Lateral Thinking 2007


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An introduction to lateral thinking, i.e. not getting stuck in the same old thinking.

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Lateral Thinking 2007

  1. 1. Certified Java Professionals 1Björn Granvik, CTO JaywayLateral thinking- creativity as a craft
  2. 2. Certified Java Professionals 2Whats the difference?Possibility vs. Problem
  3. 3. Certified Java Professionals 3Lateral ThinkingEdward de Bono– psychologist, physician and writerThe Use of Lateral Thinking, 1967"Changing concepts and perception"
  4. 4. Certified Java Professionals 4Lateral?Think outside the box– Shifting thinking patterns– Thinking sidewaysHow?– Supersmart– Cant stop thinking– Lucky– Insight– ...what about the rest of us?
  5. 5. Certified Java Professionals 5Lateral techniquesRandom Entry– Choose random word and combineProvocation– New idea to stimulate– Not necessarily goodChallenge– How things have been done– How things are...and others
  6. 6. Certified Java Professionals 6CraftExamine each part of idea (or sentence)Combine words– Micro + your subject– Juxtaposed word + your subject– Adjective and + your subjectQuestion
  7. 7. Certified Java Professionals 7Random Entry: ExampleBad glue and paperFish scale and lemonadeHuman hair and pastryBad inkStupid engineer3M Post-It™ NoteFantagelatine, e.g some pastry24 hour ink to reuse paperClean Room Strategy & PC BIOS
  8. 8. Certified Java Professionals 8Provocative: Example 1"All employees must pay to suggest improvements"
  9. 9. Certified Java Professionals 9Provocative: Example 2"Cars should have square wheels."
  10. 10. Certified Java Professionals 10Active Suspension - Soon?
  11. 11. Certified Java Professionals 11Why not?
  12. 12. Certified Java Professionals 12Challenge"KHelg should not be a helg"
  13. 13. Certified Java Professionals 13The How To1. Go for the positive!2. Examine3. Anything good?Idea  use new ideaOnly part  improve old idea
  14. 14. Certified Java Professionals 14ConclusionLook for the good!Use techniques to find possibilitiesReap the good...later find the problemsConstant improvementLook for the good!Use techniques to find possibilitiesReap the good...later find the problemsConstant improvement
  15. 15. Certified Java
  16. 16. Certified Java Professionals 16There is a man...... who lives on the top floor of a very tall building.Everyday he gets the elevator down to the ground floor toleave the building to go to work.Upon returning from work though, he can only travel half ofthe distance up riding in the elevator and has to walk therest of the way up unless its raining!How can this be?
  17. 17. Certified Java Professionals 17A man passes...... an open window. A telephone rings. He dies an instantlater. If the man had heard the signal a moment earlier, hewouldnt have died.Why? What has happened?