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Mmn remembering

  1. 1. Kevin’s Spoken English The 90 Day Course Finest English Learning Academy
  2. 2. MMNMemory Module Network Technique to Remember
  3. 3. PPT Rules• Have a book ready with date and Heading – MMN – Memory Module Network• When you see this symbol you are required to write the contents of that slide.• However if you feel you want to write down a certain slide for better understanding you are free to do so.
  4. 4. Why do I need MMN?• Most Spoken English Courses teach you Grammar rules and syntax and more often how to translate.• But What if you could not remember all those?• As kid we pick up the sentence structures and remember them as we keep listening the same sentences often.• MMN supplements the same technique to you, so that you can remember the sentences being taught to you.• This technique shall help you frame your own sentences later.
  5. 5. MMN – The Rules• You know Parts of Speech by this point of time.NounAdjectivePronounVerbAdverbPrepositionConjunctionInterjectionThis is the usual order taught in schools. We are going to learn a new order and grouping for parts of speech.
  6. 6. MMN - Rules• We shall learn the BINDER Concept now.• Primarily we have 3 BINDER Sets1. Noun Binder2. Adjective Binder3. Verb Binder
  7. 7. What is Binder?• A binder indicates that certain words or parts of speech will always come attached before the noun, adjective or verb mentioned in the Binder’s name.• For eg:• Noun Binder will have words like a, an, the, of which whenever they occur in a sentence will always be attached to a noun.• Similarly Verb Binders will have the adverbs and to. When these words occur in a sentence they are attached to a verb
  8. 8. Note: Write Down the rules on a separate page altogether. Upon Completion this is how it would look Noun Binders Verb Binders• a, an, the • to• adjective • adverbs• pronoun• and, comma(,), of• Preposition• Conjunction Adjective Binders• Who, where when, which • adverbs• Phrase of Adverb
  9. 9. Noun Binder• First OneArticles – a, an, the
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