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Backpack journalism
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Backpack journalism


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  • 1. BACKPACK JOURNALISMCoppell High School By Bradley Wilson, PhD March 1, 2013 • Twitter: bradleywilson09 ©2013
  • 2. DEFINEDBackpack journalism is an emerging form of journalism that requires a journalist to be a reporter, photographer, and videographer, as well as an editor and producer of stories.
  • 7. EDITOR
  • 10. PRODUCER
  • 13. #1: STUDENT APATHY, INADEQUATE SKILL SET, RELEVANCE OF MEDIA• deficit of media literacy; complacency/apathy; entertainment snacking vs. reading• apathy & laziness among student media staffers and readers• students are much less committed, less leadership interest, quit at the slightest setback
  • 14. Student staff participation in the past 3-5 years has: 60 52 45 46 35 30 26 19 21 15 Decreased 0 Remained SameDailies (3+)Non-Dailies Increased
  • 15. CIRCULATION 65,000 58,000 51,000 44,000 37,000 194548,384 30,000 1973 63,147 2011 44,421 DATA SOURCE: NEWSPAPER ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA
  • 16. ADVERTISING REVENUE1940 1947 1950 1953 1956 1959 1962 1965 1968 1971 1974 1977 1980 1983 1986 1989 1992 1995 1998 2001 2004 2007 SOURCE: Newspaper Association of America 2010
  • 17. ADVERTISING REVENUE1940 1947 1950 1953 1956 1959 1962 1965 1968 1971 1974 1977 1980 1983 1986 1989 1992 1995 1998 2001 2004 2007 SOURCE: Newspaper Association of America 2010
  • 18. “One-third of pre-school children agedthree and four years old were found tobe using the Internet at home, eitheron PCs, laptops or a netbook.”SOURCE: Ofcom, Oct. 23, 2012, “Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes Report”
  • 19. TEXTING 80 60 40 20 12 13 14 15 0 16 17One in three teens sends more than 100 text messages a day, or 3,000 texts amonth. SOURCE: Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project surveys.
  • 20. “Texting is now the central hub ofcommunication in the lives of teenstoday, and it has really skyrocketed inthe last 18 months.”SOURCE: Amanda Lenhart, April 21, 2010, “Teens and Mobile Phones”
  • 21. “31 percent of text message usersprefer texting to voice calls, and youngadults stand out in their use of textmessaging.”SOURCE: Aaron Smith, Sept. 19, 2011, “Americans and Text Messaging”
  • 22. “Young adults are the most avid texters by awide margin. Cell owners between the ages of18 and 24 exchange an average of 109.5messages on a normal day—that works out tomore than 3,200 texts per month—and thetypical or median cell owner in this age groupsends or receives 50 messages per day (or1500 messages per month).”SOURCE: Aaron Smith, Sept. 19, 2011, “Americans and Text Messaging”
  • 26. First front page of USA Today, Sept. 15, 1982
  • 27. The Sheboygan Press Feb. 17, 2013
  • 28. Florida TodayJan. 10, 2013
  • 29. Journal & Courier Jan. 10, 2013
  • 30. SI
  • 31. EastsideweekSeattle, WA
  • 32. Wired magazine
  • 33. at forum focusing on race Sharing the stage at a Thursday candidate who expressed an opinion In a letter to the chairmen of the H and Senate Judiciary Committees, Wh House Counsel Fred Fielding said he a advised former White House officials w have received subpoenas in the matter D WASHINGTON provide any documents to Capitol Hill emocratic presidential candi- night forum on minority issues, the came down squarely against Thurs- dates won applause from a candidates denounced the court’s deci- day’s ruling. predominately black audi- sion that struck down race-based They also agreed to roll back tax Private space station laun LOS ANGELES c A new inflatable, unm ence at Howard University on Thurs- plans to promote diversity in school cuts for the wealthy, took a hard line test module for a proposed private spa day by accusing the Supreme Court of systems in Louisville and Seattle. on Darfur and condemned the Bush tion was launched into orbit Thursday administration’s response to Hurri- a Russian rocket, the U.S. company deQuote collection retreating earlier in the day from the The passions that split the court ing the technology said. goal of eliminating school segregation. spilled