Yearbook theme for high schools


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An introductory look at developing a good theme for a high school yearbook.

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Yearbook theme for high schools

  1. 1. THEME & COVERAGE The theme is the plot of the novel. The coverage is the novel. By Bradley Wilson, PhD ©2013
  3. 3. WHAT IS A YEARBOOK • • • • • Historical record Journalistic exercise Public relations tool Educational experience Business experience Maybe it’s all of the above, but in what order?
  4. 4. THE THEME The theme unifies the book. It gives a purpose to the book and a plan for every spread. The theme should sparkle with creativity and should allow the staff to highlight unusual aspects of unusual events.
  5. 5. THEME DEVELOPMENT Develop theme on Cover Endsheets Title page Opening Division pages Closing Last page Not in every headline Sidebars Folios
  6. 6. THE CREATIVE PROCESS — BRAINSTORMING • Make an inventory of all pertinent facts about the school. • • • • Circle facts on the list that stand out. Note similar items. Identify key words. Identify key concepts.
  7. 7. THE CREATIVE PROCESS — BRAINSTORMING • Using the key words, generate a list of catch phrases & concepts. • Consult other students, teachers, yearbook experts for additional phrases or concepts. • Check out magazines, billboards, CD covers, TV graphics for ideas.
  8. 8. THE CREATIVE PROCESS — BRAINSTORMING • • Develop verbal possibilities • Brainstorm phrases that spin off key words in your phrase. Brainstorm phrases that mean the same thing as your theme.
  9. 9. THE CREATIVE PROCESS — BRAINSTORMING SCHOOL PRIDE Better Yet For All the Right Reasons First & Foremost You Can’t Ask for Anything More Enough Said Can You Top This? One Better
  10. 10. Theme: One School: Springstead High School Mascot: Eagles Colors: Red, White & Blue 1,876
  11. 11. THE CREATIVE PROCESS — BRAINSTORMING Play on name of school whatchamacallie (McCallie HS) Still Waters Run Deep (Stillwater HS) A League of OUr Own (Ohio University) South of the Border (Southview HS, 6 miles S. of MI border) Every Day is St. Patrick’s Day (St. Patrick’s HS) ahs (Abilene HS) Not Your Typical Hooker (Hooker HS)
  12. 12. Theme: M & M School: McNeil High School Mascot: Mavericks Colors: Blue & Green Population: 3,200
  13. 13. THE CREATIVE PROCESS — BRAINSTORMING Consider significant events A piece of cake (anniversary) XXX-rated (30th anniversary) A Full House Beats 3 of a Kind (9th grade added) First Class (1st graduating class) Pay atTENtion (10th anniversary) Doubletalk (schools merge) Fine Mess (construction)
  14. 14. Theme: enROUTE School: Oviedo HS Event Theme: School Remodel, Year 3 This school has endured complete demolition & reconstruction for three years
  15. 15. Theme: Moving On School: West Orange HS Event Theme: School remodel This school being remodeled
  16. 16. THE CREATIVE PROCESS — BRAINSTORMING Consider location Don’t blink (small, one stop light) Hitting the High Spots (on a hill) What’s the Catch? (on a lake) Who’s on First? (on first St.) Outstanding in Our Field (in a field)
  17. 17. Theme: First & Central School: Little Rock Central HS Mascot: Tigers Colors: Gold & Black Population: 2,553
  18. 18. Theme: Hoover at the Center School: Hoover High School Mascot: Pirates Colors: Orange & Black
  19. 19. THE CREATIVE PROCESS — BRAINSTORMING Consider mascot or colors From Ray to Z (stingrays) Good Knight! We Speak Pirate Miners Allowed (the miners) Great Scot! (Scottish highlanders) A Horse of a Different Color (Mustangs)
  20. 20. Theme: Bleed Black &Gold School: Hawamba High School Mascot: Indians Colors: Gold & Black
  21. 21. THE CREATIVE PROCESS — BRAINSTORMING Compare and Contrast Now Look What You’ve Done! Inside Out There’s One in Every Crowd First, the Good News What Next? Try Not to Stare What’s Gotten into You?
  22. 22. Theme: there’s a FIRST time for everything School: Maclay School Why the theme: First time the school had a football team, field and was rated number one in the district for academics
  23. 23. THE CREATIVE PROCESS — BRAINSTORMING Have fun It’s Not Easy Being Green It Takes All Kinds Your Guess is as Good as Mine Don’t Even Think About It! We Know You’re in There For a Good Time Call So?
  24. 24. Theme: Domin8 School: New Smyrna Beach Middle School Mascot: Chargers Colors: Green & Gold Population: 1,299
  25. 25. Theme: It’s About you School: Florence High School Mascot: Eagles Colors: Red & White
  26. 26. Theme: me. you. we. School: Trinity HS Colors: Red & White Population: 1,564 This theme also presents the individual experience vs. the group experience
