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Band janta party – gujarat’s shaming, polluting, india shining
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Band janta party – gujarat’s shaming, polluting, india shining


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  • 1. Band Janta Party – Gujarat’s Shaming, Polluting, India Shining February23, 2013In attached three pages Clippings from Gujarat budget document – first pagereports Indian GDP Quadrupled since 2004-12, more than doubled in Net GDP atconstant prices and per capita GDP in real term more than doubled. But inGujarat as given in the annexure even as Value of Factory production was up25.54%, number of factories up 36.63% yet Net Value Additions declined 0.64%in just one year 2009-10 to 2010-11. THIS IS NOT GOOD GOVERNANCE BUTCONNIVANCE IN LOOT. I HAD EARLIER REPORTED HOW GUJARATEXTENDED TAX BENEFITS TO FOREIGN OWNED ESSAR ENERGY AS ANEXAMPLE THAT CONTRIBUTED PRACTICALLY NOTHING AS SALARY ANDDIVIDEND TO GUJARAT BUT POLLUTION. FactoryCan we believe Gujarat Factory sector GDP contribution is barely Rs. 89448crore in 2010-11- $16b over 10 years of Narendra Modi Raj when Gujjus Remit -more than $20b annually to Gujarat?Foreign remittances kept services sector alive but main thrust of Gujarat was alwaysIndustry and Vibrant Gujarat Summits focused on Industries.Had it been USA or Any Developed Country Band Janta Party (BJP) would havebeen put in jail for 10-20 years for Fabricating Data for Political Purpose and Loot.In document downloaded from Vibrant Gujarat2013 site – Industry Stats - just beforeElections, Gujarat reported 34860 No of Registered Factories out of that 24453 wereworking. Year No. of Regd. No. of working workers Factories factories employed 2009 34860 (32%) 24453 (70%)) 1257957But in SER2013 released this week data shows 15576 No of Factories in Gujarat2009-10 that it claims had gone up 36% to 21282 but actual Net Value Additions haddeclined by 0.64%. There can’t be any Worse Forging of Government data anywherein the world.4.18 The number of factories have increased from 15576 in 2009-10 to 21282in 2010-11(P), showing a growth of 36.63 percent over the previous year. Thenet value added by factory sector in the State has decreased from Rs.90028crore in 2009-10 to Rs. 89448 crore in 2010-11(P), showing a reduction of0.64 percent over the previous year.Most Polluting: - Even more Horrifying Rs.89,448 crores of Net Value Added but71% consists of most polluting Companies - Mfg. of Coke Refined PetroleumProducts & Nuclear Fuel, Mfg. of Chemical & Chemical Products, Mfg. of Basicmetals, Mfg. of other non-metallic mineral products.This implies around Rs.26,000 crores Net Value Addition by less polluting industriesthis too doesn’t include any High Tech production but for some Foreign Plants.
  • 2. So factories in Gujarat contribute just $5b Net Value Additions of Medium PollutingIndustry Production and in per capita terms less than $83.For over 12 years Band Janta Party is projecting Narendra Modi as PM for 2014 andentire political party like a Band Company is fully active celebrating VICTORY inadvance for FABRICATED GROWTH.We need qualified people to run India and Indian Industries.Gujarat is Shaming and Polluting, India Shining in spite of BJP Sabotage.Had Gujarat been an Independent Nation it would have been totally Bankruptby now reduced to Ethiopia or Somalia level.Ravinder SinghProgressindia008@yahoo.comMy Earlier Message -Modi’s Vibrant Gujarat Flop Show, 10,407 (30%) Sick Factories - Excl.(C)This is enough to Puncture Modi Campaign as 30% or for every Two WorkingFactories, One in Gujarat are sick and Modi did nothing to revive them.Modi registered 8404 Factories but increase in number of number of WorkingFactories was just 4029 (48%).FOR EVERY ONE FACTORY REGISTERED AND WORKING BY MODI MORETHAN ONE FACTORY WAS SHUT DOWN OR BECAME SICK.It was easy to REVIVE sick units than finance new projects.Data provided by Gujarat government indicates in two import Factory Data fixedcapital as Gujarat share of India was BEST PHASE of Gujarat growth trajectory andsince Modi arrived it declined. as % of India 1990-91 2000-01 2008-09Fixed Capital 9.8% 18.04% 16.32%Output Value 10.20% 13.81% 15.52%Net Value Added 8.57% 11.74% 11.45%Table 28 Is important – Fixed Capital and Value Added by Gujarat were 18.04% and11.74% in 2001 that were down to 16.32% and 11.45% in 2009.Table 28 Continued – Here growth is compared since 1960.
  • 3. In 1990-91 to 2000-01 decade Factory Growth Was Double of National Average –Fixed Capital 9.8%Table 29 Is Important – P-66Figures in bracket is Growth rate Year No. of Regd. No. of working workers Factories factories employed 1990 16820 14513 (86%) 747569 2000 26454 (57%) 20424 (77%) 866720 2009 34860 (32%) 24453 (70%)) 1257957SSI – MSMESSI units registration declined from 14761 in 1998-99 to 12168 in Oct06 toJuly10.Table 10 in above Annual SSI registration was 14761 in 1998-99 was reduced to10955 in 2005-06. Table 13 admits Failure of Gujarat to promote SMEs.Between October02 2006 to July31 2010 four years total registration of SSI was just12168 – Micro Units registration in these years was 49186 and medium industries504.In table 15 Micro Small and Medium industries contributed 859272 jobs but inthis Medium Industries contributed just 55457 jobs just 6.5%.Modi created 5 lakh factory jobs in over 10 years for over 100 lakh populationgrowth.But neglect of Textiles, MSMEs, Poor Implementation of Irrigation projectsresulted in average growth –- that enriched few Adanis or Ambanis.Job numbers Swelled after Micro Units like roadside welder ormechanic were included in the MSME sectors.Ravinder SinghProgressindia008@yahoo.comSeptember10, 2012 ANNEXURE – I Page 2INDUSTRIES2.15 According to the provisional result of Annual Survey of Industries 2011, totalnumber of factories in the state increased from 15576 in 2009-10 to 21282 in 2010-11 which shows that the race of industrialization has been very rapid in the state inthe recent past. As a result of rapid industrialization a value of the factoriesproduction increased from 643 thousand crore in 2009-10 to 807 thousand crore in
  • 4. 2010-11 at current prices recording an increase of more than 25 percent. At thesame time the fix capital generated by the factories increase from around 240thousand crore to 272 thousand crore reflecting an increase of more than 13percent. However after taking into account the input cost and depreciations the netvalue added by the factories sector decreased marginally from around 90 thousandcrore in 2009-10 to around 89 thousand crore in 2010-11.