into the forum, though every cane Katrina. The 15-foot-long module was design McCLATCHY-TRIBUNE, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS expand to a diameter of 8 feet. Contac the module was established later in th and data indicated good voltage in the POLL WATCH THE CANDIDATES system and “decent” air pressure in th Sen. Hillary Rodham cle, the company said. Clinton is doing surprisingly well among minority voters, a poll says. Officials probe site on wre The Gallup Poll’s annual ATLANTA c Investigators Thursday s minority survey says the looking into who altered pro wrestler New York Democrat is tied Benoit’s Wikipedia entry to mention h with Illinois Sen. Barack death hours before authorities discove Obama among blacks. bodies of the couple and their 7-year-o And she trounces all her Benoit’s Wikipedia entry was altere rivals with Hispanic voters — day to say that the wrestler had misse even New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. JOE HILLARY CHRIS JOHN match because of his wife’s death. Also Thursday, federal drug agents “Right now, it’s pretty BIDEN RODHAM CLINTON DODD EDWARDS they had raided the west Georgia offic doctor who prescribed testosterone to much Hillary, and then all DELAWARE SENATOR NEW YORK SENATOR CONNECTICUT SENATOR FORMER NORTH CAROLINA the rest,” said Gallup’s Jeff SENATOR Benoit. Jones. Taxes: “For the first time in HIV/AIDS: “This is a multiple- Employment: “We today re- But at the same time, more than half of voters say our history, we’re in a position where those who are the wage dimension problem. But if we don’t begin to take it serious- ward industries that leave America by giving them tax Health care: “We know that race plays an enormous role Titanic still sells at auctio they wouldn’t consider vot- NEW YORK c A deck log from a ship t earners are paying a bigger ly and address it the way we breaks. I would like to see us in the problems that African- ing for Clinton if she be- searched for bodies after the Titanic s chunk than they should. It’s did back in the ’90s when it reward companies that stay in Americans face and the prob- comes the Democratic nomi- sold for more than $100,000 as part of got to shift back.” was primarily a gay men’s our inner cities, go to places lems that African-Americans nee, according to a poll by face with health care every Christie’s auction Thursday of memor Chief Justice John Roberts disease, we will never get the where jobs ought to be creat- Mason-Dixon Polling and services and the public educa- single day. There are huge from the doomed oceanliner. and Justice Sam Alito: “The ed. That ought to be a part of All together, the 18 lots of Titanic m Research. In that poll, 52 tion that we need.” our tax policy as well.” health care disparities, which problem is the rest of us were bilia — including letters, postcards, te percent of Americans said Outsourcing: “We have to do is why we need universal not tough enough. They have Segregation: “The shame of grams from survivors and photograph they wouldn’t consider vot- several things: End the tax health care in this country.” turned the court upside down. resegregation has been occur- passengers — sold at auction for a tot ing for her. breaks that still exist in the Racism: “If you’re African- The next president of the Unit- ring in our country for years.” $193,140. ed States will be able to deter- tax code for outsourcing jobs; American, you’re more likely Online: Artifacts from another famous ship RACE MATTERS mine whether or not we go have trade agreements with to be charged with a crime. If you’re charged with a crime, wrecked luxury liner, the Andrea Dori The nomination fight be- forward or continue this slide” enforceable labor and environ- you’re more likely to be con- also auctioned, as were items like silve gins in Iowa and New Hamp- mental standards; help Ameri- Online: victed of a crime. . . . There is and posters from the S.S. Normandy, t shire, two states with rela- cans compete, which is some- thing we haven’t taken seri- no question that our justice French Art Deco oceanliner that caps tively few minorities. But ously.” system is not colorblind.” and burned in New York Harbor durin