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Brazen Careerist Brazen Careerist Presentation Transcript

  • Brazen Careerist: “Where ideas are your resume”
    By :Brittany Keenhold
  • What is Brazen Careerist?
    By definition the term Brazen is used in context of this site to; make bold– or to stand out from a crowd.
    A careerist is someone looking to advance in their career. “careerist individuals are often seen as conniving workers who will stop at nothing to succeed.”(Wikipedia)
    Brazen Careerist:
    In regards to what we have now learned it is fitting and formal to refer to this site a source to strive for more. You have a sense of who you are and what you can provide and now is youropportunity to show what you got and even embellish
  • The Following Information was derived from About Brazen Careerist
    A Career Management Tool for Today's Workplace
    Social networking is not a trend. It's part of the culture surrounding our family, our friends and our careers.
    It's no longer enough to polish your resume when it's time to look for a new job. You need to be active. Controlling your professional identity-whether you're employed or not-is the hands-on approach to career management that employers are looking for. And that's what Brazen Careerist is all about
    What is Brazen Careerist?
    Brazen Careerist is a career management tool for next-generation professionals. In a career space where experienced professionals win, we've created a community that levels the playing field.
  • Who Is this for?
    Not Only is Brazen Careerist useful for you the employee but its also useful for employers
    -Employers and recruiters looking to hire
    -Peers at work or in your field
    -Entrepreneurs seeking collaboration
    -Reporters looking for expert opinions
  • Why Use Brazen Careerist?
    Be found by top-choice employers with an ideas-based resume
    Build your network through a customized, professional feed
    Manage your professional brand with a search-optimized profile
    Meet future collaborators through location and interest-based groups
    Create financial stability by managing your career as an asset
  • Member Login
    Here is the homepage for Brazen Careerist. As you can see the homepage is a basic layout and simple to access. In the top right hand corner is the login and if you are not a member there is a column to register as shown here.
  • Your Homepage: As you login as a member you are then directed to your personal profile.
  • Building your Profile
    Personal Profile:
    “Start building a professional identity that reflects the things people won't find on your traditional resume: ideas, passions, expertise and potential! Then, become a fan of people to watch this page turn into your customized fan feed. Here's how to get started:”
  • Complete your Resume:
    Not only do you need a Resume for your future job and career searches– here at Brazen Careerist is a staple to your profile. Your have the opportunity to either upload your existing resume or create a basic resume– also open to the public as your profile
    This site has a fool proof plan and layout to build your resume. Following a series of steps you can build your resume in no time
  • It’s a Community!!
    Like a majority of online communities out there Brazen Careerist encourages that all their members connect with one another as well as connect with use of other online communities– for example Facebook.
    Connect your communities
  • Why Community?
    Brazen revolves around its community. You can contact people in your career field. Post questions about job questions and compare stories. Here Caroline a community member asks her fellow careerist for advice and
  • Groups:
  • People:
  • Find or invite friends from other networks
    Find contacts that are already using Brazen Careerist and
    invite ones that are not!
    Or, invite them by email below (separate email addresses by a comma)
    Enter a personalized message below:
  • Blogging:
    Brazen Takes pride in their
    Blogs and the bloggers in
    The community. They encourage
    People in the community to
    Create “BRAZEN” blogs to stand
    Out and make a name for
  • Blogging Topics:
    Featured Posts
    Careers Culture
    Marketing & PR
    Personal Development
    Social Media
  • Downfalls:
    Brazen Careerist is a great networking site. Its community network
    is expansive however it fails to include networking for Alaskans– as
    a community member it would be my duty to increase the community
    outreach for Alaskans– but in regards to my career choice it would not
    be as beneficial to me as it would for others. It is however a great
    network to use when or if you wish to re-locate. Not only could you
    find a career in your field but you can meet members in your area
    who share your interests.
  • References:
    Brazen Careerist