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An overview presentation on alternative story forms (also called storytllin

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Alternative Story Forms

  1. 1. ALTERNATIVESTORYFORMSWhat’s the best wayto tell the story?By Bradley • Twitter: bradleywilson09©2013
  2. 2. Late Edition Today, sunny to partly cloudy, cold- er, high 33. Tonight, cold with patchy clouds, low 27. Tomorrow, partly sunny and remaining cold, high 36. Weather map, Page B14.VOL. CLXII . . No. 56,004 © 2013 The New York Times NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2, 2013 $2.50 UNDER PRESSURE, HOUSE APPROVES SENATE TAX DEAL Averts Wide Increases and Budget Cuts — Democrats Hail Compromise By JENNIFER STEINHAUER WASHINGTON — Ending a programs like Medicare. climactic fiscal showdown in the The decision by Republican final hours of the 112th Congress, leaders to allow the vote came the House late Tuesday passed despite widespread scorn among and sent to President Obama House Republicans for the bill, legislation to avert big income passed overwhelmingly by the tax increases on most Americans Senate in the early hours of New and prevent large cuts in spend- Year’s Day. They were unhappy ing for the Pentagon and other that it did not include significant government programs. spending cuts in health and other The measure, brought to the social programs, which they say House floor less than 24 hours af- are essential to any long-term so- ter its passage in the Senate, was lution to the nation’s debt. approved 257 to 167, with 85 Re- Democrats, while hardly pla- publicans joining 172 Democrats cated by the compromise, cele- in voting to allow income taxes to brated Mr. Obama’s nominal vic- rise for the first time in two dec- tory in his final showdown with ades, in this case for the highest- House Republicans in the 112th T. J. KIRKPATRICK FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES earning Americans. Voting no Congress, who began their term were 151 Republicans and 16 emboldened by scores of new,Speaker John A. Boehner and Representative Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, on their way to a party caucus on Tuesday. conservative members whose Democrats. The bill was expected to be reach to the right ultimately signed quickly by Mr. Obama, tipped them over.Energy Drinks Promise Edge, From Congress to Halls of State, who won re-election on a promise “The American people are the to increase taxes on the wealthy. real winners tonight,” Represent- Mr. Obama strode into the Continued on Page A13 But Experts Say Proof Is Scant In New Hampshire, Women Rule White House briefing room short- ly after the vote, less to hail the end of the fiscal crisis than to lay out a marker for the next one. By BARRY MEIER By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE “The one thing that I think, hope- Energy drinks are the fastest- the energy drink industry is Most states are red or blue. A cent forum at the New Hamp- fully, the new year will focus on,”growing part of the beverage in- based on a brew of ingredients few are purple. After the Novem- shire Institute of Politics at St. he said, “is seeing if we can put adustry, with sales in the United that, apart from caffeine, have lit- ber election, New Hampshire Anselm College in Manchester, package like this together with aStates reaching more than $10 tle, if any benefit for consumers. turned pink. where the women’s historic mile- little bit less drama, a little lessbillion in 2012 — more than Amer- “If you had a cup of coffee you Women won the state’s two stone was celebrated. brinkmanship, and not scare theicans spent on iced tea or sports are going to affect metabolism in Congressional seats. Women al- These women did not rise to heck out of folks quite as much.”beverages like Gatorade. the same way,” said Dr. Robert ready held the state’s two Senate the top together overnight. Nor In approving the measure after Their rising popularity repre- W. Pettitt, an associate professor seats. When they are all sworn was there an orchestrated move- days of legislative intrigue, Con-sents a generational shift in what at Minnesota State University in into office on Thursday, New ment to elect them. Each toiled in gress concluded its final andpeople drink, and reflects a suc- Mankato, who has studied the Hampshire will become the first the political vineyards, climbed most pitched fight over fiscal pol-cessful campaign to