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The FPD standard activities in Taiwan

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Itri cms fpd_project_intro_bjp090109

  1. 1. N2 N9 N10 N3 N12 N6 N4 N5 N8 FPD Standards & Measurements 1Copyright 2008 ITRI 工業技術研究院 Andy BJ Pong CMS/ITRI
  2. 2. 顯示器量測標準推動策略 IEC ISO ITU SEMI ICDM CNS 顯示器影像品質測試與評價規範建議與運作平台 (DTV TaiwanSEMI Taiwan) 量測中心: TV廠商 確保標準實現 Image IC 廠商 的一致性 面板模組廠商 1標準圖庫 2客觀量測追溯 3提供檢測方法 2Copyright 2008 ITRI 工業技術研究院 2
  3. 3. 原 SEMI Taiwan FPD WG 架構 Taiwan FPD Liaison TF Standards Working Group Secretariat Leader: De-An Chang / DTV Taiwan Co-Chair : Tzeng-Yow Lin / CMS Leader: Leon Huang / SEMI Taiwan Leader: Mao-Sheng Huang / CMS Co-Chair : Jia-Ming Liu / TDMDA Leader: Yeu-Chyun Joseph Chang / CIPO LED Backlight TF Motion Artifact TF ACR TF MURA TF Leader: Chun-Hsiang Wen / MCL Leader: Bao-Jen Pong / CMS Leader: Yu-Ping Lan / CMS Leader: Yu-Ping Lan / CMS Leader: Li-Fen Carol Tien / CMS Leader: Yuen-Yi Lai / TTLA Leader: Fu-Cheng Chen / CMO Leader: Kai-Chieh Chang / TTLA Leader : KueiNengWu / CMS ACR: ambient contrast ratio 註:2008/3/4舉辦第一次標準委員會會議 3Copyright 2008 ITRI 工業技術研究院 3
  4. 4. SEMI Taiwan 升級後組織規劃 量測中心林副主任等參加 SEMI NARSC 及 ISC 會議,順利爭取 SEMI Taiwan 自 FPD Working Group 升格成為 FPD Technical Committee,使台灣可有自主的新議題提案 權。 7/17 提出 SEMI Taiwan FPD TC 之組織架構如下頁:  12/17 FPD TC 通過成立 3D Display Metrology TF 4Copyright 2008 ITRI 工業技術研究院 4
  5. 5. SEMI Taiwan FPD Standards Technical Committee TAC (Steering Committee) Taiwan FPD TC Co-Chair : Tzeng-Yow Lin / CMS Co-Chair: Jia-Ming Liu / TDMDA Liaison Leader: De-An Chang / DTV Taiwan Leader: Juei-Chiao Chuang / TDMDA SEMI Staff Leader: Mao-Sheng Huang / CMS Leon Huang / SEMI Taiwan LCD Sub-committee Flexible Display / e-book 3D Display Sub-committee Leader: Yuh-Der Jiaan/CMS Sub-committee Leader : RUNG-YWAN TSAI / 3DIDAB 3D Display Metrology TF Leader: Kuen Lee / 3DIDA Leader: Eric YC Jeng/AUO Leader: Jally Chen/CMO Color Breakup TF ACR TF MURA TF LED Backlight TF Leader: Yuen-Yi Lai / TTLA Leader: Fu-Cheng Chen / CMO Leader: Kai-Chieh Chang / TTLA Leader: Chun-Hsiang Wen / MCL Leader: Ming-Lang Tai / CPT Leader: Shiang-yuan Pan / AUO Leader: Chia-Chia Kuo / AUO Leader: Li-Fen Carol Tien / CMS Leader: Bao-Jen Pong / CMS Leader : Yu-Ping Lan / CMS Leader: Yu-Ping Lan / CMS Leader: KueiNeng Wu / CMS 5Copyright 2008 ITRI 工業技術研究院 5
  6. 6. iQ Project roadmap Image quality parameters measurement (FY96) system and database Draft of FPD image quality test and iQ (FY97) 液晶顯示器 缺陷Mura assessment procedures Assessment 檢測標準之研究 for FPD Video quality parameters measurement system (FY98) Draft of FPD video quality test and (FY99) assessment procedures 6Copyright 2008 ITRI 工業技術研究院 6
  7. 7. FPD physical parameters 1暖機狀態2基本參數(色域與白點)3光譜特性4線性轉換矩陣5階調特性6色再現分析7不均勻度分析 (IEC分析, VESA分析,ISO分析) 8色追跡法與人因關聯性分析9背景依靠度分析10相互干擾分析11漏 光分析12反應時間13解析度分析14可視角分析。 7Copyright 2008 ITRI 工業技術研究院 7
  8. 8. Psychophysics experiments Physical measurements Subjective & Objective evaluations contrast C 1 D Response time 0.8 Gamut(NTSC %) A B 0.6 0.4 Naturalness(自然) 0.2 Uniformity(IEC) 0 Naturalness(人物) Viewing angle Sharpness color reproduction 8Copyright 2008 ITRI 工業技術研究院 8
  9. 9. 顯示器廠商 9Copyright 2008 ITRI 工業技術研究院 9