________________."However, Parliament made sure to tell the colonists that they were still the boss of them bypassing the _________________________ _______ which declared Parliaments right to ruleand tax the colonists in "all cases whatsoever." 2
  3. 3. 3 What Was the Boston Massacre? tea repealed Townshend Acts acquitted casualty Redcoats branded Boston Massacre Writs of Assistance John Adams Crispus Attucks Since 1760, Redcoats used search warrants checking for smuggled goods called___________ ____ _________________. These writs gave unlimited search rights toBritish officers. Colonials believed that unlimited searches violated their natural rights. In1767, the _______________ _______________taxed glass, paper, paint, lead, and tea.This tax had to be paid in gold or silver to pay the salaries of royal officials working in thecolonies. The colonists were enraged because now they had no way to punish bad officials.In 1770, Parliament _______________________ the Townshend Acts & ended all taxesexcept on imported ___________. There are 2 sides to every story and in some cases multiple POVs. The____________________ ____________________ is one such event.__________________ often worked side jobs for less money than the colonists because theydid not make much money as a soldier. As a result, the Sons of Liberty led riots and protestsagainst the redcoats. On March 5, 1770 at the Customs House in Boston, a gang of youths &dockworkers threw snowballs, ice, sticks, and stones at redcoats, taunting them yelling,"lobsters" and "lobsterbacks." Inadvertently, one soldier fired. In the end, 5 men diedincluding ______________ __________________. Attucks was a runaway slave and the 1st________________ of the American Revolution. The soldiers were arrested for murder anddefended by the Patriot, _______________ _______________, the 2nd President of the USA,and Josiah Quincy. Adams believed that everyone deserved an honest defense. Sevenredcoats were _________________(found not guilty) and 2 were found guilty ofmanslaughter and had the thumb on their right hand _____________________. That is whywe have to raise our right hand in a courtroom. who partied like it was 1773? 3
  4. 4. 4 monopoly tyranny tar and feather Tea Act coerce King George Intolerable Intolerable Acts Daughters of Liberty The 13 colonies protested the British tax on tea through boycotts. As a result,in 1773, the British East India Company had a surplus of tea that they needed to sell or 18million dollars worth of tea would be wasted! British Prime Minister Lord Frederick North andParliament passed a new law. The __________ _________ of 1773, allowed the British EastIndia Company to be the only company that sold tea in the Colonies. Their tea was lessexpensive than smuggled tea even with the tax. The Tea Act gave the British East IndiaCompany a _____________________ on the tea trade. The jobs of colonial shippers andmerchants were threatened because the British East India Company would ship and sell thetea themselves, thus cutting out the middle-man. Rebellion is brewing and the Sons ofLiberty threaten and ______ ______ ___________ East India Agents. On December 16, 1763, about 7,000 colonists meet in Boston. Sam Adams, leader ofthe Sons of Liberty, rallied the crowd, "Tea stands for ______________." The_____________ ___ ___________________ make Mohawk costumes for the Sons ofLibertys evening excursion to Griffens Wharf. They party like its 1773 and cry, "RallyMohawks! Bring out your axes! Tell __________ ___________ well pay no taxes!" as theydump 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor. King George III believes the colonists are children that need to be punished. BostonHarbor is closed until the tea is paid for! The Massachusetts representative government isrestricted and General Thomas Gage is appointed governor of Massachusetts! Additionally,British commanders could house troops wherever necessary and British officials would standtrial in Britain rather than the colonies. This became known as the ___________________________ also known as the Coercive Acts. _______________ means unbearable. To___________ someone means to force. Who Wins Lexington and Concord? Patrick Henry Georgia John Locke 4
