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  • In 2008 my Dad was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer \n
  • When i found out my dad had prostate cancer i always wanted to help the cause and this was the perfect time to do that so I raise money for Prostate Cancer Awareness at Fox Chase Cancer Center \n
  • This slide i will talk about the facts about prostate cancer and how it effects most men in America at this time today. How it is very genetic, if any type of cancer is in you family you should go to the doctors at earlier age then the average men. \n
  • Facts: I will talk about the facts of prostate cancer and the %’s of the men that will get it and more about the prostate. \n
  • My Over view of my presentation \n
  • The prostate is an organ if the male reproductive system, i will talk about where the prostate is located and what the function of the prostate is and how it effects the the male body with the cancer and with out it. \n
  • How the prostate cancer starts and what factors factor into making prostate cancer attack you.\n
  • In this section I will talk about the prevention what you should do to prevent getting prostate cancer and what the big factors of prevention is.\n
  • Doctor Visit’s Early: This could prevent getting prostate cancer, and its just a check up, no guy wants to get a prostate exam it may be uncomfortable but trust me it wroth it \n
  • 50 years of age is the average age for men in America to start showing symptoms of prostate cancer. i will explain the effects if you wait and reasons why you shouldn't wait and go get a prostate exam when you are 50\n
  • Age Chart: I will read the age chart and what age’s are more likely to get prostate cancer then others. \n
  • It is never to early to get check for prostate cancer and if it is in your family, always be aware of the symptoms of the prostate cancer, \n
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  • Discomfort: You will have bone pain in your pelvic area and your hip area. \nBurning sensation while going to the bathroom. And consent need to go to the bathroom, mostly during the night time.\n
  • Will explain where the prostate is located in the pelvis \n
  • Swelling and Blood: There will be swelling in you legs because of the swelling of the lymph node’s, and there would be blood in your urine this are all big signs of prostate cancer.\n
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  • Stage I prostate cancer is a very slow is spreading through the body, sometimes you wont even know that you have it because you wont get any symptoms and it will be growing and if this is caught early enough it will be treated will a light session of radiation \n
  • Stage II prostate cancer needs to be treated right away, if not will spread through the body the PSA levels might be a little high then normal something that should be look at, but if found earlier enough there is nothing to worry about you just get treatments\n
  • Stage III prostate cancer is dangerous this means is spread outside the prostate glad, and will be very noticeable with symptoms also will make the PSA level way above the normal, this will be treated with chemotherapy \n
  • Stage IV, if you have stage IV prostate cancer that means the cancer has already spread outside the prostate and attacked the organs and glads in the area, and there will be very sever symptoms with in the body.\n
  • In the section of my presentation I will talk about all the treatments for prostate cancer\n
  • Radiation is high energy x rays to kill the cancer cells in the body there are two different way you can receive radiation external and internal, radiation could be used for all the stages of prostate cancer but just used different ways. \n
  • Hormone Therapy is also used to remove the cancer hormones in the body, this type of therapy blocks the hormones form the blood stream and also another PSA level reducer, and used for all stages of prostate cancer \n
  • Chemotherapy is a drug used to kill the cancer cells and stop them from growing and dividing into more cancer cells there is also two different ways of getting chemotherapy and this drug is used for more of the higher stages of prostate cancer.\n\n
  • Prostate Removal:Only good in early stages of the prostate cancer because of such things called jumper\n
  • I will name all the side effects of all the treatments that i have listed witch are radiation, hormone therapy, chemo, and prostate removal \n
  • PSA Level: Will explain what the chart means and talk about what the PSA stands for \n
  • Race: Is very important when it comes to prostate cancer some people don’t realize that but i will talk about what race has the best chances of not have the cancer and what race has a high risk \n
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  • Exercise: Very important thing to do when you have cancer gets the blood following through your hole body and help fights infections but this is very good to do while having prostate cancer just not to much. \n
  • Diet: Iron is one of the most important things to keep in your blood count every week when you get checked because the cancer takes he iron count down so make sure to eat a lot of food with iron in it. \n
  • Vitamins: All these vitamins are good for your body even without cancer but they are good supplements for vitamins you don’t usually get and they help with fighting the cancer cells \n
  • Fact: Heavy drinking through out your life increase the risk of getting higher stage prostate cancer.\n
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  • Family is very important my personal feeling is it just does not effect the person who has the prostate cancer it effects his family and friends \n
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  • Kilpatrick sgp

    1. 1. Prostate Cancer“Strike Out Cancer” Brandon Kilpatrick