convince drinks. state in the nation’s history to the ladder in her own time and icy, the culmination of two years LUKE SHARRETT FOR THE NEW YORK TIMESconsumers, particularly teen- Energy drink companies have send an all-female delegation to campaigned hard for her job. But of battles over taxes, the federalagers, that the drinks provide a promoted their products not as Washington. they have caught the state’s col- debt, spending and what to do to President Obama commentedmental and physical edge. caffeine-fueled concoctions but And the matriarchy does not lective imagination, inspiring for- slow the growth in popular social on the vote Tuesday night. The drinks are now under scru- as specially engineered blends end there. New Hampshire’s new ums and media interest andtiny by the Food and Drug Ad- that provide something more. governor is a woman. So are the prompting Jay B. Childs, a Newministration after reports of For example, producers claim speaker of the State House and Hampshire filmmaker, to make a NEWS ANALYSISdeaths and serious injuries that that “Red Bull gives you wings,” the chief justice of the State Su- documentary about them. Lines of Resistancemay be linked to their high caf- that Rockstar Energy is “scientif- preme Court. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, 65, afeine levels. But however that re- ically formulated” and Monster “Pink is the new power color in Democrat and dean of the delega-view ends, one thing is clear, in- Energy is a “killer energy brew.” New Hampshire,” declared Ann tion, was the state’s first electedterviews with researchers and a Representative Edward J. Mar McLane Kuster, one of the newly female governor and the firstreview of scientific studies show: Continued on Page B4 elected representatives, at a re- Continued on Page A13 By JONATHAN WEISMAN WASHINGTON — Just a few 5 of the chamber’s 47 Republi- years ago, the tax deal pushed cans voting no.Used to Hardship, Latvia Accepts Austerity, and Its Pain Eases through Congress on Tuesday would have been a Republican fiscal fantasy, a sweeping bill that Twenty-one hours later, the same measure was opposed by 151 of the 236 Republicans voting Greece that can’t, has provided a locks in virtually all of the Bush- in the House. It was further proof By ANDREW HIGGINS rare boost to champions of the era tax cuts, exempts almost all that House Republicans are a proposition that pain pays. estates from taxation, and en- new breed, less enamored of tax RIGA, Latvia — When a credit- Hardship has long been com- shrines the former president’s cuts per se than they are drivenfueled economic boom turned to mon here — and still is. But in credo that dividends and capital to shrink government throughbust in this tiny Baltic nation in just four years, the country has gains should be taxed equally steep spending cuts. Protecting2008, Didzis Krumins, who ran a gone from the European Union’s and gently. nearly 99 percent of the nation’ssmall architectural company, worst economic disaster zone to But times have changed, Presi- households from an income taxfired his staff one by one and then a model of what the International dent George W. Bush is gone, and increase was not enough if taxesshut down the business. He Monetary Fund hails as the heal- before the bill’s final passage late rose on some and governmentwatched in dismay as Latvia’s ing properties of deep budget Tuesday, House Republican lead- spending was untouched.misery deepened under a harsh cuts. Latvia’s economy, after ers struggled all day to quell a re- A party that once disputed thatausterity drive that scythed shriveling by more than 20 per- volt among caucus members who there was any real “cost” of taxwages, jobs and state financing cent from its peak, grew by about threatened to blow up a hard- cuts encountered sticker shockfor schools and hospitals. 