Ben Gilbert Idea Pitch Presentation - Functional Delights

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  • It’s difficult to create a system that forces the user to check their todos. It’s even more difficult to create a system that forces them to check their todos at the appropriate time.
  • In order to create reminders on the iPhone, you must use Apple’s remote push notifications. This requires that data be synced and stored with a remote server.
  • We’re aiming at the consumer, non-enterprise users. We’re looking for 20,000 users in our first year.
  • Bottom line: Even if our product differentiation is slight (user experience), I don’t believe the market is saturated. We are heads and shoulders above any free solution, and at a much more reasonable price point than some of the more extensively-designed solutions.
  • Additional clients, features, enterprise edition. Also totally separate iPhone apps. We could build the brand, and become an umbrella organization for iPhone development.
  • Example: People typically schedule ‘mow the lawn’ 4 days in advance, and get it done most often on Sundays. Targeted advertising on Monday for new lawnmowers. Or lets say people rarely get around to ‘family movie night’ and end up deleting it. This data is valuable for advertising as well. We can also gather location data.
  • We’re looking at a December / January submission to the App Store. The app and web-service are well on their way, and we’re designing user interface with my graphics designer now. In fact, I’m running the app on my phone now.


  • 1. Functional Delights, LLC
    • Benjamin J. Gilbert, Co-Founder
  • 2. Who Are We?
    • Ben Gilbert - 3rd Year CSE Major, OSU
    • Ian Kono - Graduating CS Major, UCLA
  • 3.
    • Task management works best as an input-output system.
  • 4. Why?
  • 5. Diligence
  • 6.  
  • 7. The Problem:
    • It’s not easy to do this.
  • 8. Our Solution
    • SimplySeize
    • SeizeTheDay
  • 9. SeizeTheDay
    • Elegant
    • Subscription-free
    • Reminder-based
  • 10. The Market
    • Over 50M iPhones, iPod Touches Sold
    Source: Apple Earnings Calls, TGDaily
  • 11. The Competition
    • Things, OmniFocus, Toodledo, RememberTheMilk
  • 12. Yes, there are existing task management apps.
  • 13. I don’t like any of them.
  • 14. I won’t pay a yearly subscription.
  • 15. I need reminders.
  • 16. I won’t put up with a poor user experience.
  • 17. Costs Item Cost (One Time) Incorporation $125 Partnership Agreement $22 Icon Design $100 Trademarks $100 TOTAL $347 Item Cost / Year Apple Developer Registration $100 Push Hosting $150 Domains $15 TOTAL $265
  • 18. Revenue
    • Immediate: $5.99 Per Purchase in the App Store
    • Future: Additional Mobile/Desktop Clients, Advertising
  • 19. The Future...
  • 20. Additional Value
    • Large (and useful) data set
  • 21. This is all very possible.
    • And it’s going to happen soon.