    3. 3. THESIS/PURPOSEWhen i found out my dad had prostate cancer i alwayswanted to help the cause and this was the perfect time to dothat so I raise money for Prostate Cancer Awareness at FoxChase Cancer Center
    4. 4. FACTSMost Common cancer for men3rd most killing cancer in AmericaGeneticAll men are at risk for prostate cancer
    5. 5. SOME MORE FACTSMore the 15% of all men by the age of 6o will have someproblem’s with their prostateThe prostate is roughly the size of a walnut
    6. 6. OVERVIEWWhat is the prostate?PreventionSymptoms & SignsStages of Prostate CancerTreatmentsFighting Prostate Cancer
    7. 7. WHAT IS THE PROSTATE?The Prostate is an organ of themale reproductive system. It islocated directly below the bladder
    8. 8. HOW PROSTATE CANCER STARTSThere is many reason’s why and how prostate cancer starts First the prostate enlarges Age Race Family history
    9. 9. PREVENTION Doctor visit’s yearlyNever to early to start to preventing prostate cancer Age is a big factor
    10. 10. DOCTOR VISIT’S EARLYThis could prevent getting the higher stages of prostatecancerNo guy want’s to get a prostate exam but it’s worth itCheck up once a year
    11. 11. AGE IS A FACTOR50 years old is the average age when you should start gettingchecked for prostate cancerIf you wait....But it’s safe to get it checked in your 40’s
    12. 12. AGE CHARTAge’s 1 to 39 = 1 in every 10,149 guysAge’s 39 to 59 = 1 in every 38 guysAge’s 59 to 69 = 1 in every 14 guysAge’s 69 to 79 = 1 in every 7 guys
    13. 13. NEVER TO EARLYTo get check for prostate cancerIf cancer is in your familyBut always be aware of symptoms
    14. 14. Symptoms & Signs Discomfort Swelling Blood
    15. 15. DISCOMFORTPelvic discomfortPain in lower back and muscles in the and hip regionBurning sensation and abdomen pain while urinatingConsent need to go to the bathroomBone Pain
    16. 16. SWELLING & BLOODSwelling in the legsSwelling of the lymph nodegladsBlood in your urine
    17. 17. STAGES OF PROSTATE CANCER Stage I Stage II Stage III Stage IV
    18. 18. STAGE 1The cancer spot is smallVery slow growingSometimes no symptomsWill be treated with alight session of radiation “Prostate Cancer Stage I”
    19. 19. STAGE IINeeds to be treatedWill spread through thebodyPSA levels might be alittle highLikely to have minimum “Prostate Cancer Stage II” Foxchase.combut some symptoms
    20. 20. STAGE IIIThe cancer has spreadoutside of the prostateMany symptoms at thispoint in the cancerPSA level way abovenormalChemotherapy
    21. 21. STAGE IVThe cancer has spread Hormone Therapy,and already attacked the Chemotherapy, Radiationorgan or any glads in the all can be used for stagearea IVBone painSpread to the lymphnodes
    22. 22. TREATMENTS Radiation Chemotherapy Hormone Therapy Prostate removal
    23. 23. RadiationUses high energy x-rays to kill the cancer cells in the body."Prostate Cancer Radiation Treatment."
    24. 24. HORMONE THERAPY Removes the cancer hormones in the body Also reduces the PSA Level Blocks the hormones from the blood stream “Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Treatment”
    25. 25. CHEMOTHERAPYUsing drugs to kill the cancer cellsStop’s them from dividing into more cancer cellsTwo ways of getting chemo.
    26. 26. PROSTATE REMOVALThis is a good decision to have your prostate removed onlyif your in the early first stage of the cancerBecause if you are in the higher stages it will be a lot oftrouble taking it out
    27. 27. SIDE EFFECTSRadiation -Not feeling as great, a rash or irritation wherethe radiation beam hits youHormone Therapy - There’s no really bad side effect ofhormone therapy, just not feeling as great as usualChemotherapy -Hair lose, feeling horrible the next few days,very bad sicknessProstate Removal -Only in early stages, if taken out mayhave “jumpers” witch is when the cancer jumps from theprostate while being taken out to other organ or bones.
    28. 28. WHAT IS PSA LEVEL Prostate Specific AntigenIs the protein produced by the cells in the prostate gland
    29. 29. RACEBlack men are twice as likely to get prostate cancer thewhite men areThe Japanese men will have the lowest risk of gettingprostate cancer
    30. 30. FIGHTING PROSTATE CANCER Exercise Diet Vitamins
    31. 31. EXERCISERegularly exercise all of your muscles in your bodyGet the blood flowing through your bodyHelps fight the cancer infection
    32. 32. DIETIronFruits and VegetablesCalories under control
    33. 33. VITAMINSOmega 3Green TeaVitamin C
    34. 34. ALCOHOLFact: Heavy drinking of alcohol increases the risk of getting high grade prostate cancer
    35. 35. FAMILY Who this may effect?Is their anyone you love with prostate or any type of cancer Some people don’t understand what cancer does
    36. 36. WHO THIS MAY EFFECT?FamilyFriendsCancer just does not effect the one person it effectseveryone around him
    37. 37. WHAT IS CANCER?
    38. 38. UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF CANCERCancer- The disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in apart of the body. But no one thinks of it as that People think, loved ones and rough times.
    39. 39. DO YOU KNOW ANYONE WITH PROSTATE CANCERThis includes Dad Brother Uncle Friend Grandpa
    40. 40. CLASS ACTIVITYWhat you would say to a person you love that had prostatecancer, write this on the ribbon
    41. 41. APPLICATIONAs my application I made a fun raiser called “Strike OutCancer” and this fun raiser was in and out side of school Isold the Prostate Cancer Awareness wristbands
    42. 42. FOX CHASEAll the money that I raised went right here that help my dadand my family out so muchI sold 99 wristbands with some extra donations I gave toFox Chase $334.00
    44. 44. CONCLUSIONMy conclusion is thatnever take your loved onesfor granted because you’llnever know what couldhappen and I thank youeveryone who helped mewith my fund raiser
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    47. 47. MUSICMusic by: Tim McGraw- Live Like You Were Dying