5 percent last year, making it the fought compromise that they when the nonpartisan Congres- But instead of taking to the best performer in the 27-nation could have easily framed as a vic- sional Budget Office estimatedstreets to protest the cuts, Mr. European Union. Its budget def- tory. Many House Republicans that enacting them in place of theKrumins, whose newborn child, icit is down sharply and exports seemed determined to put them- Continued on Page A12in the meantime, needed major are soaring. selves in a position to be blamedsurgery, bought a tractor and be- “We are here to celebrate your for sending the nation’s economygan hauling wood to heating achievements,” Christine La- ANDREA BRUCE FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES into a potential tailspin under the GROUSING ON THE LEFT Disap-plants that needed fuel. Then, as garde, the chief of the Interna- weight of automatic tax increases A line for free food in Latvia. Deprivation persists amid gains. pointed liberals say the presidentLatvia’s economy began to pull tional Monetary Fund, told a con- and spending cuts. surrendered on taxes. PAGE A12out of its nose-dive, he returned ference in Riga, the capital, this The latest internal party strug-to architecture and today em- past summer. The fund, which crumbled, it wrestled with many were private rather than public gle on Capitol Hill surprised even AN OBSTACLE Regardless of a dealploys 15 people — five more than along with the European Union of the same problems faced since as in Greece. Senate Republicans, who had on the fiscal crisis, investors seehe had before. “We have a differ- financed a $7.5 billion bailout for by other troubled European na- Now its abrupt turn for the bet- voted overwhelmingly for a deal problems ahead. PAGE B1ent mentality here,” he said. the country at the end of 2008, is tions: a growing hole in govern- ter has put a spotlight on a tick- largely hashed out by their lead- Latvia, feted by fans of auster- “proud to have been part of Lat- ment finances, a banking crisis, lish question for those who look er, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. BIGGER TAX BITE The end of theity as the country-that-can and via’s success story,” she said. falling competitiveness and big to orthodox economics for a solu- The bill passed the Senate, 89 to payroll tax break will take morean example for countries like When Latvia’s economy first debts — though most of these Continued on Page A6 8, at 2 a.m. on Tuesday, with only out of most paychecks. PAGE B6INTERNATIONAL A3-7 NATIONAL BUSINESS DAY B1-7A Chinese Swath Through Laos Oil Rig Beaches in Alaska Mall Madness in RussiaChina wants to extend its rail network The Kulluk, one of Shell Oil’s two Arctic Since 2000, shopping mall developmentthrough Laos to the Bay of Bengal in drilling rigs, broke free from a tow ship has skyrocketed in Russia along with anMyanmar to improve trade, but there and ran aground on an island in the Gulf expanding middle class. PAGE B1are warnings that the Laotian economy of Alaska. The beaching threatens envi-and environment may suffer. PAGE A4 ronmental damage from a fuel spill and NEW YORK A15-17 calls into question Shell’s plans to re-A North Korean Overture sume drilling north of Alaska. PAGE A8 9/11 Volunteers Seek RedressIn a marked change of tone for North Many of those who became ill after help-Korea, the country’s leader, Kim Jong- ing out at ground zero are having diffi- DINING D1-6 culty proving that they are eligible forun, called for an end to the “confronta-tion” with South Korea. PAGE A3 compensation. PAGE A15 SPORTSWEDNESDAY B9-13OBITUARIES B8Beate Gordon Dies at 89 Bowl Droughts Are OverAt 22, just after World War II, Ms. Gor- Stanford beat Wisconsin to win its firstdon almost single-handedly wrote wom- Rose Bowl since 1972. Northwesternen’s rights into the Constitution of mod- beat Mississippi State in the Gator Bowlern Japan, with lasting effects. PAGE B8 for its first bowl win since 1949. PAGE B9 EDITORIAL, OP-ED A18-19NATIONAL A8-14 Knowing Beans Maureen Dowd PAGE A19Lower Risk for the Overweight A growing number of training centersA report found that people whose body and certification courses are helping U(D54G1D)y+"!#!%!=!@mass index ranked them as overweight, prospective baristas interested in learn-but not obese, had less risk of dying ing the art and science behind the best-than people of normal weight. PAGE A10 tasting coffee drinks. PAGE D1
