Position Paper , Grade 9 Ji Young Kim


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Position Paper , Grade 9 Ji Young Kim

  1. 1. Committee: Environment<br />Issue: Combat desertification and deforestation. <br />Country: Russia<br />Delegate: Ji Young Kim <br />Russian Federation has an enormous territory so they also have variety climates. From the climates of Russia, variety forests exist in Russian Federation. However those forests start destroyed by the government and nations of Russia. <br />There is a typical example of this issue that is boreal zone. Russia’s boreal zone (boreal forest) has a high quality of woods and valuable to Russian Federation. Russian boreal forests represent the largest forested region on Earth, larger than Amazon region. These forests contain a high quality of birch, pine, spruce, fir, etc.<br />Most of people have an idea that boreal zone of Russia is valuable. So people of any countries come to the forest and cutting high quality of woods. The problem is in here. The main pressure on Russian forest is caused by timber extraction and other forestry activities. These high quality woods sent to world markets such as timber in China and Southeast Asia, Europe are increasingly threatening Russian forests. Recent estimates of rates of deforestation in Russia’s forests are as high as annually. Russia’s boreal zone is fragmented by roads, rail and infrastructure developments. Major environment problem such as pollution, oil and gas threat this zone. People’s behavior also threat boreal zone. <br />Another fact that occur deforestation is forest fires. The average annual forest loss because of fire is approximately one to three million hectares. The typical example of forest fires in Russia is Siberian forests. Fires in Siberian often started illegally and deliberately by rogue timber firms planning to sell cheap lumber to China, increased in the last 20 years. In 2003, fires affected 22 million hectares of pine, larch, and oak. Fire of forest disturbs regenerate of forest. Forest never regenerated after they attacked by forest fire. Russia’s environment problem is getting serious now. <br />However, This environment problem never concerned seriously to nations of Russia even government. The industry of boreal zones and another forests in Russia assist develop the economy of Russia. Actually economy status of Russian Federation is inadequate. Russia government realized industry of boreal zone and other forests give a huge progress of their country. So they keep doing the industry of forests in Russia.<br />Russian Federation have to concerned about protect the boreal zone. For example government has to restore the forest that cannot regenerate. Maybe the nations of Russian Federation don’t care about deforestation and desertification. Government can set the education plan of deforestation and desertification and starts that education to children also nations of Russian Federation. <br />