Examples of Systance's interventions


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A brief descriptions of a dozen of interventions by Systance Management Consultants

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Examples of Systance's interventions

  1. 1. Bernard JOUVEL Mobile : +41.(0).789.200.788 SYSTANCE : EXAMPLES OF PROJECTS WildZone – SwissFTTx : Global project strategy and management Preparation of the creation of an alternative telecommunication operator in Switzerland, thanks to the creation of a consortium (SwissFTTx) of cantonal utilities, to deliver WildZone’s services (new generation of TiplePlay : Television, Telephony, Internet combined services). Main strategic partner : Groupe E, main stakeholder N. De WildZone Executive Summary WildZone is the next generation of digital services platform. PICCIOTTO. E – Business platform Highly secured VPN Visioconferencing Home automation Network strorage Music - SACD Security Gaming Internet HD TV Phone NVOD VOD ASP TV … … … WildZone (WZ) introduces Multiplay services, a multiplication of emerging Triple Play’s (TP) offer : - When TP proposes very high speed internet (20 Mbps) WZ proposes extremely high speed internet (100 Mbps) Services Contents - When TP proposes telephony through internet (VoIP) with an acceptable quality of service, WZ proposes a high definition X - Providers Videoconferencing Services & Content CASH FLOW Main field of intervention (time frame : 2 years) : - When TP proposes a bouquet of TV channels at numerical quality, WZ proposes a bouquet of TV channel with High Definition images and Surround sound - When TP proposes no more, WZ proposes a multitude of other WZ services : o Real High Definition Video on Demand o Very high quality music (eq. to SACD), surround capabilities o New generation online gaming Operators o Unrivalled security (professional state-of-the-art security available for the end-user customer) • Strategy : Lobbying strategy definition ; Business strategy o Video surveillance Final Customers o Mediametry (fully personalized advertising) Home SME Corporate o WILDZONE will guarantee 24/7 ALL Networks and ALL devices monitoring, billing and accounting no matter the amount of WildZone Business Model devices, home automation, … o Pluggable services : WZ is a flexible platform, ready to add brand new services which can take advantage from its high bandwidth and its high security level WildZone area of control The two main reasons why building such a platform has not been definition Supervision Network Security HD Imaging Billing platform Content provider Monitoring Anti-hacking STB design E-Business VOD Ready to add new providers possible until now are : bandwidth and unrivalled technical expertise. X– X– X– X– Neva Ilion Chrome Ucronik Mobuzz And by the way, this is why no company will be able to compete Provider Provider Provider Provider against WildZone for several years. MediaOnline WildZone project planned to acquire FibreLac, a fiber Network Coordinator WildZone Operator, with a huge engineering expertise in fiber networking, and with an existing network of more than 540km. This network will become WildZone Swiss backbone. SwissGiga SwissGiga is a company created to gather all the “small” network operators willing to mutualise their means, and to provide to their final FibreLac Network Network Network Network Network Network X– • Business : Business plans writing - more than 200 pages - ; operator operator operator operator operator operator Provider customers unrivalled contents and services : WildZone. Using a Fiber Network To The Home (FTTH) will guarantee a Network backbone Ready to add new network operators bandwidth capacity exceeding WZ needs. Regarding technical expertise, the original organization of WildZone, WildZone in Switzerland allows a unique combination of skills, expertise, and know-how, in several areas like Telecommunication, Service Management, Security, Content management, HD Imaging, Billing, Systems integration, Automation, and much more… Each group of skills and expertise has been developed in a specific Initial partners negotiations ; Key accounts and distributors in Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 market-renowned company (NevaNetworks, Chrome Imaging, Mobuzz, Ilion, Ucronik…). WildZone will horizontally concentrate all these 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 expertises and through its digital platform, propose to SwissGiga’s final Phase 1 Phase 2 customers unrivalled contents and services. Launch Launch, Preparation Swiss deployment The project is divided in three phases. The first one includes the Set Top Phase 3 Box, the network and the services development. The second is a step- Industrialisation, Replication by-step Swiss launch of WZ services. And the third consists in an “industrialisation” of the WZ’s model, in order to replicate WZ in other markets. Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Italy, (about 20) © WildZone 2006 – All rights reserved - CONFIDENTIAL • Finance : Financial ratios calculation (incl. IRR), documents writing ; Fund Raising : investors interface (VCs, Industrials, Banks), meetings with the investors in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Italy, Australia ; Companies’ valuation - DCF • Operations : Partners coordination ; Initial providers selection ; Organisation Business Plan eFizz Vega EWOO : BP writing and business strategy definition Ewoo (subsidiary of the Harron Group) is a company developing eFizz Multiroom brand new Ipod devices (docking stations, speakers, STB, ...) in Business Plan partnership with Cabasse, using their expertise in audio treatment EBITDA 25.0%! 20.0%! 15.0%! and very high quality sound systems. 10.0%! 5.0%! 0.0%! 08! 09! 10! 11! 12! 13! -5.0%! -10.0%! The company was looking for a fund raise, and asked Systance to -15.0%! -20.0%! write a consistent Business Plan. - CONFIDENTIAL - Page 42 on 75 5 years income projections 60000 000! Systance intervention : 50000 000! 40000 000! 30000 000! Business Plan 20000 000! • Write a Business Plan from scratch, 10000 000! 2. Synthesis 0! 08! 09! 10! 11! 12! 13! -10000 000! Gross Margin! EBITDA! Net income! <,*$'?)"04*,*' • Help to finalise the business strategy (market launch planning, >7'!"#$%&' <%530"&,2)'8'=%5"0' !"#$%&' '!" &" %" $" ("#&)%#*+,-' .%/+),/"0'12*&*' figures, ...), #" !" - CONFIDENTIAL - Page 63 on 75 12:-%&,&2#*' 13##%)/4'/+")5%' 93:")';"/&2#' (#263/&,2)'/2*&*' • The whole in less than 6 weeks. 7%/3#,&4'8'12)&%)&' ,)&%5#,&4' The overall assessment of the risks has been overestimated on purpose, because we take risk management very seriously. 12 years of experience in selling consumer goods and addressing retail market, has given us a strong return of experience to take all measures to manage and reduce risk. As for any risk management, the first issue is to well identify the risks, and perfectly estimate their levels. This is why we decided to overestimate the risk, and then take all appropriate measure to reduce it. So, thanks to the 12 years of return of experience of the Harron Group and its companies, and our strong commitment and effort in risk assessment and management, we will be able to manage efficiently the risk and then reduce significantly its exposure. Bernard JOUVEL - SYSTANCE : EXAMPLES OF PROJECTS - PAGE 1/4 - CONFIDENTIAL - Page 73 on 75