blacks and other minority World War II. voters become critical in Online: Online: NEWS Nevada, South Carolina and Florida before a multistate primary Feb. 5. BRIEFLY WORLD About one in 10 voters in the 2004 election was black, according to exit polls, and U.N. agency rebuts U.S. cla UNITED NATIONS c The deputy head o they voted 9-1 for Democrat U.N. Development Program has shot b John Kerry. In some states, U.S. accusations that it had squandere blacks make up a bigger lions of dollars in North Korea, saying share of the voters. amount far surpassed what the progra In South Carolina, for at its disposal and questioning the aut example, blacks made up about 30 percent of the elec- MIKE DENNIS BARACK BILL ty of documents the U.S. mission prov back up its claims. torate in 2004, but were more than half of the voters GRAVEL KUCINICH OBAMA RICHARDSON In a confidential letter delivered Th FORMER ALASKA SENATOR OHIO REPRESENTATIVE ILLINOIS SENATOR NEW MEXICO GOVERNOR evening to Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. in the state’s Democratic sador, the official, Ad Melkert, said the primary. amounts, vendor names and transacti War on drugs: “The scourge Trade: “One of my first acts in Government’s role: “There Diversity: “I believe very dates supplied by the United States ha of our present society, particu- office will be to cancel NAFTA are going to be responsibilities strongly that the next presi- NEXT DEBATES examined against his agency’s records larly the African-American and the WTO and go back to on the part of African-Ameri- dent is not just going to have July 23: Democrats in “there is not a single match.” community, is the war on trade conditioned on workers cans and other groups to take to pass laws and take the steps Charleston, S.C. drugs. . . . There is no reason rights, human rights and envi- personal responsibility to rise necessary to reaffirm affirma- Aug. 5: Republicans in Des to continue it in the slightest. ronmental quality principles. up out of the problems that we tive action and take steps to
  • 34. Bar chart
  • 35. •Bulleted list•Question and Answer•Table•Bio Box•Public Opinion Poll•Rating•Ordered list•Quote collection WHAT IS THE BEST WAY•Timeline•Glossary•Fever chart TO TELL•Step-by-step guide•Checklist•Bar chart THE STORY•Diagram•Calendar•Quiz•Pie chart•Map
  • 36. Product: CTMAIN PubDate: 10-16-2008 Zone: ALL Edition: HD Page: CMAIN1-1 User: rhochgesang Time: 10-15-2008 23:54 Color: C K Y M We review the new Google phone PAGE 31 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2008 l The Midwest’s largest reporting team l 24 hours at 75¢ CITY & SUBURBS, $1.00 ELSEWHERE—162ND YEAR NO. 290 © CHICAGO TRIBUNE C CN CS N NNW NRW NS NW S SSW W D CAMPAIGN 2008: THE FINAL DEBATE In their 3rd clash, McCain and Obama spar on taxes, the economy, campaign ads—and how to best help Joe the plumber Fighting to the finish Democratic nominee Barack Obama (left) and GOP rival John McCain (right) spar Wednesday night in their final presidential debate. Bob Schieffer of CBS News (center) moderated. RON EDMONDS/AP IN BUSINESS MORE COVERAGE Faceoff launches the closing 20-day slog -733.08 in marathon presidential campaign By Jill Zuckman portant—or tense. McCain needed to knock 4 KEY DEBATE MOMENTS A Tribune analysis of how both And back down it goes and John McCormick TRIBUNE CORRESPONDENTS Obama off-balance and divert the direction of the campaign, which has been trending candidates tried to land jabs and deflect criticism. PAGE 14 The Dow Jones industrial average suffers toward Obama according to public opinion HEMPSTEAD, N.Y.