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global outreach savage ecuador testrun

global outreach savage ecuador testrun



test run

test run



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  • GreetingBrief introduction into who we are: married, 4 children, MABTS (Missiology)….Thank them for allowing us to present our passion & vision to them.Talk about obedience:Willingly, promptly, & cheerfully doing what an authority ask!Obedience of Moses & the obedience of Abraham.Hebrews 11:1 (What faith is…)Faith always leads to action! (Obedience)Transition….
  • Introduce Global Outreach & our partnership with GO.Go over power point highlights – HISTORY, CORE VALUES, & MISSION STATEMENTA great missions family“A great missions family”ECFA MEMBER –(Evangelical Council of Financial Accountaabilty)“We believe in 100% of all support being invested in the designated ministry. No administrative charges or fees are withheld from the support of a missionary or mission project.”
  • Introduce our home church family (KWBC)Missions StatementSBCMissions minded – outward focused church!Mid-South Baptist Association
  • (2010) population  14,898,509Location  South America: between Colombia (north), Peru (south), Brazil (east), & Pacific Ocean (east)Diverse Area  Coastal Region (yellow), Andes Mountains (red), & Amazon Rain Forrest (blue)59% of the people are meztico, 40 % are Indian & 1 % remain in the Amazon jungle.
  • 97.36 % of Ecuadorian’s adhere to some form of Christianity…Yet, only 6.1 % of the population profess to be evangelical followers of Christ.Compare that to the United States were 84.53 % adhere to some form of Christianity, population (297,988,958)And, 32.5 % of the population profess to be evangelical followers of Christ (90,446,000 people)There are 15.73 million Southern Baptist…more than the population of Ecuador!The vast majority of those are nominal Catholic and do not know Jesus as their Lord & Savior.Millions of Ecuadorians are trapped in tradition, but are open…(ready for the harvest)But who is going to harvest them?Mormons (180,000) & JW’s (150,000) are going and growing in Ecuador…But Why? (next slide)
  • Lack of discipleship among believers!Discipleship is the key to not only breaking tradition, but also equipping the people to recognize false, unbiblical teaching when confronted with it.Men & women both need to be discipled. (Entire families)
  • Insufficient bible training for pastors in Ecuador. (but not for lack of desire on the behalf of Ecuadorian pastors)Lack basicunderstanding of Scripture as a whole and basic Christian doctrines by pastors.Pastors are not equipped to handle false teachings, false beliefs, or traditions…Ill-equipped pastors lead to stagnant or dying churches!
  • Churches focus inwardly and not outward.Churches lackunity across social & racial classes (according to Operation World)Churches lackvision past their own doors, they lack a zeal for missions, and lackpassion for the lost.The vision God has given us is….(next slide)
  • Our Vision Statement:Proclaim  declare, preach, set forth JesusHIM  Jesus Christ & Him crucified, buried and alive!Admonishing  warning based on instruction, point toward wrong areas in life & point them (teach) them godlinessTeaching  instructing positive truth Wisdom  in reference to God; wisdom comes from God/His Word (Proverbs 1:7)Complete  mature CHRIST  Christ is the only way we can be presented complete/perfect before the judgment seat of God!
  • Our 1st year abroad we will be in Costa Rica at the Spanish Language Institute. Learning Spanish is a priority if we are to communicate the gospel with Ecuadorians!Once in Ecuador we will live near Quito (the capital) & begin engaging various people (numerous Quichua tribes, affluent Ecuadorians, slum dwellers, afro-Ecuadorian, Amazonian tribal people …etc.)Developing points of contact & finding ministry partners2 Corinthians 5:20 sums up our mission - “1) ambassadors – 2) appeal – 3) beg – 4) behalf of Christ – 5) reconciled”
  • Our long term goal is just that long term!We plan on investing our lives & our family into the people God has led us to serve& to love on His behalf!A well known verse that sums up our passion for this vision is Matt. 28: 19-20.We want to disciple people (disciples of all nations), train pastors (teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you), plant churches (baptizing them in the name ..)!Our vision & passion is to LOVE the people as Jesus taught us to love them with words & deeds!
  • Our vision is discipleshipfocused!Dr. Sills in his book Reaching & Teaching says “Jesus did not command His church to go plant churches – even biblically sound ones; He commanded us to makedisciples and teach them to observe all that He commanded. Certainly, planting churches is a natural part of the process, but the emphasis is on disciples & teaching them.” – p. 149.Evangelism adds people.Discipleship multiplies authentic, biblically sound, reproducing followers of Christ!It takes love! (time & investment)Example: Jesus invested in His disciples, Jesus loved His disciples!***started with a few & spread worldwide!***
  • Another long-term goal is help indigenous pastors be equipped to not only equip their congregations, but also so they can train other pastors. (teach pastors)For if we just train pastors, and do not instill in them the importance of training other pastors the quality of biblically sound pastors diminishes with each generation that passes.
  • As disciples are made and pastors are better taught churches will be added!Discipled believers & biblically sound pastors cannot help but pursue expanding the Kingdom of God thus adding churches.Churches are no longer inwardly focused!
  • This is just an example of how with as few as 54partners our vision to engage the lost, disciple the found, teach the pastors, & multiply churches can be met financially!We know that God has called us to serve Him, and trust that HE will provide our every need, and that HE has chosen for us to develop partners (fellow ambassadors for Christ) to accomplish HIS task…We would like you to prayerfully consider if God is leading you, your family, your Sunday school, your business, or your church to partner with our family in accomplish the vision God has given us.And if so, how much a month, quarter, or year is HE leading you to commit to give in partnering with us?
  • To faithfully work as your fellow ambassadors for Christ to reach EcuadorKeep you regularly updatedTo pray for youFacilitate Short-Term Mission TripsVisit & give updates when home on furlough