  3. 3. DIRECTIONS: A sure way to make readers curious about a story SUPPLEM is to 5.9 ENTR in one of the columns of text. For this exercise, design a pull quote thEntry points Remember the following guidelines from chapter 5. They should be quotations. DIRECTIONS: Every 8-10 inches or so, or when there’s a They should be attributed. to insert a subhead in a story that is often simply forma 5.9 E They should be bigger and bolder than text type. or headlines to contrast with the body copy. Initial caps They should be DIRECTIONS: Every 8-10 inches or so, or when 1-2 inches deep. text or to help a reader know where a story begins — o Knowing that a mug/quote combination is in a story that isways to h to insert ainitial caps and even best often sim one of the colors of subheads, subhead dingbats until pull quote with or without a mug shot.contrast with the body copy. I or Write down the specs ofwith and one with headlines to Or do one your final choice. publication. text or to help a reader know where a story b colors of subheads, initial caps and even ding publication. Write down the specs of your fin A A ttorneys representing Texas ttorneys House Speaker Tom Cradd- House Sp ick filed a supplemental brief ick filed a A A Wednesday outlining the speaker’s Wednesday ou ttorneys representing Texas rights according to the Texas Con- House Speaker Tom Cradd- accordi rights stitution. Craddick came under fire stitution. Crad ick filed a supplemental brief during the last day of the 80th Legis- speaker’s the last Wednesday outlining the during We Initial letters lative Session, which ended in May, Texas Con- Session, rights according to the lative rig when he ignored House members underwhen he igno• stitution. Craddick came fire sti calling for his removal last day of the 80th Legis- for his during the as speaker. calling du “The attorney Session, which ended in May, lative general sent out “The attorn SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS letters to potential interested House members to pote when he ignored par- letters lat wh ROBERT 5.9 ENTRY POINTS ties for submission forbriefs, and we speaker. for submis calling of his removal as responded to his letter,” said Chris- ties “The attorney general sentresponded to h out cal tian Ward, who along with Gregory letters to potential interested tian Ward, wh par- let Inset quotes DIRECTIONS: Every 8-10 inches or so, or whenColeman serves for Craddick’s attor- there’s a ties asof topic or of briefs,pause in thetie shift submission logical and we Coleman serve co ney . ney .• to insert a subhead in a story that is often simply formatted as bold text or said Chris- in the responded to his letter,” maybe set res or headlines to contrast with the body copy. Initial capstian Ward, who along with Gregory and dingbats also serve to break up l Coleman serves as Craddick’s attor- tia Co text or to help a reader know where a story begins — or ends. Experiment with some differe ROBERT BENCHLEY ney . colors of subheads, initial caps and even dingbats until you find one of each that fits the look ne NEWSPAPER COLUMNIST This is a lowercase n in the publication. Write down the specs of your final choice. Story subheads font of Zapf Dingbats. Simple.• Fits look ofis a lowercase n in the This initial letters. A A A ttorneys representing Texas ttorneys representing Texas House Speaker Tom Cradd- House Speaker Zapf Dingbats. Simple. font of Tom Cradd- ttorneys re ick filed a supplemental brief Wednesday outlining the speaker’s Fits look of initial letters. To ick filed a supplemental brief Wednesday outlining the speaker’s House Speaker Dingbats ( ▶ ❏ ❖ ■ ) rights according to the Texas Con- rights according to the Texas Con- a supplemental b stitution. Craddick came under fire stitution. Craddick came under fire outlining the spe cording to the Te• during the last day of the 80th Legis- during the last day of the 80th Legis- The attorney general’s office The attorn lative Session, which ended in May, lative Session, which ended inno com- Craddick came u said they had “absolutely May, said they had when he ignored House members when he ignored House members the last day of th ment whatsoever.” ■ ment whatsoev calling for his removal as speaker. calling for his removal as speaker. Session, which en The attorney general’s office he ignored House “The attorney general sent out “The attorney general sent out said they had “absolutely no com- for his removal sai as letters to potential interested par- letters to potential interested par- ment whatsoever.” ■ “The attorneyme ties for submission of briefs, and we ties for submission of briefs, and we responded to his letter,” said Chris- responded to his letter,” said Chris- letters to potentia tian Ward, who along with Gregory According to the supplemental tian Ward, who along with Gregory According ties for submission Coleman serves as Craddick’s attor- Colemanfiled byas Craddick’s attor- brief serves Ward and Coleman, responded to hisby brief filed l ney . ney speaker may decide when a mo- the . the speaker m tian Ward, who al According to the supplemental will be e tion will