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1st Day Of School
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1st Day Of School


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Welcome, Students! Mrs. Mays– 7th Grade Language Arts
  • 2. Welcome to 7th grade!
  • 3. All About Me
    • My background
      • I grew up in Topeka.
      • I attended West Avondale and Stout Elementary School, Jardine Middle School, Topeka High School, and Bethany College.
    • My experience
      • I’ve been teaching for 12 years.
      • I have also taught at Chase Middle School and Ross Elementary as the PE teacher but Landon 7 th grade Language Arts is my favorite.
  • 4.
    • My husband
      • Brian
    • My child
      • Brynna
    • Our pets***
      • Porsche
      • Izzy
    My Family ***The chimp and white tiger are not Porsche and Izzy
  • 5. My Goals
    • To give you the academic and social skills you need to survive in 7 th grade.
    • To provide a supportive and fun classroom environment.
    • To help you learn the following things:
      • how to research for projects
      • how to correctly do daily editing
      • how to use grammar appropriately
      • how to create writing projects
  • 6.
    • Mrs. Mays
    Language Arts
  • 7. 7 th grade core classes
    • The subjects we cover during 7 th grade are:
      • Reading- Mr. Lavin
      • Math- Mrs. Davids
      • Science-
      • Social studies- Mr. Meyer
  • 8. Writing- Mrs. Mays
    • We will be doing 3 research writing assignments.
    • We will do a narrative writing piece.
    • We will do a persuasive writing piece.
    • We will do an autobiography piece.
  • 9. Reading
    • We will be doing some projects with the novels and vocabulary from Mr. Lavin’s class.
  • 10. Math
    • Briefly describe the topics you will cover this year in Math.
  • 11. Science
    • Briefly describe the topics you will cover this year in Science.
  • 12. Social Studies
    • The research projects that will we be doing will have to do with the material you are learning from Mr. Meyer’s class.
      • Kansas History
      • Geography
  • 13. Our Classroom Community
    • Mrs. Mays– 7 th Grade
  • 14. Class Rules
    • Our classroom is a community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other.
    • Our class rules are:
      • Must be in the room by the time the tardy bell rings, or you will be counted tardy.
      • Gum will be allowed if it is not disrupting the class. No candy unless given by Mrs. Mays.
      • Bring all materials to class. This includes 3-ringed notebook with notebook paper, planner, pencil/ ( red ) pens, and assignment(s).
      • Respect is expected!
      • The bell does not dismiss you, I will.
  • 15. Homework and Websites
    • I do not assign homework every night. You might need to finish rough drafts or grammar assignments periodically during the year.
    • Your vocabulary packets are due on Fridays .
    • There are several websites that you can visit to study while at home.
      • [email_address]
  • 16. Let’s Have a Great Year!