Conversion Rate Fundamentals


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Basics of conversion rate optimization presented to the Digital Advisor training team on 1-11-12.

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Conversion Rate Fundamentals

  1. 1. Conversion Rate Fundamentals1/11/12 1
  2. 2. As Soon as You Get Back!• Sign up for Newsletter• You will receive an email with a real live test where you can vote for the winner• After you vote it will take you to the results page• Tons of tests, tons of information www.WhichTestWon.com1/11/12 2
  3. 3. What We Have Covered So Far1. Search Trends 20112. 4 Pillars of PPC Advertising1/11/12 3
  4. 4. Today You Will Learn…1. Introduction to the L.I.F.T model and how to use it to analyze2. 7 Common Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid3. 5 Landing Page Tips You Can Discuss With Your Clients Today4. Testing Tools You Can Suggest Today1/11/12 4
  5. 5. L.I.F.T Model To read more about the L.I.F.T model visit www.widerfunnel.com1/11/12 5
  6. 6. Value Proposition1. #1 Factor in Conversion2. All other components are drivers or inhibitors1/11/12 6
  7. 7. Relevance1. Does the landing page relate to what the visitor clicked on? • This is called scent2. The relevance of the value proposition is critical3. Your page must use terms your visitor relates to • Pre-owned vs. used…what are consumers searching for?4. Your landing page must be consistent with the link the visitor came in1/11/12 7
  8. 8. Clarity1. Does the landing page clearly articulate the value proposition?2. Clarity is the most common aspect marketers struggle with3. Two aspects of clarity to focus on are design & content4. Designing for clarity creates an unimpeded “eyeflow”5. Content clarity ensures the images and text combine to minimize comprehension time 1/11/12 8
  9. 9. Urgency1. Is there an indication that action needs to be taken now?2. Two components  Internal (how the visitor is feeling upon arrival)  External (influence the marketer can introduce to the visitor)3. Tone of presentation, offers, and deadlines can all influence externally1/11/12 9
  10. 10. Anxiety1. What potential misconceptions or worries could the visitor have about taking an action?2. Anxiety is a function of the credibility you have built with the visitor3. By asking the visitor to take action you are asking the visitor for trust1/11/12 10
  11. 11. Distraction1. Are there any actions on the page that could divert a visitor?2. The more visual inputs a visitor has the less likely they are to make a decision3. Minimizing distractions like unnecessary product options, links and extraneous information will increase conversions1/11/12 11
  12. 12. 6 Common Landing Page Mistakes1. Improper Factoring2. Running a Test Too Short or Too Long3. Tracking or Analyzing the Wrong KPI’s4. Not Targeting or Segmenting5. Not Taking Action on Results6. Being Tactical vs. Thinking Ahead1/11/12 12
  13. 13. Improper Factoring• Poor or No Isolation of Variables• For example, changing a headline’s text, font, and color, all at the same time Buy One, Get One Free Get Two For the Price of One• How many tests should this change encompass? • 1? • 2? • 3? • 4? 1/11/12 13
  14. 14. Improper Factoring Buy One, Get One Free Get Two For the Price of OneThis should be 4 tests, not 1Test 1 Get Two For the Price of OneTest 2 Get Two For the Price of OneTest 3 Get Two For the Price of OneTest 4 Get Two For the Price of One 1/11/12 14
  15. 15. Running a Test Too Short or Long1. Stopping a test early because you think you have a winner2. Letting a test run too long because you don’t yet have a winner 1/11/12 15
  16. 16. Tracking or Analyzing Wrong KPI’s 1. Measuring a KPI that is too far upstream (in the funnel) from the ultimate goal 2. Measuring only one KPI when there are multiple indicators and/or goals that matterExampleHomepage test measuring conversions 1/11/12 16
  17. 17. Not Targeting or Segmenting 1. Optimizing your site or campaign for anyone and everyone 2. Not targeting tests to include good visitors (and exclude bad visitors) 3. Not segmenting resultsExamples1. Consider developing personas2. What does your average customer look like?3. Price sensitive, Value Add, Quality, Features 1/11/12 17
  18. 18. Not Taking Action on Results1. Not making the winning changes to your site • You or your IT department2. Not taking what you’ve learned and running another test • Iterative test learning - repeat1/11/12 18
  19. 19. Being Tactical vs. Thinking Ahead1. No Plan = No Momentum • How many of your clients have a testing plan currently?2. Think ahead, and ask: • What elements are you testing? • What is the objective? • What is considered “successful”? • What is the audience? • For whom does it matter? • Scheduling? What comes next?1/11/12 19
  20. 20. 5 Landing Page Tips1. Use Your Headline to Explain the Value of Your Offer - Whats in it for Me?2. Use Caption Text Under Your Image(s)3. Use Thank You Pages & Suggest Next Steps4. Make Your “Submit” Button Engaging5. Avoid “Contact Us & Submit,” - Create Stronger Offers1/11/12 20
  21. 21. Headlines1. A clear action • i.e. Download our Guide2. A clear description of your offer • i.e. Download our Guide to Car Safety3. An explanation of the value of your offer • i.e. Download our Guide to Car Safety and Learn Which Brand was Rated the Safest by JD Powers 3 Years in a Row!1/11/12 21
  22. 22. Caption Text with Image(s)1. Rule of Thumb is to use at least one image on a landing page2. Behaviorally, people are more likely to read caption text than body text3. Use caption text to underline value of your offer1/11/12 22
  23. 23. Use Thank You Pages & Next Steps1. What does your visitor see after taking an action?2. Thank You page is a great opportunity to suggest next actions • Subscribe to newsletter • Read our blog • Connect with us on Twitter • Share this offer with a friend1/11/12 23
  24. 24. Make Your Submit Button Engaging1. No one get’s excited about submitting information to a marketing database2. Best practice is to use an action word reminding visitors what they will get What Would You Rather Click On?1/11/12 24
  25. 25. Avoid “Contact Us”1. Contact Us pages only attract spam and sales people, not prospects2. Create landing pages based on buyer stages • Early Stage • Mid Stage • Late Stage Early Stage Late Stage1/11/12 25
  26. 26. Free Testing Tools (or almost free)1. Google Website Optimizer2. Optimizely3. Visual Website Optimizer 1/11/12 26
  27. 27. WhichTestWon Test of the Week Landing Page Test Landing Page TestDemocratic National Committee Tests its Facebook App: Which Got More UsersInvite Friends? Version A Version B Version A Version B1/11/12
  28. 28. 1/11/12 28
  29. 29. 1/11/12 29
  30. 30. Test Results1. Version B got significantly more app users to invite their Facebook friends2. Test #1: Adding the word “optional” to the personal message inviting friends to use the app got a 4.5% lift in invites.3. Test #2: Using “Ask Your Friends” instead of “Inspire Your Friends” on step two of the app got a 5.9% lift in invites.4. Test #3: Prompting users to enter a reason for voting AFTER they clicked the “Commit to Vote” button before downloading the app boosted sign-ups 11.1%.5. Test #4: Removing the app’s permission to access “Religious/Political Views” from people’s Facebook profiles boosted sign-ups 18.5%.6. Test #5: Changing the invite message from “Will you join me in committing to vote?” to “[Your Friend] asks: Will you join me in committing to vote?” boosted sign-ups1/11/12 30
  31. 31. Q&A1/11/12 31