be entertained and wheth- tion er to recognize a member seeking and Coleman,to recogniz brief filed by Ward to er b This initial letter is se place an item before the may decide when a mo- an item the speaker House. place tion will be entertained and wheth- th ti Ultra Compressed. It SPEAKER’S DECISION a member seekingSPEAKER’S DEC er to recognize to e This is a lowercase n in the The speaker alone is authorized House. place an item before the The speak p tall. This fits well sinc to “decide if recognition is to be to “decide if font of Zapf Dingbats. Simple. granted.” SPEAKER’S DECISION granted.” S headlines are in Helvetic Fits look of initial letters. The speaker alone is authorized Helvetica Ultra Compre to “decide if recognition is to be granted.” to g contrast to body copy. Worksheets created by Bradley Wilson to accompany The Newspaper Design ©2008, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All ri The attorney general’s office The attorney general’s office The attorney said they had “absolutely no com- Worksheets created by Bradley Wilson to they had “ab said they had “absolutely no com- said accompany The ment whatsoever.” ■ ment whatsoever.” ¶ ©2008, The whatsoever.” ment McGraw-Hill C Worksheets created by Bradley Wilson to a
  4. 4. Entry points Goal: To pull a viewer into thepublication
  5. 5. One Romo person’s issues trash, apology another’s B1 What are treasure A8 laws for riding SATURDAY, JANUARY 5, 2013 horses in cities? ANSWER | A4 What do you want to know? Submit your question and read re- sponses to others at Your news, our passion. | Vol. 112 No. 209 50¢ INSIDE IN WAKE OF DEADLY OUTBREAKS TODAY Sweeping food safety rules proposed WASHINGTON (AP) nesses close to half a bil- seven deaths, according Melons — The Food and Drug lion dollars a year to im- to the federal Centers for rot in the Administration on Friday plement, but are expected Disease Control and Pre- afternoon proposed the most sweep- to reduce the estimated vention. heat in a ing food safety rules in 3,000 deaths a year from The actual number of field near decades, requiring farmers foodborne illness. those sickened is likely Holly, Colo. and food companies to be Just since last summer, much higher. AP FILE more vigilant in the wake outbreaks of listeria in The FDA’s proposed PHOTO of deadly outbreaks in cheese and salmonella in rules would require farm- peanuts, cantaloupe and peanut butter, mangoes ers to take new precau- leafy greens. and cantaloupe have been tions against contamina- The long-overdue reg- linked to more than 400 tion. ulations could cost busi- illnesses and as many as SEE FOOD | A5 The Blues are back Valley welcomes return of Navy’s flight demonstration team. IMMIGRATION PROCESS CALEXICO Chamber, Our View, A6 POLICY CHANGE Salton Sea Imperial Valley to benefit from air- monitoring stations. consulate Local & Region, A4 cooperate Community photos on health See the Imperial Valley through readers’ eyes. Move allows waiver for some illegal Chamber is new fiscal Your News, A2 immigrants to stay with families agency for Ventanilla de Salud BY CHELCEY ADAMI PRINT Staff Writer EXCLUSIVE CALEXICO — The Calex- ico Chamber of Commerce and Consulate of Mexico in Calexico signed an agree- ment Thursday making the chamber the new fiscal agency for the consulate’s Ventanilla de Salud. Officials for both agen- Judges sworn in cies said they believe the County courts gain two more on move will allow the con- the bench. Local sulate to improve and ex- & Region, A4 pand health services it of- fers to the community. “A lot of people from Mexico don’t know where SMILE OF to go and don’t have health THE DAY services. Our mission is to provide them with these kinds of programs and serv- ices,” Consul Gina Andrea Cruz Blackledge said. “I’m very happy about working with the chamber on this.” New United States citizens celebrate at the end of their citizenship ceremony at Calexico City Hall The chamber replaces in this image from 2011. Fifty-four applicants from three countries were granted citizenship. A pol- Neighborhood House of icy change will allow some illegal immigrants to apply for a hardship waiver to remain with their Calexico as the fiscal agency families. CHELCEY ADAMI FILE PHOTO in charge of Ventanilla de “I’m smiling because were BY JULIO MORALES | Staff Writer, Copy Editor Salud, which hosts numer- ous health fairs throughout I going to eat.” the community during the Ava Casey, 4 n a move that could help tens of