global outreach savage ecuador testrun global outreach savage ecuador testrun Presentation Transcript

  • Brad & Kim SavageAlayna, Carolyn, Kyle, & Gray
    Missionaries to Ecuador
  • Global Outreach International
    Organized in 1970
    Pioneered by Dr. & Mrs. Sammy Simpson and L. D. Hancock
    Today GO is in 40 countries and has more than 200 missionaries
    Evangelism Focused
    Discipleship Driven
    Compassion Motivated
    Relationship Oriented
    “No boundaries” approach: If God calls you to it & you can dream it; we desire to help facilitate it!
    Global Outreach exist to form a family of career missionaries; short-term volunteers, support personnel, & partners united to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ, undergirded the international indigenous church, & offer help to a hurting humanity.
    100% of all donations go to supporting the missionary!
    P.O. Box1
    Tupelo, MS38802
    “A Great Missions Family”
  • Kirby Woods Baptist Church
    Exalting the Savior!
    6325 Poplar Ave.
    Memphis, TN 38119
  • Need
  • Diverse Places
    Mountains & Cities
    Amazon Jungle
  • Diverse People
    Native People of the Amazon Jungle
  • Need
    Reaching People
    And He was saying to them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.
    - Luke 10:2
  • The Catholic Church
  • Need
  • Need
    Pastoral Training
  • Lack bible training & lack an understanding of Christian doctrine
  • Need
  • Vision
    We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ.
    - Colossians 1:28
  • Vision
    • Language Acquisition
    • Engaging the People
    • Points of Contact
    • Ministry Partners
    Short Term
  • Vision
    Ministry Partners
    Reaching and Teaching International Ministries does not function as a sending agency, but rather partners with a variety of missions agencies and field personnel who share a passion to reach and teach, disciple and train. Ultimately, RTIM seeks to serve the Kingdom purpose of assisting missionaries and missions agenesis as they seek to faithfully obey all the Great Commission.
  • Vision
    • Discipleship
    • Train Pastors
    • Plant Churches
    Long Term
    Go therefore and make disciplesof all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teachingthem to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.
    - Matthew 28:19-20
  • Goals
    Disciples Reproducing Disciples
  • Goals
    Pastors Teaching Pastors
  • Goals
    Church Planting
    Churches Planting Churches
  • Ministry Partners!
  • Ministry Partners
    Partners in Prayer!
  • Ministry Partners Monthly Budget for Personal & Ministry Expenses $6,000.00
    Financial Partners!
    Partner with US
    Up to
    Of the
    4 …………………….…………………………………………
    8 …..…………………………………………….
    16.. ……………..…………………
    40 - TOTAL PARTNERS ……………………… $ 2,054.00 {Goal Remaining}
  • Ministry Partners
    Partaking in short-term trips to Ecuador!
  • Our Desire
    That you seek the Lord and see if He might be leading:
    Your Sunday School Class
    Your Church
    • To join our family in reaching the people of Ecuador for Christ!
    • Please pick-up our information as you leave so that you can pray over this matter. Thank You!
  • Our Commitment
    To You
    To be Your Ambassadors for Christ to Ecuador
    To Keep you Updated
    1. Our Newsletter (write down your mailing address for us)
    2. Our Blog at: www.savagesinecuador.blogspot.com
    3. On Facebook at: GlobalOutreach Savage Ecuador
    To Pray for you