—A newly aggressive polls. Obama needed to stick to his message its second-worst point drop after a grim Sen. John McCain clashed repeatedly with of change and hope. retail sales report rattles investors and Sen. Barack Obama on Wednesday over rais- ing taxes in a tough economy the nasty tenor , Obama mostly remained calm in the face of McCain’s onslaught, sometimes even A quick fact check stokes fears that a punishing recession Candidates let the truth go astray on of each campaign and a former 1960s radical laughing at him. But the Democratic nomi- is looming—or already here. PAGE 33 activist turned Chicago professor. nee was forced to spend time defending and negative campaign ads, tax-cut promises It was the last debate before the final 20- explaining his plans, his policies, his sup- and budget restraint. PAGE 14 day slog until Election Day And it was the . porters and even himself. last time the two candidates were likely to Taking center stage at the debate at Hof- Lengthy downturn feared face off before one becomes the president- stra University was a plumber named Joe Who won the debate? elect and the other returns to the Senate. from Ohio who was invoked so often during “Broader economic recovery will not hap- For both candidates, the third of their Vote and tell us why at chicago pen right away Fed chief warns. PAGE 33 ,” three debates could not have been more im- Please turn to Page 14 NEWS FOCUS CHICAGOLAND A lot of love Another day, another for ‘Forbidden Broadway’ proposed fee increase Chris Jones says Chicago’s version is fresh and funnier than ever. Seems like whenever you turn around, there’s a sympathetic face from the government Plus: Leanne Marshall feeling your economic pain. At the same time, they’re telling you to open your wallet. wins “Project Runway .” The latest requests came Wednesday from Mayor Richard Daley the Toll Authority and , Pace. Earlier this year, Chicago-area sales taxes were raised twice. PAGES 20, 22 live! Breaking News online Why gas prices Two of the more than 40 stories posted Wednes- don’t fall faster day by our new Breaking News Center came from Experts say gasoline costs reader tips. If you have a tip for us, send it to tend to climb like a rocket or call 312-222-3540. To get the latest but fall like a feather. The Illinois tollway The city Pace news 24/7, go to Gov. Rod Blagojevich Mayor Daley is asking Officials are seeking a prices stay stubbornly and the tollway want to you to pay more to park 25-cent bus fare hike to high for a variety of rea- downtown or go to a $1.75. (Last week, CTA TOM SKILLING’S FORECAST sons, from the oil indus- create commuter lanes ballgame. Other hikes? sought a 50-cent hike to 7 A.M. NOON 6 P.M. try beefing up profits to that will cost you more hurricanes disrupting if you’re driving solo or Parking passes, ambulan- as much as $2.25 for 44 53 49 supply PAGE 4 . piloting a truck. ces and overdue books. bus and train fares.) See Tom Skilling’s forecast on the back of Live! SECTION 3WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO TELL THE STORY
  • 38. Citadel football players Corey White and Aaron Capps try to keep cool at Johnson Hagood Stadium in Charleston, S.C., on Aug. 13. The summer of 2000 was the 11th warmest since the UnitedStates began keeping records in 1895. Alan Hawes / The Post and Courier
  • 39. A student crowd surfs during the Avett Brothers performance at Pack Howl. Photo by Aria Behrouzi
  • 40. SURFINGEli Tiller, a senior in biochemistry, crowd surfs during The AvettBrothers’ performance at Pack Howl. “I have crowd surfed before, butthe crowd surfing in Reynolds was the best I’ve ever done,” Tiller said.“Everyone was tossing me back and forth like the first place hot potatoat the State Fair. It seemed like I was up there for a couple of hours.”Photo by Aria Behrouzi
  • 41. Julio Aparicio, one of Spains most famous matadors, was gored in the throat May 22, 2010 during abullfight. The injury left him in critical condition. “[The horn] went through the tongue and penetratedthe roof of the mouth, fracturing the jawbone,” one of the medics who worked on Aparicio told AFP
  • 42. ROUND ONE: BULLJulio Aparicio, one of Spains most famous matadors, was gored in the throat May 22, 2010 during abullfight. The injury left him in critical condition. “[The horn] went through the tongue and penetratedthe roof of the mouth, fracturing the jawbone,” one of the medics who worked on Aparicio told AFPnews in Madrid. After two operations, surgeon Maximo Garcia Pedros saved Aparicios life. Othermatadors, however, quickly killed the bull. The incident took place during the Festival of Saint Isidro,considered to be the most important event in the bullfighting calendar, at the Plaza de Toros las Ventasbullring, which can seat up to 24,000 people.