  5. 5. 5 minutemen militia redcoats First Continental Congress Paul Revere retreat ban Lexington "shot heard round the world" In 1774, representatives from every colony except _____________________ met inPhiladelphia at the _____________ _______________________ ___________________.The Congress decides to _________British goods and to begin training soldiers. JohnHancock was in charge of the Committee of Safety and had the power to call out the______________________ in Massachusetts. A militia is an army of ordinary citizens. In 1775, ___________________ _________________ risked his life to defend thenatural rights of man in his famous speech to the Virginia House of Burgesses, "Give MeLiberty or Give Me Death!" We should not forget who inspired our founding fathers andmothers! During the Enlightenment, _____________ ______________ declared that allmen are born with natural rights. Locke is quoted in Common Sense by Thomas Paine andthe Declaration of Independence by Jefferson. To ensure public safety in Boston, Sam Adams spy network watched British activities.General Thomas Gage learned from his spies that __________________, citizen soldiersready at a minutes notice, stored guns in Concord, MA. Gage ordered his men to destroy thesupplies and arrest Hancock and Sam Adams. In April 1775, Patriot leader ____________________________ discovers that British soldiers will soon attack & capture Hancock andAdams in Lexington. On the night of April 18, 1775, Patriots use two lanterns in the OldNorth Church to warn others that the Redcoats were coming by sea (Boston Harbor). Reverebegins his ride at 11 pm yelling, "The ____________ are coming!" William Dawes and Dr.Samuel Prescott joined Revere but Revere was captured. He was released but his horse wasseized. The midnight ride of Paul Revere warns the minutemen and they are ready for theRedcoats on April 19, 1775. At Lexington, 700 Redcoats ordered 70 minutemen to drop theirmuskets and within minutes 8 colonists lay dead. 700 Redcoats against 70 Minutemen?Seems like Target Practice to me… The British continued the march to Concord, destroyed the military supplies, and abattle broke out at North Bridge. Four thousand MINUTEMEN LINED THE ROAD FROMLEXINGTON TO CONCORD and peppered the Redcoats with musket fire which resulted in theBritish __________ to Boston. A British soldier wrote, “It seemed as if men came down fromthe clouds." Lexington and Concord is the FIRST BATTLE of the American Revolution. It is 5
  6. 6. 6also know as the "________ ____________ ___________ _______ __________________" -Ralph Waldo Emerson. Why do THEY wait to fire till they see the whites of their Eyes? Washington Philadelphia Continental Army Continental Congress Battle of Bunker Hill peace slavery Dont Fire Till You See the Whites of Their Eyes artillery London Olive Branch Petition Thomas Paine Common Sense independence Thomas JeffersonIn May of 1775, The Second _______________ _____________ meets again in_________________. Some of the reps include: JOHN ADAMS, SAM ADAMS, JOHNHANCOCK, BEN FRANKLIN, GEORGE WASHINGTON, and PATRICK HENRY. The Congressagreed to form a _________________ _______________ and ___________________was selected as its commanding general. In June of 1775, the Patriots moved to occupy thepeninsula near Boston and turned it into an armed camp. At the __________________ ______________________ __________________ the Patriots had to conserve their gun-powder.Therefore, COL. WILLIAM PRESCOTT’S ORDERED, "_______ _________ _________________ _______ ______ _________ ____ _________ _________!" British GeneralWilliam Howe formed assault lines with 2200 men and after 2 attempts retook Bunker andBreeds Hill because the Patriots ran out of gun-powder. In July of 1775, the Continental Congress made one last effort for __________ & senta letter to _______________ requesting King George III to stop the war. This letter isknown as the ___________ _____________ ______________ . He refused. Consequently,in January 1776, Washington moved his army to Dorchester Heights and bombarded Bostonwith artillery until the British fled. In January of 1776, the Patriot and gifted writer, ______________ ______________,wrote a persuasive pamphlet encouraging the 13 Colonies to declare ___________________.His pamphlet was titled, ______________ ______________. Soon afterward_____________________ ________________________ wrote, "all men are created equaland they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights that among these arelife, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Unfortunately, the passage condemning______________ was cut from the final document. 6