thousands of illegal immigrants se- year as well as individually Brawley helps people navigate med- cure permanent residency, the Obama administration recently an- ical issues such as health insurance. nounced a policy that would also effectively reduce the time families While consulate staff CONNECT praised the support they’ve spend separated during the immigration process. received from Neighbor- Prior to the rule change an- and remain in the U.S. if they clients may stand to benefit hood House, they said they nounced Monday, illegal immi- can demonstrate time apart from the rule change. felt that the change to the grants who return to their from their family would “The Obama administration chamber would provide country of origin to apply for a amount to an “extreme hard- thought this is B.S. and was greater opportunity for ex- visa would be barred from re- ship.” hurting families,” Cardenas pansion due to the cham- turning stateside for a number The change to the rule was said, referring to the time an il- ber’s more versatile presence of years. The new policy allows initially proposed in April. legal immigrant would be in the Valley versus the spe- those illegal immigrants who Since then, local attorney Rudy barred from returning to the cific skill set and services are immediate relatives of U.S. Cardenas has been reviewing U.S. while seeking legal status. provided by the nonprofit. TODAY’S citizens to apply for a waiver his caseload to identify which SEE POLICY | A5 SEE CALEXICO | A5 WEATHER 64/38 ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE REPORT FORECAST | A7 Top parks officials kept $20M INDEX Abby .............B8 Photos..........A2 hidden for more than a decade Calendar ......A2 Region ..........A4 Classified..B4-7 Scoreboard..B3 SACRAMENTO (AP) — leased Friday. “Throughout this period Lottery..........A3 Sports........B1-3 Movies ..........A7 Weather........A7 Officials at the highest levels The report said the “in- of intentional non-disclo- Opinion.........A6 of the California Depart- tentional non-disclosure” sure, some parks employ- ment of Parks and Recre- continued because em- ees consistently requested, ation helped keep millions ployees feared the depart- without success, that their of dollars in money intend- ment’s budget would be superiors address the is- ed for state parks secret for cut if lawmakers found sue,” Deputy Attorney more than a decade, the out, and that they would General Thomas M. Pat- The Salton Sea Recreation State Park was slated forTo subscribe 760-337-3456 California attorney general’s be embarrassed about the ton wrote in the report. closure under cuts made during the state’s budget office said in a report re- years of covering it up. SEE PARKS | A5 crisis last year. IMPERIAL VALLEY PRESS FILE PHOTO
  6. 6. First front page of USA Today, Sept. 15, 1982
  7. 7. ALTERNATIVESTORYFORMS That’s the title of this presentation With thanks to Tim Harrower, author “The Newspaper Designer’s Handbook”
  8. 8. Goal: To pull a viewerinto the publication AND to add ‘quick read’ information
  9. 9. Also calledStorytelling devices STDs Credit to G.W. Babb, designer, Austin American-Statesman
  10. 10. SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS 6.1 ALTERNATIVE COPYDIRECTIONS: Below is a summary of the different types of sidebars and infographics mentioned in chapter 6. Yourtask is to find an example of each of these and add them to your clip file. FAST-FACT BOX Q&A TABLE Brief profiles of people, places, products A survey that samples opinion on a A list of people or products (sports or organizations, itemized by key current topic, collating responses into key teams, movies, etc.) that lets critics make characteristics. categories and statistics. predictions or evaluations. BIO BOX PUBLIC-OPINION POLL RATINGS A series of names, tips, components, A series of relevant comments on a topic A chronological table or list of eventsprevious events — any categories that add by newsmakers, readers or random highlighting key moments in the history of context to a story. passers-by. a person, place or issue. LIST QUOTE COLLECTION TIMELINEA list of specialized words with definitions A way to measure changing quantities over A brief “how-to” that explains a complex (and/or pronunciations) to help clarify time by plotting key statistics as points on process by walking readers through it one complex topics. a graph. step at a time. GLOSSARY FEVER CHART STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE A list of questions or guidelines that A way to compare two or more items A plan or drawing designed to show how itemize key points or help readers assess visually by representing them as columns something works or to explain key parts of their own needs. parked side by side. an object or process. CHECKLIST BAR CHART DIAGRAM A short list of questions that let readers A way to compare the parts that make up A quick way to give readers geographical interact with a story by testing their a whole — usually measuring money or information by showing the location of understanding of the topic. population percentages. events relevant to a story. QUIZ PIE CHART MAP A way to ask and answer hypothetical A way to arrange data into columns or A quick way to give readers geographical questions, or capture an interview’s rows so readers can make side-by-side information by showing the location of verbatim dialogue. comparisons. events relevant to a story. Worksheets created by Bradley Wilson to accompany The Newspaper Designer’s Handbook, 6th edition by Tim Harrower. ©2008, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Types•Bulleted list •Fever chart•Question and Answer •Step-by-step guide•Table •Checklist•Bio Box •Bar chart•Public Opinion Poll •Diagram•Rating •Calendar•Ordered list •Quiz•Quote collection •Pie chart•Timeline •Map•Glossary
  12. 12. Quiz
  13. 13. Question and answer Notice thedrop cap too
  14. 14. Calendar
  15. 15. at forum focusing on race Sharing the stage at a Thursday candidate who expressed an opinion In a letter to the chairmen of the H and Senate Judiciary Committees, Wh House Counsel Fred Fielding said he a advised former White House officials w have received subpoenas in the matter D WASHINGTON provide any documents to Capitol Hill emocratic presidential candi- night forum on minority issues, the came down squarely against Thurs- dates won applause from a candidates denounced the court’s deci- day’s ruling. predominately black audi- sion that struck down race-based They also agreed to roll back tax Private space station laun LOS ANGELES c A new inflatable, unm ence at Howard University on Thurs- plans to promote diversity in school cuts for the wealthy, took a hard line test module for a proposed private spa day by accusing the Supreme Court of systems in Louisville and Seattle. on Darfur and condemned the Bush tion was launched into orbit Thursday administration’s response to Hurri- a Russian rocket, the U.S. company de retreating earlier in the day from the The passions that split the courtQuote ing the technology said. goal of eliminating school segregation. spilled into the forum, though every cane Katrina. The 15-foot-long module was design McCLATCHY-TRIBUNE, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS expand to a diameter of 8 feet. Contac the module was established later in th and data indicated good voltage in thecollection POLL WATCH THE CANDIDATES system and “decent” air pressure in th Sen. Hillary Rodham cle, the company said. Clinton is doing surprisingly well among minority voters, a poll says. Officials probe site on wre The Gallup Poll’s annual ATLANTA c Investigators Thursday s minority survey says the looking into who altered pro wrestler New York Democrat is tied Benoit’s Wikipedia entry to mention h with Illinois Sen. Barack death hours before authorities discove Obama among blacks. bodies of the couple and their 7-year-o And she trounces all her Benoit’s Wikipedia entry was altere rivals with Hispanic voters — day to say that the wrestler had misse even New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. JOE HILLARY CHRIS JOHN match because of his wife’s death. Also Thursday, federal drug agents “Right now, it’s pretty BIDEN RODHAM CLINTON DODD EDWARDS they had raided the west Georgia offic doctor who prescribed testosterone to much Hillary, and then all DELAWARE SENATOR NEW YORK SENATOR CONNECTICUT SENATOR FORMER NORTH CAROLINA the rest,” said Gallup’s Jeff SENATOR Benoit. Jones. Taxes: “For the first time in HIV/AIDS: “This is a multiple- Employment: “We today re- But at the same time, more than half of voters say our history, we’re in a position where those who are the wage dimension problem. But if we don’t begin to take it serious- ward industries that leave America by giving them tax Health care: “We know that race plays an enormous role Titanic still sells at auctio they wouldn’t consider vot- NEW YORK c A deck log from a ship t