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Rough Draft

My Breakdown of the book before putting it into Movie Trailer form.

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  1. 1. Characters: Stanley was the main character in the story. He is white and has curly hair. He was born from a poor family with a mom and dad and no siblings. He was 13 years old and wanted to work for the FBI. He got sent to Camp Green Lake, where young convicts are forced to dig holes, for getting accused of stealing shoes in an auction.
  2. 2. Characters: Hector Zeroni was a boy from D Tent and his nickname was Zero because he didn’t like to talk and people thought he was stupid , but he was really smart. He had dark skin and he lost his mother for a long time. He learned reading from Stanley while he helped him dig his holes and he was always the first one to finish digging his holes.
  3. 3. Characters: Mr.Sir was a mean counselor at Camp Green Lake. He was always sarcastic and he always had sunflower seeds in his truck. His motto for boys is “this isn’t a girl scouts’ camp”.
  4. 4. Characters: Mr.Pendanski was a nice counselor at first , but he turned out to be a mean guy. He would always make fun of Zero and tease him. He always thought he was stupid. He was in charge of D Tent and the water for the boys.
  5. 5. Characters: The warden runs Camp Green Lake. She shows no concern for the boys’ suffering and she is the granddaughter of Charles and Linda Walker. She says that they dig holes to build character, but they are really digging for the treasure that her ancestors never found.
  6. 6. Characters: Katherine Barlow was a school teacher in the town of Green Lake one hundred years ago. She was a kind woman and she kissed a black man named Sam causing the people to burn down the school and to murder him. Later, she became Kissin’ Kate Barlow who robbed Stanley’s great grandfather.
  7. 7. Characters: Sam sold onions and medicines made from onions in the town of Green Lake. He repaired the schoolhouse for Katherine. However, since he was black, it was against the law for him to be with Katherine and when they kissed, it caused a riot in the town and he got murdered.
  8. 8. Setting: This story takes place at Camp Green Lake in Texas. It used to be the largest lake in the state, but it is now a dry desert.
  9. 9. Plot: At the beginning of the story, Stanley Yelnats was accused of stealing shoes of the baseball player from a charity auction. As punishment, he got sent to Camp Green Lake.
  10. 10. Plot: Later in the story, Stanley met a boy named Hector Zeroni and became good friends. Zero ran away somewhere in the desert and Stanley found him in a tunnel dug under an abandoned rowboat of the name “Mary Lou”. Zero was drinking sploosh for the past few days and they saw a man’s thumb and decided to climb it for search of water.
  11. 11. Plot: On the mountain, Stanley saw a field of onions from Sam in the past and a pool of ground water. Stanley starts singing to Zero that they should go back to find the treasure. They went back to camp and Zero went to the kitchen to look for food and water while Stanley looks for the treasure. They succeeded, but they got caught by the staff and got surrounded by lizards. They stayed there until the next morning when his attorney arrives for Stanley’s release and Zero tells them that the treasure was for Stanley.
  12. 12. Plot: At the end, Stanley uses all the things in the treasure to buy a new house. Zero hires a team to look for his mother. Meanwhile, he found his mother and Stanley and Zero share their new house together with their families.
  13. 13. Made by:Sherry Navarrete ! (: