ISE - InfoSec Essentials .. an introduction


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ISE is a new initiative to spread knowledge by IS professionals to IS professionals and learners.

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ISE - InfoSec Essentials .. an introduction

  1. 1. People = all those who are interested and passionate about InfoSec and all that it covers!
  2. 2. What is ISE • Virtual meetings for Information Security learning • Informative sessions using common language • Duration –one hour (max) who wants to be stuck to a connection listening to a longer gyaan session !! • It goes better – the sessions will actually be 15 / 20 min as a presentation or a video broadcast and then… open discussion / questions • Frequency at least twice a month late evening • Schedule calendar published online (barcamp style)
  3. 3. VisionA platform where people volunteer and share their knowledge and expertise in Information Security and related subjects helping people learn through simple webinars MissionPeel the hype off information security concepts to help people understand IS using common terms and in their own language
  4. 4. Stakeholders Owner The guy who started this all and is using his free conferencing account or paying for it! Managers Guys, gals who have volunteered to help run ISE and manage the loose ends so everyone benefits and has fun! Presenters Volunteer experts and professionals who have agreed to share their knowledge and resources. Participants You! Anyone from anywhere who wants to get to know about InfoSec or understand some complex components. Moderator / Reviewer Someone who has been authorized by the community members and is responsible to see that the content is not complex or inappropriate
  5. 5. Topics • Cyber security cases from media • Report writing for InfoSec leets • Incident Response (Public Communication) • What is Information Security • Information Security Certifications (CISA, CISM, CISSP etc) • BCP/DR • A look at common infosec technologies like SIEM, DLP • Internet of Things • Shape of things to come • Analysis of InfoSec events from public sources • Risks and Threats • Nigerian Scam • Cyberwar and terrorism - a myth or reality • Cybercrime and increasing sophistication • Cyber Patrolling and Intelligence gathering • Threat Intelligence • Privacy • Etc… There can be hundreds of topics and this can go on all our lives! A short listing is given below and more topics will be added to the schedule based on feedback from all stakeholders:
  6. 6. Presentation Guidelines • Presentations should be short and simple • Provide practical guidance and knowledge • Presentation is followed up with 30 – 40 minutes of discussions, questions and answers • Discussions may not (necessarily) be on the same subject ! • The presenter will plan the one hour • Focus will be on one topic / subject in order not to confuse the learner • Presentation will be made in a manner that translation is easy
  7. 7. Day Dreaming about the future • ISE becomes the biggest repository of IS domain knowledge • using commonly understood language • Presentations are targeted in different countries through their local presenters • Are translated into Indian and Foreign language by their presenters
  8. 8. License & Copyright • All the programs are available for non-commercial use under the Creative Commons license requiring attribution • The license holder will be the person who has created the course content. • The course creator will be responsible for ensuring all graphics and content is copyright compliant. • Any copyright violations may please be informed and site moderators will ensure the removal asap.
  9. 9. Legal Stuff • We will ask you to provide your email address, phone number and some more contact and personal information. • The information collected will be used to send emails or to connect with you otherwise to send out webinar schedules, information and updates to help you attend the event or present. • The information will be used to add you to our mailing list(s) whenever it is set up – these mailing list(s) will only relate to ISE programs. • No information will be shared with anyone without your permission nor will it be used to spam you with any crappy schemes or offers. • We assume that you accept this policy and that you provide your consent for the collection and use of your information. • This policy may be updated by addition / deletion / update of terms and conditions from time to time, to reflect changes in legislative or data retention / collection / storage environment – and you will be informed about any changes for your consent and acceptance. PrivacyPolicy Disclaimer • All content on this platform is by way of voluntary contributions and the organizers are not responsible for the same. • Every contributor has undertaken to provide correct and appropriate content. • The information is provided as-is without any warranties and use of the same may be done by the users at their own risk. • The presentations are created with the objective of providing information about Information Security domains and may be accepted in the same spirit.
  10. 10. Useful Links • Register as a Presenter: • Register as a Participant: • Schedule Calendar • Website for ISE • Missing links will be added as information is online