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Virtual Insight Linked In Wi 2003
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Virtual Insight Linked In Wi 2003


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Virtualization Barry Hutt Founder & CEO 3/25/2009
  • 2. Objective Virtual Insight is focused on getting the most value out of technology. We work one-on- one with top business leaders to turn existing IT infrastructure into valuable business assets. Virtual Insight a Knowledge Center to enable Virtual Technology adoption in Education, Health, and Small Business. Virtual Insight a Professional Services provider for IT Infrastructure focused on: • Server Virtualization • Storage Virtualization • Desktop Virtualization 2 3/25/2009
  • 3. Our Background Group of Industry experts – executives & engineers from major  corporations with extensive experience in Enterprise technologies, servers, SANs, Virtualization, desktop virtualization, average tenure +15 years in the industry Full Ownership & Accountability -Become your extended  organization Enable new solution definition and delivery with expertise  Budget Conscious – Fixed Fee Project or Variable  Continuous Process – Checks and Balance throughout process  3 3/25/2009
  • 4. Expectations What you can expect from a Virtual Insight engagement Increased Productivity – the ability to focus on the growing the business. Flexibility – the ability to quickly move assets and tools to the highest performing resources. Return on your IT assets - instead of increased capital cost and more complexity. Why it’s important We are facing tough challenges in business today. To compete worldwide businesses have to be hitting on all cylinders and getting 110% out of all their assets. There is tremendous friction in our environments dragging down productivity. Often an outside look can give your organization fresh perspective. It is an opportunity to benchmark your IT infrastructure and to apply rigorous creative thinking to optimize productivity. Virtual Insight Confidential 4 3/25/2009
  • 5. Virtualization Promise Energy Savings / Power Consumption  VDI seat uses ~28 watts of power vs. 120 watts for box PC • Savings of $58,000 per year for 5000 seat deployment (10 cents/KW) • Data Security  Data never leaves the datacenter • End Point Security feature disables disk on key and other portable storage devices • Availability (software / hardware fault tolerance)  Low failure access device, highly reliable data center devices • Ability to proactively detect HW/SW failure and switch/move to another VM • Scalability/Time to Deployment  Deploy/update thousands of users in minutes versus days/weeks in traditional model • Disaster Preparedness and Recovery  Ability to quickly move VM to another datacenter and load balance if necessary • Manageability  Break/Fix, Policy Compliance, Device Provisioning/De-provisioning, • Move/Adds/Changes, and Software Deployment Greatly reduce amount of System Administrators • 5 3/25/2009
  • 6. The Many Faces of Virtualization • EMC • VMware • Lefthand • Microsoft • 3Par • Citrix • Cisco • Virtual Iron • NetApp Server Storage Virtualization Virtualization • Cisco • Provision • Many Players • HP • VDM • Lots of Technology • IBM • Citrix • Plenty of confusion Network Desktop Virtualization Virtualization 6 3/25/2009
  • 7. Virtualization Defined Presentation Virtualization Application is Hosted on Virtual Sessions another Physical Machine & the UI is displayed else- Applications where. running inside a Virtual Machine OO OO Operating Operating Operating System System System Application User Interface Virtualization Thin Client Hardware Virtualization Just the application is hosted in a Hardware virtual session Virtualization separates work from the underlying physical Physical machine or entity allowing for multiple instances of a task and the ability to Machine easily move work. In a word Virtualization creates Flexibility. 7 3/25/2009
  • 8. Where’s the Data? Virtual Sessions User Data Application Data Databases Virtual Machines Virtualization Virtualization OO Network Storage HDD Operating Operating Operating System e e System System HDD Hardware Virtualization HDD Hardware Virtualization separates work from the underlying physical Physical machine or entity allowing for multiple instances of a task and the ability to Machine easily move work. In a word Virtualization creates Flexibility. 8 3/25/2009
  • 9. Things to Consider & Questions Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) • What is a Virtual Machine? • What is a Hypervisor? • What is a Connection Broker? • How do I define the end user Experience? • What about licensing? • How do I sort out all the products and who should I use? • Why do I care about the Protocol? Virtual Servers • What is VM Pooling? • What about performance? • Can I use existing hardware? • How much storage do I need? 9 3/25/2009
  • 10. What is VDI? • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a solution for remote access to Windows XP/Vista or Linux desktops that are implemented on a virtual machine in the data center • An emerging technology with powerful implications to today’s operating environment • A natural extension of data center virtualization concepts and practices • An easier way to deliver desktop experience with better management, security and boundless access The PC’s traditional assets of OS & Applications are moved into a virtual file called a VM (virtual  machine) located on the server/storage 10 3/25/2009
  • 11. What are the Benefits of VDI? The PC or Thin Client can now be managed in a Centralized Environment  Administrators can reduce Desk-side support calls • • Remotely manage the OS and applications • Lockdown & Control the Desktop • Reduce License Sprawl • Reduce Energy Consumption 3/25/2009 11
  • 12. What are the Benefits of VDI?  Reduce energy consumption by …….. Up to 90% power savings across the desktop Replacing Traditional PC’s with Thin Clients 12 3/25/2009
  • 13. What are the Benefits of VDI? Important VDI Features…. A platform that supports A desktop management multiple types of virtualization platform that connects a hypervisors, connection client to a centrally protocols and acceleration managed virtual machine technologies to enhance the user experience 13 3/25/2009
  • 14. Offering Business Infrastructure Assessment: (~ 3 weeks) Access the IT infrastructure is the first step to meaningful change. We focus on getting most out the EXISTING infrastructure. Deliverables include: • Inventory of hardware and software assets (Server, Storage) • Network overview; desktop review • System life cycle analysis • Recommendation on technology decisions based on your needs Outcomes expected: • Determination of the top 3 opportunities for improvement and an opportunity road map and plan to achieve goals. 14 3/25/2009
  • 15. Virtualization Solution Practice Areas Technology Planning, Selection and Design, Implementation Server and Storage Virtualization  VMware Xen and Microsoft, Parallels, Quest • SAN, NAS and iSCSI solutions • Desktop Virtualization and VDI  IO and Network Virtualization and Automation  Systems Management Integration and VM Management  Provisioning, Change and Configuration Management, Monitoring and full • life cycle management VM Sprawl management • VM performance and capacity planning  HA and Business Continuity solutions  Energy and Power Management  15 3/25/2009