CYOA: Study Tools


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CYOA: Study Tools

  1. 1. CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE STUDY TOOLS USE YOUR STUDY GUIDE to COMPLETE the CYOA. CHOOSE 1! DIRECTIONS: Use your talents and display your understanding. Select 1 STUDY TOOL& Apply YOUR Knowledge from our lessons. You must use ALL 18 items from the STUDY GUIDE.DETECTIVES closely examine ARTISTS use pictures, photos, PROFILERSare mostly interested inhistorical facts and put them together music, etc to learn from the past. people and how they think. They like toin many forms. They work with charts They produce art in multiple forms to imagine themselves in historicalto present information clearly and present information to others in situations and write about how theylogically. They enjoy answering unique ways. They enjoy creating would have reacted. They usuallyquestions and finding details. work that shows off their skill and present their information through short talent. writings.GO FISH iTUNES LIBRARY Ol Skool Flash CardsCreate a deck of cards based on the Make pop culture connections to These are your grandmas flashSTUDY GUIDE: songs for EACH item on the cards. Write the items from the STUDY GUIDE. Provide the study guide on one set of song title, artist, & 1 summary Materials: Index Cardsor Paper cut into cards cards statement explaining the Record responses connection. Must be typed. &definitions on another set Materials: computer with internetMaterials Needed: index cards access, printer, paperMAKE IT STICK! PICTURE IT!*Must use color FLASH CARDS 2.0Create an Interactive Online Quiz Sometimes it helps to "see" a Go to the blogs right sidebar &based on the STUDY GUIDE. Go person, place, event, key term by under STUDY TOOLS click on FLASHto the blog. On the right sidebar assigning an action to it. When CARD MAKER. Dont forget to printunder STUDY TOOLS click on you have trouble defining a key &cut out cards.QUIZREVOLUTION. term, imagine what its doing. For example, when you have to define Materials: Printer & Paper, computer with internet accessSee teacher for password. "civic virtue," picture Cincinnatus.Materials: computer with internet Materials: paper & colored pencilsaccessCONCEPT MAP ZOOBURST BLOGWARTS Create a digital 3D pop up book Create a blog post that includesUse the study guide to create a using EACH item from the STUDY each item on the STUDY GUIDE.concept map that includes each GUIDE. Click on Zooburst under Post a comment on the class blogitem from the STUDY GUIDE STUDY TOOLS on the right side with a link to your blog or email theANDdefinitions/responses bar of the class blog. word doc to the teacher.Materials: paper OR…Write at least 10 comments See teacher for password or stickies on the blog summarizing, Materials: computer with access to making connections or asking internet questions -must address each item on the study guide. Materials: computer with internet