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Diogo Cao Essay   Word Document
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Diogo Cao Essay Word Document


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  • 1. Diogo Cao is a famous explorer in Portugal. He had born 1450 in Portugal. Because Portugal is located nearby sea. So he grew up the marine environment. Of course he was familiar with ships and sea. This environment made him dreaming of sailing. <br />Diogo Cao wanted to set to the southern tip of Africa, which now people known as 'Cope of Good Hope'. He wanted to prove that earth is round because at that time, people thought earth is round and the southern tip of Africa (Cope of Good Hope) was the end of the world. So they thought you would fall of into nothing. That time, King John II was interested in the quest of a sea route around Africa to India. So he supported Diogo Cao to find the route.<br />Diogo Cao's most important accomplishment was found the mouth of Congo River which now is an Africa. This is a great found that time because from this people can believed that earth is round, not flat. After Diogo Cao's voyages, people's thinking was changed. They thought there are lots of wrong fact that they knew so they figured out the right fact of many subject especially science. <br />There are two important voyage of Diogo Cao. First voyage was spended on year, 1482 to 1483. Diogo Cao discovered the Congo River, and contracted the Bakongo kingdom further upstream. <br />The second voyage of Diogo Cao was 1484 to 1486 , spended two years was accompained by Martin Behaim and there are two more pillars beyond the furthest of his voyage. First one is monte Negro, the second at Cape Cross. He sailed to Cope Bonjador in 1482, then sailed back, and sailed to the Congo The main reason of Diogo Cao’s voyages are to find out earth is round not square or flat. So he planned to get passed Cape Bojador and get to the southern tip of African. He sailed passed Cape Bojador and back to Portugal then he went farther, and sailed in to the Congo River in Africa, and sailed back. From this, he proved earth is round and nowadays people call him Columbus of Portugal. <br />Interesting facts are King John II made him knight of John’s household and gave him an annuity and a Coat of Arma on April 8th, 1484. As you can see at the second paragraph, King John II wanted someone to find a sea route around Africa to India so he chose Diogo Cao. He got married and had 4 children. Diogo Cao either died in his home country, or he died at sea both in 1486. Actually, no one doesn’t know where he died because there is not enough information to figure out. <br />317500660400<br />This is the map of Diogo Cao route of sailing. <br />25400292100<br /> This is the Congo River that Diogo Cao explored in 1484 to 1486. (Diogo Cao) <br />