  27. 27. Theme: i School: Oak Grove HS Colors: Green & White Population: 1,310 Notice that this theme emphasizes the individual warrior, the “I,” but the picture behind the “I” is the student population
  28. 28. Sweating it out Kirkwood High School Kirkwood, Mo. H.L. Hall, adviser 1991
  29. 29. LET’S TRY IT Compare and Contrast Now Look What You’ve Done! Inside Out There’s One in Every Crowd First, the Good News What Next? Try Not to Stare What’s Gotten into You?
  30. 30. LET’S TRY IT Compare and Contrast Now Look What You’ve Done! Inside Out There’s One in Every Crowd First, the Good News What Next? Try Not to Stare What’s Gotten into You?
  31. 31. EXPLORE THE MESSAGE OF THE THEME What are other ways you can say “there’s one in every crowd”? unique original one and only THE (whatever) different stand alone stand out individual special one of a kind just for you singled out authentic nonconformist rebel limited edition short supply innovative single inventive visionary artistic extraordinary bizarre atypical particular peculiar quirky idiosyncratic characteristic eccentric odd duck creative exotic dominant diverse alone all by myself designer odd extremes off beat non-matched weird oppositional clashing deviant defined exclusive personalized unparalleled outstanding indescribable incomparable mystic unsurpassed
  32. 32. THE CREATIVE PROCESS — BRAINSTORMING Apply verbal possibilities • Word Spin-offs • Alternate Word Spin-offs • Concept Spin-offs
  33. 33. SINGLE WORD SPIN-OFFS Using the word “one,” come up with possible section spin-offs Theme: There’s One in Every Crowd Opening: Student Life: Academics: Sports: Organizations: People: Ads/Community: Closing:
  34. 34. EXPAND ON WORDS What are phrases that use “one”? One and all One and only One and the same One at a time One by one Then the next one One for the books One for the record books One good turn deserves another One in a thousand One in a hundred One in a million One jump ahead One move ahead One of these days Wear more than one hat With one hand tied behind your back One of those days One up One way or another All in one breath All in one piece As one At one fell swoop Do you one better Every last one Go in one ear and out the other Go you one better Hole in one In one ear and out the other Just one of those things Kill two birds with one stone Like one of the family Off to one side On one hand Pull a fast one Six of one and half a dozen of the other
  35. 35. Theme: red & white School: Camden Fairview High School Enrollment: 849
  36. 36. The visual (ampersand) drives the theme development
  37. 37. Rule 1- Bloom. Theme: OUR OWN beat School: Bellaire HS Note how the theme logo is a visual representation of a sound What graphic elements will be used for visual development ?
  38. 38. What graphic elements will be used for visual development ?
  39. 39. Notice the repetition of background
  40. 40. Theme: NOISE School: Lovejoy HS Again, note how the theme logo is a visual representation of a s What graphic elements here will be used for visual development ?
  41. 41. Theme: me. you. we. School: Trinity HS Colors: Red & white Population: 1,564
  42. 42. EFFECTIVENESS Does it apply to your entire school community? APPLICABILITY Will it cover the ups & downs of the school year? APPEAL Will students relate to the theme?
  43. 43. THEME PROCESS • Does the theme copy specifically and interestingly spell out how the theme fits your school on all the theme pages? • Is the theme unique to this school, this year? • Does the theme have graphic appeal? • Are good quotes used in the theme copy? • Does each copy block add something new to the theme?
  44. 44. Theme: FACE IT School: Olympia HS Mascot: Bison Colors: Blue, Black & White Population: 1,564
  45. 45. The staff created stickers for every buyer and their sticker would show through the die-cut area replacing the mascot.
  46. 46. Theme: We Are Connally School: Connally HS Event Theme: School pride theme
  47. 47. Theme: Inspi(red) School: Bishop Kenny HS Mascot: Bison Colors: Red &White
  48. 48. Endsheets begins the story
  49. 49. Theme: In the Details School: Red Raiders Colors: Red and black Population: 1,299 First senior class. School is three years old
  50. 50. Wings Arrowhead Christian Academy 2009
  51. 51. WHY HAVE A THEME? • What do you think? • Can you have a themeless book? • Chronological books Don’t do a theme because someone tells you to; do it because it’s right.
  52. 52. THEME PACKET Sketch and/or mock-up • Cover • Endsheets • Title page • Opening and/or closing • Division pages • Folio • Inside pages
  53. 53. By Bradley Wilson, PhD • Twitter: @bradleywilson09 ©2013