  • 44. Convergence is “the strategic,operations, product and cultural unionof print, audio, video and interactivedigital information services andorganizations.”A. Nachison, American Press Institute (2002)
  • 45. “Whatever you want to call it, the broadcast/ print model is dead.” Roxanna Jones ESPNPhoto by Bradley Wilson
  • 46. “You have to start with the story. You have to know how to communicate a story to your audience. How do I want to tell it? Every story I want to tell starts with that question.”Photo by Bradley Wilson Roxanna Jones ESPN
  • 47. Convergence can also be viewed as thewindow of opportunity for traditionalmedia to align itself with technologiesof the 21st century.Media organizations and convergence: case studies of media convergence pioneers,Gracie Lawson-Borders
  • 48. Convergence from a journalismperspective is “the practice of sharingand cross-promoting content from avariety of media, some interactive,through newsroom collaborations andpartnerships.”Brooks, Kennedy, Moe & Ranly, 2004
  • 49. nt fers ike ath ting appoi n key staf ing form l se you’ve g brief mee ing a form lik PR RY ’S story e a betwe tory plann rk? Suppo g, there’s otential u s STO til the ait un – and the as wo t writin ’s p O VE A w n writte ing – to w ri MPR use it y does tar e stor How fore you s explore th Be RM TO I is tick ine? Chanc headl ave enough lp, story. estro’s he G FO you h around the m a NNIN k to kic ine right PLA E- dl KAG hea st genera PAC at lea you ca GA words Writin USIN Can later. lso he e the now a ers c mariz r memb ry a u sum 25 words o test yo in the st o y stor hat’s a us i good s less? T if your foc r if to see nough – o gling e tight still strug cept. y ou’re fuzzy con chanc e a with every irst when The f reader elem every is size stion very story ” que r e fo care? mo asks should I is re “W hy swe r th l, to an n a usefu Try on i i ha quest way – wit o, al ot sideba visu ine, a ph What otos, l head bar. Now ill : or ph etch a lay eas f an sk w ose id c es an a side questions d how W hile th e designer osed shap f th r othe s have, a wer n t h p o und, h their pro y the end n of r reade u best ans f side- ed aro it b io o o g kick redients w course, but minary vis hou bein y ing can y That list ides from e, of preli age s luded the ke t to chang ee on this e actual p distribu them? tions prov for re exc hardly a n ers a with jec gr th d p bar o ative ideas sign. graph ment i b a an photo uded gery su nts should ing point — tocopied altern ing and de gn e incl a pa start orm is pho often, nt on assi raphers ar of the im tive a repor t Too en se g n n is just g, this fBuck Ryan | Photo by Bradley Wilson th photo irectio n atte n r ences, But when hape the d meeting, a he story is meeti confe about. s if t nstead. nning s ey can nning – or, y-pla the story’ ussion, th t in the pla oto ideas e options i stor hat disc oin st ph thos clue wreliminary g. By this ple to sugge an weigh thi sp por tin d be ab affe rs c AND the re her shoul rations, st grap by illust photo served better er. arrow by Tim H 10 © 20 The maestro concept • WED / PREDO Teamwork • Collaboration
  • 52. Facebook is a socialnetworking Web sitethat is privately owned.Since September 2006,anyone over the age of 13with a valid e-mailaddress can become aFacebook user.
  • 53. SAN DIEGO – College students who use Facebook spendless time studying and have lower grade point averages than students who have not signed up for the social networking website, according to a pilot study.
  • 54. TMTwitter is a real-timeinformation networkpowered by people allaround the world thatlets you share anddiscover what’shappening now.Twitter asks “what’shappening” and makesthe answer spreadacross the globe tomillions, immediately.
  • 55. 819,666 retweets, 304,741 favorites200,000+ retweets
  • 56. Flickr is an image-hosting and video-hosting site created in2004 and acquired byYahoo! in 2005.Photographers use it to sharephotographs in their communities andto get comments.
  • 57. SmugMug is a selling yourphotographs online. It’sturnkey solution. You putphotos online and user canbuy them.81 employees. Hundreds ofthousands of ecstaticcustomers. 1,368,348,560photos and counting.
  • 58. Video-sharingservices foruploading, viewingand sharing videos.Many schools blockYouTube, founded in2005. YouTube is now asubsidiary of Google.Vimeo, founded in 2004,is a little more‘sheltered’ and has morethan 3 million users.
  • 59. TechnicianJanuary 24, 2008
  • 60. By Bradley Wilson, PhD • Twitter: bradleywilson09 ©2013