Black Hair<br />By Teacher Debon<br />
Vocabulary<br />Natural<br />Relaxed<br />Wigs<br />Ponytails<br />Twists<br />Dreadlocks (Dreads)<br />Weave<br />Braids<...
Natural vs. Relaxed<br />
Weave<br />
Wigs and Ponytails<br />
Twists and Dreadlocks<br />
Braids (synthetic vs. human)<br />
Common Phrases<br />I’m going to get my hair done.<br />	(I have an appointment with a hair stylist.)<br />I need to take ...
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20101208 black hair (debon)


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  • Here is a list of common words used when describing black hair.
  • If you have “Natural” hair, then you don’t put any chemicals on your hair. If you have “Relaxed&quot; hair, then you put chemicals in your hair. For a white person, a perm will usually curl the hair. For a black person, a perm will straighten the hair.
  • Weave refers to artificial hair that is attached to your hair. Weave can be sewn or it can be glued to your head.
  • Wigs and Ponytails are very convenient. You hide your hair under the wig by using a wig cap. The material is like a stocking or hosiery, but it fits your head and not your legs..
  • People with natural hair are able to wear twists and dreadlocks.
  • Braids can be done with synthetic hair or with human hair. Synthetic hair tends to have a hard texture and most of the time a person can tell that it is not real. Human hair has a softer texture and looks more natural. Each piece of fake hair is braided or twisted with your real hair. The process can take 8-10 hrs. For professional braiders it may take up to 6hrs. Some people have more than one person braiding their hair and that process can take up to 4 hrs.
  • Here are some common phrases that you may hear.
  • 20101208 black hair (debon)

    1. 1. Black Hair<br />By Teacher Debon<br />
    2. 2. Vocabulary<br />Natural<br />Relaxed<br />Wigs<br />Ponytails<br />Twists<br />Dreadlocks (Dreads)<br />Weave<br />Braids<br />Synthetic<br />Human<br />
    3. 3. Natural vs. Relaxed<br />
    4. 4. Weave<br />
    5. 5. Wigs and Ponytails<br />
    6. 6. Twists and Dreadlocks<br />
    7. 7. Braids (synthetic vs. human)<br />
    8. 8. Common Phrases<br />I’m going to get my hair done.<br /> (I have an appointment with a hair stylist.)<br />I need to take my hair down.<br /> (I need to wash it/take out braids/take out weave.)<br />I have to tie my hair up.<br /> (I need to put a scarf/bonnet on at night.)<br />My hair is nappy.<br /> (I can’t comb my hair.)<br />
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