Content Marketing: 3 Tips to Making Content Stick


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Are you creating content that resonates with readers? Learn 3 simple tips to get more out of your content marketing efforts by creating great content.

-By Greg Secrist, CEO and Co-founder of BKA Content

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Content Marketing: 3 Tips to Making Content Stick

  1. 1. • Founded in 2009 • Industry Leading Content Provider • Service SEO Agencies & Enterprise Companies • Hand-picked & Experienced U.S. Writers • Dedicated Writing Teams • Account Managers • Custom Content Creation Who are we?
  2. 2. Why is good content so important? Statistics provided by: TMG Custom Media & Marketing Tech Blog 61% 7/10 90% of consumers feel better about a company that delivers custom content customers prefer to learn about a company via articles instead of ads of consumers find custom content useful GOOD CONTENT
  3. 3. How do you create good content that “sticks” to readers? ?
  4. 4. Understand Your Audience Who are they? What drives their behavior? Why/how do they buy?
  5. 5. Create customer personas to: • Pinpoint who the target buyer is • Find out what drives customer behavior • Learn how customers think • Understand how and why they make buying decisions • Learn when they buy
  6. 6. Focused content is more meaningful and useful to readers/customers.
  7. 7. Use Good SEO • No keyword stuffing • Use long tail keywords • Good title tags /H1,H2 etc. • Image alt text • Internal/external linking • Mobile/tablet display
  8. 8. Do links still matter in content? YES NO
  9. 9. "It turns out backlinks, even though there’s some noise and certainly a lot of spam, for the most part are still a really really big win in terms of quality for search results.“ – Matt Cutts Source: Google Webmaster Help Yes they do!
  10. 10. Answer Questions • Think about “Conversational Search” terms when planning out content ideas • Create content that answers specific user questions
  11. 11. Why is this so important? Hummingbird • Focusing on the “meaning” behind search terms • Paying more attention to each word within a query • Matching the “meaning” of a search with pages instead of just matching a few words Hummingbird is:
  12. 12. DON’T - Over-generalize content subject matter DO - Be specific and focused with subject matter Bad Example: An article on “The history of roofing.” Good Example: An article on “The differences between three-tab and architectural shingles.” Examples
  13. 13. Answering specific questions gives content more “meaning.”
  14. 14. Making content “stick” is as easy as: Understanding Your Audience Using Good SEO Answering Questions
  15. 15. How can help? • Extensive specialized content experience • Easily handle high volumes • Dedicated writing teams produce consistent quality • One point of contact via our managed services • Built to instantly become the content extension of your agency/company
  16. 16. To learn more, visit us online at Thanks for listening! or CALL 801-441-0737