earners are paying a bigger ly and address it the way we breaks. I would like to see us in the problems that African- ing for Clinton if she be- searched for bodies after the Titanic s chunk than they should. It’s did back in the ’90s when it reward companies that stay in Americans face and the prob- comes the Democratic nomi- sold for more than $100,000 as part of got to shift back.” was primarily a gay men’s our inner cities, go to places lems that African-Americans nee, according to a poll by face with health care every Christie’s auction Thursday of memor Chief Justice John Roberts disease, we will never get the where jobs ought to be creat- Mason-Dixon Polling and services and the public educa- single day. There are huge from the doomed oceanliner. and Justice Sam Alito: “The ed. That ought to be a part of All together, the 18 lots of Titanic m Research. In that poll, 52 tion that we need.” our tax policy as well.” health care disparities, which problem is the rest of us were bilia — including letters, postcards, te percent of Americans said Outsourcing: “We have to do is why we need universal not tough enough. They have Segregation: “The shame of grams from survivors and photograph they wouldn’t consider vot- several things: End the tax health care in this country.” turned the court upside down. resegregation has been occur- passengers — sold at auction for a tot ing for her. breaks that still exist in the Racism: “If you’re African- The next president of the Unit- ring in our country for years.” $193,140. ed States will be able to deter- tax code for outsourcing jobs; American, you’re more likely Online: Artifacts from another famous ship RACE MATTERS mine whether or not we go have trade agreements with to be charged with a crime. If you’re charged with a crime, wrecked luxury liner, the Andrea Dori The nomination fight be- forward or continue this slide” enforceable labor and environ- you’re more likely to be con- also auctioned, as were items like silve gins in Iowa and New Hamp- mental standards; help Ameri- Online: victed of a crime. . . . There is and posters from the S.S. Normandy, t shire, two states with rela- cans compete, which is some- thing we haven’t taken seri- no question that our justice French Art Deco oceanliner that caps tively few minorities. But ously.” system is not colorblind.” and burned in New York Harbor durin blacks and other minority World War II. voters become critical in Online: Online: NEWS Nevada, South Carolina and Florida before a multistate primary Feb. 5. BRIEFLY WORLD About one in 10 voters in the 2004 election was black, according to exit polls, and U.N. agency rebuts U.S. cla UNITED NATIONS c The deputy head o they voted 9-1 for Democrat U.N. Development Program has shot b John Kerry. In some states, U.S. accusations that it had squandere blacks make up a bigger lions of dollars in North Korea, saying share of the voters. amount far surpassed what the progra In South Carolina, for at its disposal and questioning the aut example, blacks made up about 30 percent of the elec- MIKE DENNIS BARACK BILL ty of documents the U.S. mission prov back up its claims. torate in 2004, but were more than half of the voters GRAVEL KUCINICH OBAMA RICHARDSON In a confidential letter delivered Th FORMER ALASKA SENATOR OHIO REPRESENTATIVE ILLINOIS SENATOR NEW MEXICO GOVERNOR evening to Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. in the state’s Democratic sador, the official, Ad Melkert, said the primary. amounts, vendor names and transacti War on drugs: “The scourge Trade: “One of my first acts in Government’s role: “There Diversity: “I believe very dates supplied by the United States ha of our present society, particu- office will be to cancel NAFTA are going to be responsibilities strongly that the next presi- NEXT DEBATES examined against his agency’s records larly the African-American and the WTO and go back to on the part of African-Ameri- dent is not just going to have July 23: Democrats in “there is not a single match.” community, is the war on trade conditioned on workers cans and other groups to take to pass laws and take the steps Charleston, S.C. drugs. . . . There is no reason rights, human rights and envi- personal responsibility to rise necessary to reaffirm affirma- Aug. 5: Republicans in Des to continue it in the slightest. ronmental quality principles. up out of the problems that we tive action and take steps to
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